clover studios


Okami by Clover Studio

Genre(s): Action, Adventure
Playable Animal(s): Wolf, Dog
Platform(s): PS2, PS3, Wii
Features: Singleplayer, combat, motion control, gesture system, platforming, puzzles, story-driven, side-quests, sumi-e visual style

“You possess the power of a god, but face the world in the form of the wolf. You have the power to create and destroy. Faced with your greatest challenge, to restore order and beauty to a world laid barren by evil, you must overcome the odds against you.”

Shane’s 2016 Sketchbook, Entry 36 - “Wandering Artist Issun”

I’ve beaten Okami twice in the past (the second time on New Game Plus, mostly because I ignored the game’s advice and saved over my only file inside the Ark of Yamato…), but I’ve recently started it up again in HD thanks to a download code a friend generously gave me (Thanks Nymo!). I’ll probably draw Ammy at some point too, but for now, here’s everyone’s favorite celestial envoy!