brainyisalwayssexy said: And no doubt Sonam has the money and industrial clout to get these projects done, but so what? At least she’s doing them! And while I agree that the huge disparities between women in Bwood should be addressed it shouldn’t be done by crucifying Sonam 

Hey, I agree with you. But my major issue with SK isn’t the fact that she uses the money and clout that she has to get women centric films on the big screen (which is, on the surface, a good start imo). It’s the fact that it’s being hailed as revolutionary when it’s, sort of not?

The way I see it, SK using her industrial clout and money helps a very specific subset of women in Bollywood, which is ideally women like herself—women who come from money, from powerful families within the industry. However, SK, as far as I can tell, doesn’t do anything to address the nepotism and elitism that’s rampant in Bollywood. In fact, Sonam Kapoor participates in, and directly benefits from that same nepotism and elitism. In fact, it’s very much a combination of these two things that even allows women like Sonam Kapoor to make women-centric films. 

But what good is that when its both of those things that also, on a regular basis, discriminates against women in Bollywood? Especially women and girls who don’t have the fortune to come from good families? While I agree that no one should be crucifying Sonam Kapoor in particular, it’s most often SK who speaks out about being unabashedly elitist, who looks down on newcomers to the industry and goes as far as making fun of them in public without apologizing. I’m not saying that there aren’t other people in Bollywood who don’t do that—clearly they do. And clearly there are plenty of other culprits there, you can name them until the sun goes down probably, because Bollywood is literally full of elitists who use their family name as a crutch for fame an success. And I agree, picking on Sonam Kapoor alone is unfair, but to not criticize her and how her films get made is disingenuous.

At the end of the day, Sonam Kapoor making women-centric films really doesn’t do much for women as a whole, because it wouldn’t have been possible without using a system that regularly tramples and exploits other women. And that’s why I can’t be on board with them, because they’re like putting a bandaid on a huge wound. They don’t much to address the larger problem at hand, and Sonam Kapoor definitely doesn’t/isn’t going to—because why would she, when she benefits from that same system? It’s nepotism that enables her success and propels her career forward—even if that success comes from a system that, again, is built off the abuse and exploitation of other women who are not as fortunate as she is.

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I’ll let this mix explain why I chose ‘PXL’ as a DJ name.

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  3. 16 Bit - FRZR9000
  4. Rusko - Bionic Commando
  5. Unicorn Kid - Dreamcatcher
  6. Borgore - Afro Samurai
  7. Lewis Roberts & Deadp1xel - Silver
  8. Minnesota - Sunburst
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  28. Neus/Neucore - Blast
  29. Structured Noises - Computer
  30. Zimo - Virus Detected
  31. Diesel - Malfunction

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