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Struck By Lightning: The Carson Philips Journal by Chris Colfer

Good day all and welcome to another edition of Bluefanguy’s Book Thoughts! Today’s book is Struck By Lightning: The Carson Philips Journal by Chris Colfer.

Carson Philips’ goal in life is to attend Northwestern and become the youngest editor of the New Yorker. To boost his changes of acceptance, he decides to start a literary magazine though feedback is dismal at best. After a particularly humiliating experience at the school’s homecoming parade, and an unanticipated reveal of two classmates’ secret, Carson decides he’s had enough and begins Clovergate: blackmail certain students in exchange for literary magazine subscriptions. Though his methods are less than humanitarian, interactions with his classmates make him realize that maybe other people are more complex and that he his own way of making them become more aware of themselves.

I read this book a few years back, before I started Book Thoughts. I got through it one day. I just loved Carson’s (mostly) uncensored thoughts regarding his classmates. While I do not condone blackmail, I was laughing every time Carson had a rather devilish thought. It’s always the characters that end up challenging the status quo that always catch my interest, even if their methods are rather dirty. Of course the book has its more emotional moments such as Carson’s chats with his grandmother, his rather neglectful mother, and his awareness of his pain though it’s awareness of his classmates’ respective issues that really get you into the story.

If you love stories with unconventional protagonists, a bit of blackmail, and a feeling of hope even through sadness, then you just may love this novel!

Thanks for reading! Likes, reblogs, comments, questions, and followings are all appreciated. Until next time.

Bluefanguy, out.