Meanwhile, at the bottom of the ocean...


The Sun is gone,

Can’t hear our screams,

We’re at the bottom of the sea

C’mon share this fusion with me!


We’re Malachite now, you and me,  

Our fusion’s like a submarine,

C’mon share this fusion with me!


I’ll do my best

To give Jasper the punishment she deserves!


Oh god I hate that Lapis,

I wish that I could strangle her!


Two Clashing personalities,

We’re trapped down here in agony,

C’mon share this fusion with me!

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“Dreams aren’t real! They’re just mixed up movies!”

(Shout out to cloverandcrossbones for help with lyrics~) 


Tagged by @honeyreleasemyheart to do this thing where I post my phone background, last song I jammed and last selfie!

Phone background is Joshi wrestler Hana Kimura because she’s awesome and that picture is great, last song was Audioslave - Your Time Has Come because I’ve been jamming them a lot the last few days, and since I didn’t have any recent selfies on my phone I just took one.

I tag @stellarsquid, @renaroo123, @gleefully-wicked, @whisspearl, @cloverandcrossbones and @ambellinastwin to do this if they want to

I've been thinking a lot lately about hogwarts students who struggle to fit their house due to mental health

Like A Slytherin with depression, who feels ashamed of their lack of ambition and honestly finds networking kind of exhausting.

A Hufflepuff with anger management issues and who lashes out at the friends they’re supposed to be loyal to.

A Ravenclaw with a learning disorder or focus problems, whose mind wanders off while trying to solve the common room’s riddle and honestly finds it irritating how focused their peers are with memorisation and book smarts.

A Gryffindor with anxiety which makes it kind of hard to feel brave when they’re paralysed with fear of the future.

( x Please don’t get upset about this stereotyping the houses or mental disorders, the point is to show how that’s exactly what boxes these kids in x )


So I noticed Lars lost his shirt

but it wasn’t until my second viewing that i realised SADIE WAS WEARING IT

and that Sadie’s makeshift cast was made out of the leg of his jeans (though I laughed at how his outfit gets more and more revealing, where’d his sleeves go?)

the DETAILS man!

Plus it gets some extra love from me for Sadie’s realistically hairy legs. No razors on an isolated island, man.

And they packed so much into, not just eleven minutes, but a one minute long musical montage. I’m honestly just really impressed. it MADE the ship.

We Are Stars

A Shallura playlist
Star-crossed lovers, finding solace in one another.

Lyrical, low tempo, love songs. Full of star symbolism.
Art by: @starrycove


1. Never Look Away – Vienna Teng

2. Starry Eyed – Ellie Goulding

3. Cosmic Love – Florence and the Machine

4. Stars – Alessia Cara

5. Buy the Stars – Marina and the Diamonds

6. Satellite Heart – Anya Marina

7. Moon Song – Karen O & Ezra Koenig

8. Boats and Birds – Gregory and the Hawk

9. How Long Will I Love You – Ellie Goulding

10. A Thousand Years – Christina Perri

11. Landsailor – Vienna Teng Ft. Glen Phillips


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Be My Summer Girl

An upbeat, cutesy mix about falling for you best friend.
art: syrva


  1. What is This Feeling - Wicked the Musical
  2. I Think I like You - Donora
  3. My Best Friend’s Hot - The Dollyrots
  4. Jenny - Studio Killers
  5. I Want Her - Georgia Harris
  6. Cool for the Summer - Demi Lovato
  7. Girls Like Girls - Hayley Kiyoko
  8. This is Good - Hannah Georgas
  9. Shut Up and Dance (cover) - Veronkia Naumova
  10. Cheerleader (cover) - Official Tiana
  11. Froot - Marina and the Diamonds
  12. Heart on My Sleeve - Mary Lambert
  13. Summer Calvin Harris/Lana del Ray - Charity Vance
  14. Closer - Tegan and Sara
  15. Look What You Started - Megan & Liz
  16. Be My Thrill - The Weepies
  17. Super Honeymoon - Owl City
  18. Supernova Girl - Zenon
  19. Raw Sugar - Metric
  20. Dear One - Mary Lambert


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I’m sure I’m not the only one that still thinks about this part of Bill’s AMA a lot

“I N C R E A S I N G  M Y  P O W E R  I S  E A S Y  A N D   A N Y O N E  C A N  D O  I T !  J U S T  D R A W  M Y  F O R M  A N Y W H E R E  I N  Y O U R  H U M A N  W O R L D -   E A C H  I M A G E  O F  M E  A C T S  A  P E E P H O L E  F R O M  M Y  D I M E N S I O N  T O  Y O U R S .”

I mean geeze, it’s a good thing youngsters haven’t been drawing triangles with circles in them


for the last eight years!

Or, haha, marking it on their bodies!

and getting it permanently etched into their skin.

A group of people doing that would sure give Bill a lot of power wouldn’t they?

Good thing there isn’t a massive group of people doing this…