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  • ccs: *tries really hard to make eriol dramatic and threatening*
  • me: i bet he drunk calls yuuko with adele music until she hangs up on him. if anyone would be extra enough to make drunk extradimensional phone calls singing foreign future songs it would be clow reed's reincarnation
Important (Minor) TRC PSA

Readers of Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE all most likely know that CLAMP put out new story and character guides about half a year ago. All-around fandom champion @eternal-bond has gradually released translations of most of the new character guide, while I’ve put out my own translation of one of the two new interviews with CLAMP here. (The translation for the second, longer, more important interview is an ongoing project, and I’m continually apologizing to @chibiyuuto for dragging my feet on it.)

Both the story and character guides have an interesting omission of information that personally changed the way I understood a major plot beat in TRC. Given that there’s ongoing confusion about this particular issue, I figured I’d share with everybody.  Tl;dr version: Feiwang Reed’s origins are an ongoing mystery. Clow Reed may not have created him at all, contrary to majority opinion among readers.

Obviously there are spoilers below!

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Day 3: Mokona [Tsubasa Chronicle Month 2017]

Names have power, Clow had said, smiling at the little ones, Soel and Larg, as he had always done. Old magic letters, Yuuko had explained, stroking their ears until they had fallen asleep. Their names held magic so ancient and powerful that their meanings had been lost, but their shared name, Mokona Modoki, held another sort of magic. Soel and Larg, two halves of a single whole, had been created in the likeness of an immensely mighty being. Soel and Larg were symbols of power. Mokona Modoki was a promise. They would always be connected, even while they were apart.

maimishou  asked:

Hey! So I'm interested in reading the new manga/arc but my only experience with CCS is the old dub and even then not the entire thing. Could you maybe make a quick summary of things that are important to know going in? It could probably help as a refresher for others as well whether they be old time fans or others like me looking to get into the mangaverse/start with the new manga/arc.

o-oh my goodness I might have made a small screeching noise because I really love telling people about cardcaptor sakura. i’m sorry in advance, and if i get anything wrong please correct me!

I wrote a primer on the differences between Cardcaptors and Cardcaptor Sakura a while back, which I’m relinking here. if all you’ve watched is Cardcaptors but you remember it really well, this will hopefully help you out!

You can find a list of the name changes here.

In addition, the CCS manga and anime are pretty different from another on a number of points, mainly these:

  • the anime has 52/53 Cards, the manga has 19
  • Syaoran can ‘earn’ Cards by putting more work into its capture in the anime. in the manga, this condition does not exist.
  • relatedly, Syaoran also participates in the Final Judgement as a result of having some captured Cards. in the manga, he does not.
  • Meiling, Syaoran’s cousin, is an anime-only character. her engagement to Syaoran changes some plot points of the SakuSyao romance.
  • Wei is also an anime-only character. Syaoran lives alone in Japan in the manga.
  • in the manga, Sakura’s father Fujitaka is half of the reincarnation of Clow Reed and Sakura splits Clow’s magic between Eriol and Fujitaka; in the anime, this does not happen.
  • in the manga, Sakura confesses that she returns Syaoran’s feelings as Syaoran leaves for Hong Kong. in the anime, Syaoran leaves Japan before Sakura can confess. This leads to the entire plot of Movie 2: The Sealed Card, which is an anime-original in every respect and the best thing ever.

There are other differences, but these are the most plot-crucial ones.

And finally, here’s where the first manga left things so you can easily pick up the new series:

  • Sakura has caught all of the Clow Cards and transformed them into Sakura Cards so that they can be powered by her magic (star-based) instead of Clow’s magic (sun-based).
  • Eriol Hiiragizawa is revealed to be half of Clow Reed’s reincarnation and wants his powers split between himself and his fellow half (Sakura’s father) so he can stop seeing the future. Sakura is rendered powerful enough to do this from their final battle so she fulfills his request.
  • Sakura is now the most powerful magician in the world and possibly of all time, as her power has exceeded that of Clow Reed. She is able to see the future, but has control over that power (unlike Clow Reed).
  • Eriol moves back to England with his love interest, Mizuki Kaho (Sakura’s short-term elementary school teacher), Ruby Moon, and Spinel Sun.
  • Fujitaka now has half of Clow Reed’s magic and is able to see ghosts, such as his dead wife Nadeshiko.
  • Touya and Yukito are an established couple; they are both aware aware of Yukito’s state as a non-human/construct created by Yue.
  • Yue’s love for Clow Reed is left unresolved.
  • Kero-chan is still living in Sakura’s room, in a drawer, being adorable and hungry for sweets.
  • Tomoyo’s love for Sakura is left unresolved/unconfessed. Her last appearance in CCS is holding a phone to her chest, having told Sakura about Syaoran’s departure to Hong Kong.
  • Syaoran moves back to Hong Kong not long after Eriol moves back to England.
  • Syaoran and Sakura have mutually confessed their love for one another and participate in a long-distance relationship via phone calls and letters.

The end of the original CCS: Sakura was on her way to middle school early in the school year and finds Syaoran has returned to Japan. The very last panel of the manga is Sakura throwing herself into Syaoran’s arms and crying, ‘Now we’ll be together forever!’

I hope that this helps you catch up with the content of CCS enough to enjoy the Clear Card Arc! I’m happy to clarify anything that seems unclear or to go into more depth on any point.

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30 days of anime - [01] - Very first anime

Key of Clow, power of magic, power of light, surrender the Wand, the force ignite. Release! - This was my very first anime. I remember waking on a saturday morning to watch this. While I originally watched the english dub as a child, I rewatched the whole series in Japanese sub and fell in love with it all over again. Also screw whoever dubbed this because you left out the most important parts.