remember in horton hears a who after vlad grabs the clover and the mayor tries to warn whoville about what’s happening and no one believes him and then the chairman yells LET THE KITE FLYING RACE BEGIN and everyone starts being whimsical and flying kites and the mayor just stares out in shock and his hand slowly creeps up to take hold of his mayoral crest as the camera zooms out because his responsibility for hundreds and hundreds of people just dropped on him like a ton of bricks and he cant do anything to save them

oh you dont?

sorry yeah im getting carried away again

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you are officially amazing. all this hhaw is not only making me extremely nostalgic but also extremely happy. :3

omg i’m glad that i’m not like…. being hideously annoying with it!!

oh man i just…. love this movie okay

also there is no thneed to be anon!! i do not bite! ok i do but i only bite my friend fisk and only when he’s being a butt