clout glass

GOT7 as my western favs

no one asked for this. i have requests, pls yell at me to do them ugh.

i think im doing svt vocal unit next i just keep getting hip hop unit requests 


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is Lucas Sinclair

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  • ok this is a character, but i barely believe jb is real anyway
  • underappreciated
  • only one w common sense????
  • knows wtf is going on (usually)
  • i look good & i know it
  • gets all the ladies
  • gonna b a gr8 father one day
  • if the stress of their friends doesn’t kill them


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is Kim K

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  • that bitch
  • beautiful, iconic
  • used to be problematic
  • say it with me, “GROWTH & CHANGE”
  • actually quiet & lowkey
  • drama just follows them idk…
  • friends = family mentality
  • bored asf when they’re alone
  • when they’re w fam/frens they’re cute fun giggly and smiley
  • rich mami $$$$$


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is Harry Styles

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  • ok this one is perfect
  • sweet bbs
  • lookin all scary and buff and daddy asf but rly they are cinnamon rolls w extra icing
  • g to the a to the y 
  • bottom behavior but issa top
  • O R G A N I C    X     K A L E
  • love kids 
  • so extra omg
  • i love them :)


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is Calum Hood

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  • bottoms
  • has at least 2 bfs at all times
  • dat azz smile :)
  • everyone in their group/band tryna hit
  • imagine them in a hoodie thats too big for them oh my,,
  • spoiled fucking rotten
  • roasts their daddy and gets spanked for it later


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is Rosanna Pansino 

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  • protecc dem pls
  • easily scared hahahahahBOO!
  • didn’t even mean to love them so much
  • all of their friends are rly nice and sweet to them bc they’re nice and sweet
  • contagious smile/laugh
  • has never been problematic, will never be problematic
  • 2pure4u


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is Rihanna

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  • lol dabdab
  • murder every look, King and Queen of fashion
  • funny asf
  • pretty™
  • wear clout glasses irl and look good
  • replaces someone’s kale w weed
  • #freethenipple


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is Chris Pratt

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  • big boy w an even bigger heart
  • can and will hurt you
  • they’d literally never hurt you
  • easily excited by food, puppies, friends, memes, jjp, etc.
  • cute switch off means sexy switch on and you were not ready at all
  • so hot but the you do something cute and they giggle
  • and now you’re both giggling
  • just a yes from me overall

this was trash but v fun to write

check out the masterlist
and request smth before you go <3

‪ilhoon takes off his gucci cap just to reveal an exact gucci cap undearneath, hyunsik on the side is stunned proceed to take off his clout glasses after clout glasses after clout glasses their style has no boundaries their swag is limitless peniel is shaking in his black justin bieber purpose tour hoodie‬

Why Don’t We Meet and Greet Bucket List:


  1. Ask about his day bc he cares about ours
  2. Give him a little kiss on his dimpled cheek ahh
  3. Show him how much he truly means to me


  1. Touch his noodles
  2. Make him laugh/smile bc he brightens the world when he does oof
  3. Explain that he needs to remember me bc of how much I love him


  1. Compare our heights bc he is an actual giant oml
  2. Try to figure out what color his eyes actually are
  3. Tell him that he’s taught me so much about myself, mostly self-appreciation


  1. Take a picture of us with some speed racer glasses/clout goggles
  2. Show him some homemade fire memes
  3. Persuade him to never stop making us laugh


  1. Squish his little smol bean cheeks
  2. Spin step with him bc we are both noobs lol (and ask if I’m doing it the right way)
  3. Scold him bc he is growing up too fast… then give him a hug bc I feel bad for yelling at him

(this is d (: // @sweetseaveydreams)