Some quick fanart of my favorite spies! They were feminine yet could still kick butt (heck, their lipstick was a laser beam!) and that just meant the world to me as a little girl back when most cartoons were mainly targeted towards boys. It’s one of the reasons I love ML so much as well; young girls have a show now too that will mean what Totally Spies meant to me and that is just really great!

That time I cosplayed the glamorous, tragic character Oruha, from CLAMP’s Clover.
Dat 80’s hurr! The now iconic CLAMP High-Low skirts!! Those plastic boob wings that made people freak out over whether or not I had a nip slip (I promise, it’s a shadow, lol)!

Costume made by Yaya Han
Photography by Geoffrey Nicholson
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Hopefully, if this is okay: Fo3 companions react to the lone wanderer coming back to life after project purity?

Butch: The LW sees him sleeping at their bedside, and they slightly push him to wake him up. “Huh what I… Holy shit you’re finally awake!” He hugs them hard and laughs, but quickly lets go. “Umm… That never happened…”

Jericho: the LW wakes to see him leaning against the wall, having a cigarette. “Finally, I’ve been stuck with the brotherhood fucks for weeks. How bout giving me a heads up before you get all heroic next time kid.”

Clover: She’s hugging and crying all over them. “Don’t you scare me like that ever again sugar!”

Star Paladin Cross: She embraces them and looks down on them with a proud look on her face.

Sergeant RL-3: “Ah! You’re awake soldier, I’d knew you’d pull through, Uncle Sam would be proud!”

Charon: He doesn’t really say anything. But he gives them a smile and a pat on the shoulder. He won’t say it, but he’s glad that they’re okay.

Fawkes: The LW is his only friend, so he’s overjoyed to see them alive and well. “MY FRIEND! IT IS GOOD TO HAVE YOU BACK!”

Dogmeat: He’s so happy! He’s waited for them for weeks!