clove rp

Clove Application:

60 seconds until the Games begin. 60 seconds until I can get my knives at the Cornucopia, waiting to kill the other tributes, especially Katniss. I look around me and see the other tributes’ scared faces. They don’t know what to do. One is actually attempting to get off before the minute ends, to end her life, unfortunately, her District counterpart is stopping her, leaving her to debate with herself. She sees me looking at her. I give her a smile. Thinking to myself that if she doesn’t kill herself, she’ll have the luck of me ending her life, along with the other weak tributes. I look over to the other Careers, Glimmer is looking around, toying with her hair and flirting with Marvel. I make a mental note to kill her when I get the chance. Cato, on the other hand is scanning the Cornucopia for items we’ll need. 10 seconds left. I visualize the fastest path to my knives, which is just straight ahead of me. I’ll jump over things, but at least that will ensure me that I’ll get the first kill that no one ever forgets. It signifies the actual start of the Games anyway. The spears, swords, arrows and machetes are further down. 5 seconds. I ready myself to run. 3… 2… 1…

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