Homemade “Rose-Clove” Simple Syrup.  
I add it to tea, coffee and seltzer water to make some
pretty amazing flavored drinks.  But that’s a small fraction of what one can do w/ simple syrup. Here’s a few suggestions, along w/ an easy recipe for making your own herbal syrups.

Equal parts Sugar & Water,
1 cp / 1 cp  - sugar water brought to boil
Simmer for 5-10 mins. @ medium-high heat,  then add any herb you
desire to mixture.  Suggestions- Lavender, Rose, Cinnamon, Lemon Verbena, Mint. Steep for a minimum of 30 mins.

Culinary uses-
1. Create custom infusions for cocktails
Simply add alcohol and ice and you can make endless drink combos.
2. Dress fruit salads
transform a simple bowl of fruit into a cohesive dish w/ a great glossy look.
3. Moisten layer cakes
Brush simple syrup onto cooled layers of layer cake to keep your confection fresh and moist. Adding a little booze—reduces a too-sweet taste
4. Tea/Coffee
Add to your herbal tea or your warm hot coco/coffee for a unique scent or taste
5.  Herbal Lemonade
Herbal lemonade w/ Lemon Verbena or Lavender simple syrup is pretty yummy
6. Shaved Ice Add your syrup to shaved Ice
7. Morning Pancakes
Add this syrup to your pancakes and waffles like regular syrup


“I guess we know who the worst looking tribute is.” Clove sneered as you walked into the room. It was the night of interviews and, for the first time in your life, you were wearing a fancy dress. You glared at Clove, bracing to fire back a retort, but before you can get it out Cato steps up. 

“Clove, shut up. At least her dress isn’t neon orange.” He turns to you and smiles a dazzling smile. “I think you look great, Y/N.”


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