~Happy Earth Day~

To Celebrate I decided to Make a New Shop In Solaris, A Plant/Book Shop Ran by resident, Clover (Not the Character In the Photo, I couldn’t take one with Clover because her outfit isn’t ready yet, plus she’s camera shy). I wanted to                               make it cozy and i think i succeeded.

                                              🌱 🌿 🌏 🍂

Current status of CLAMP works

Lately, there have been a lot of queries regarding the status of CLAMP’s works.
Here’s a summary. I listed them in order from the most to the least likely be resumed soon (according to my own judgement):

Card Captor Sakura - Clear Card arc~ - *Ongoing*. Running monthly in Nakayoshi.
HiGH&LOW g sword
- *Ongoing*. Running weekly in Shonen Magazine.

XXXHOLiC Rei - *Hiatus*. Volume 5 halfway published. It will be picked up soon but no date has been given at the moment. CLAMP may be waiting for the return of Tsubasa to resume it.
Tsubasa - WoRLD CHRoNiCLE - *Hiatus*. Nirai Kanai arc ended with 3 volumes, but CLAMP have implied that there will be other arcs to come. No date has been given for its return.

GATE 7 - *Hiatus*. Volume 5 is halfway published. At first this series was put on  hiatus because CLAMP were moving their studio to Kyoto. They have been living there for a few years now but the series wasn’t picked back again. No date has been given for its return.
Drug & Drop - *Hiatus*. Volume 3 is halfway published. Reason unknown for being on hiatus. No date has been given for its return.

X - *Hiatus*. Volume 19 is halfway published. CLAMP and Kadokawa are still looking for ways to publish the remaining of the series in a different magazine other than ASUKA. CLAMP have stated on many occasions that the series will be finished, but they are likely focusing on other projects at the moment and X is, unfortunately, not their priority. No date has been given for its return.

CLOVER - *Hiatus*. There are 2 volumes left to finish this work. CLAMP have stated their desire to finish this work someday, but out of all the other unfinished works by CLAMP, CLOVER seems to be the one less likely to be finished at the moment.