clovis makes bad decisions

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Are there good anidala mimebts in tcw?

Yes! Padme isn’t in a lot of episodes but the ones she and Anakin are in are so sweet. There’s quite a few sweet Anidala moments actually. For example:-

He helps her plan an important dinner party and tries to keep her from stressing out:

They go to Naboo together to sort out an issue with the Gungans:

There’s also this moment which is one my all time favourite Anidala moments ever. He comes home to surprise her:

There’s the moment he pledges his life to her and gives her his lightsaber:

But there’s also heart wrenching, soul destroying moments like in the Clovis arc where they both make some bad decisions and their marriages is put under immense strain:

But to make up for it we also get moments of them working together:

There’s so many more moments than these and the banter between them is brilliant. It was nice to see what we didn’t get to see in the movies. Definitely watch “The Clone Wars” if you love Anidala.