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Okami by Clover Studio

Genre(s): Action, Adventure
Playable Animal(s): Wolf, Dog
Platform(s): PS2, PS3, Wii
Features: Singleplayer, combat, motion control, gesture system, platforming, puzzles, story-driven, side-quests, sumi-e visual style

“You possess the power of a god, but face the world in the form of the wolf. You have the power to create and destroy. Faced with your greatest challenge, to restore order and beauty to a world laid barren by evil, you must overcome the odds against you.”


Hello everyone! I’m moving soon and so I’m sorting through my stuff, and I came across these pages from a Play Magazine cover story about Okami from March 2006. Thought I’d scan them in for y’all bc it’s really interesting to see what the opinions were from nearly 11 years ago.

The article and interview transcriptions are below the cut, just in case you can’t see the pictures properly. Note: I have transcribed most of the article as it appears in the magazine. The exceptions are that I broke up an exceedingly long paragraph in the main article and inserted like two brief notes on English translations.

Okami: Capcom’s wolf in celestial clothing is a breed apart

By Dave Halverson (Cover story, Play Magazine, March 2006)

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“Viewtiful Joe”

  • GamePro, October 2003 (#181)
  • Today we look at the games released by the acclaimed and short-lived, Clover Studio. This Japaese indie game studio got their start as a development team for their first game, Viewtiful Joe, which received critical acclaim. Back then, they were only known as “Team Viewtiful,” but around the time of the sequel’s production, Capcom turned them into an independent studio, in order to “facilitate new IPs.”

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