LoThank you for everyone who messaged me last night/this morning. The support truly helps and is amazing and makes me feel better.

That said, I think I am going to quit tumblr for a few months, or possibly more like 8 months depending on the situation. I’m not at a point in my life where I can handle the worst that humanity has to offer. I don’t have the in person support system or the mental health support(i really need to get on depression medication as well as individual counseling) to do this. It’s hurting me more than I’m doing good, and if I can get in a better place, I can come back and be able to whether to awful people and situations and stay strong. 

Now, granted, I don’t actually produce much original content anymore (maybe that will change to once I get in a better position!) But mostly reblog from a  variety of sources I trust. Some are half fandom half social justice, others are full social justice. I’ll plug them here, you can follow them if you like my stuff to get mostly the same thing! : They are a lot like me except they draw stuff. They have a wide variety of posts, but a variety of social justice, video games, steven universe, pokemon, b99, and anime. They are actually the #1 person I reblogged from recently, so if you like me you’ll probably like them. : An old artist follow from homestuck days who like me, has turned both fandom and social justice. They are big enough that I often see them and roachpatrol have replies on a lot of social justice posts I reblog. Again, a healthy mix of social justice, anime, video games, SU, etc. : Another mixed fandom/social justice blog, with a healthy dose of great memes and other goodness! They are great for brightening up your dash even if you aren’t in any major fandoms! : 100% social justice blog, and the person I credit with getting me into social justice as they were one of my first follows ever. They know a variety of social justice blogs but they also have a blog and produce regular content constantly! They focus on feminism but constantly reblog support for LGBT issues (including aces!), mental health issues, black lives matter and other PoC issues, etc. : Another homestuck artist turned social justice, although a smaller one. Lots of artist reblogs, cute animals and food, along with social justice and assorted fandomm, though the fandom stuff is a bit on the low side, if you want something different to look at! : One of my two best friends who also hasn’t changed their title from our titles that we got with my original homestuck test. We reblog a lot from each other, and he reblogs a lot from some of my other friends who have perspectives into other issues we don’t personally know a lot about, such as polyamory and BDSM culture. He’s a great guy and will be a great follow! : Cosplay/Con buddies! They are an amazing cosplayer who still does amazing trickster homestuck cosplays, but they also do a lot of other fandoms and social justice! They still post homestuck stuff, if you need your trash fix :P : My other best friend, and the worst pun master around. Fandom, social justice, homestuck, he’s got everything. Also if you send him puns in his ask, I bet he’ll be super happy. You should totally do that. They follow a lot of people I don’t so I get a lot of reblogs from them! and their shit post blog : Old college friend who I converted into a social justice warrior (you’re welcome) They are super sweet and their shitpost blog is fucking amazing and always puts a smile on my face. Also a good artist, and mixed social justice/ fandom. 


Well, this is interesting. I’ve never tried using one of these things before… the name’s Clout! I’d invite you over to try and make friends, but chances are I’d end up eating you~

I guess I should tell you a little about myself. I’m another vampire ex-knight. I was turned almost 30 years ago, back when Moss the Clawed Knight was still the leader of the Royal Knights (and Rock was just a wee squire, barely out of his sparkling years). At least I was long gone before Moss got himself turned into a werewolf, THAT would have been messy… I was turned while tending to the horses by the twin Ice Queens, Dibella and Mara. They intended me to be their Harem Master, but they were killed by Dovahkiin the Dragon Knight and I was left on my own. With Thiesel for a brief time, of course. Speaking of which…

If you need anything, feel free to leave an ask. Or if you want to volunteer to be my next meal, I take femmes only. Rest assured, you won’t even know I’m latched onto your throat draining you. Cruel and messy feedings are far too crass. Some vampires DO have morals, believe it or not…

Another started as a comment ended up me on a soap box

This is the comment that got out of control after I read fromheretoeternity1121′s post ‘The Fish Stinks From The Head Down’

Thank you for writing this! I have been thinking about this very subject for a while now and had started to write a post, but you have done it for me. 

I agree, someone has to have the balls enough to make him accountable for his actions/behavior. God knows there are plenty on this side of the fandom with the balls to take him on. But I think this job can’t be done by us everyday average Joe’s. I think it has to be someone who is high on the food chain, a powerful Hollywood type. Someone with some serious clout. Or a group of powerful Hollywood types with serious clout.

IMO he is a has been desperately trying to hang on to the fame and power he thinks he may have once had. He is definitely on a massive power trip. And unfortunately there are those in the business that think he still holds quite a bit of power, therefore seeing him as untouchable. Or maybe it’s a case of “oh that’s just Bill, he’s always been like that.” Not good enough, and certainly not an excuse. 

Will it take a major tragedy before he will be stopped and held accountable. And by major tragedy I mean, if he is targeting someone who for whatever reason is mentally unstable, his bullying tactics may just push that person over the edge and they suicide. Blood will be on his, his sidekicks, and his cult members hands. 

I think that unfortunately for Sam he has walked into this ‘friendship’, for lack of a better word, blind not knowing what he was getting himself in for and now he is so deep in the shit he can’t see a way out. Sam cannot win either way. If he continues his association with him, Sam is not seen in a good light and it may even be damaging his brand/name. And I think Sam is one of those who are under the impression that this man still wields quite a bit of power in the business, so if he goes/speaks out against him, Sammy can kiss that career good bye. I don’t mean this in a horrible nasty way, I really do love both Sam and Cait, but I don’t think Sam is high enough on the food chain to deal with the situation by himself. I would hate to see Sam lose sponsorship deals because his name is associated with that moron.

I read the DWTS tweets he has been sending out about Nick Viall ….. I have no words ….. I really don’t …… and Sam’s photo is on his twitter page ….. at the very least Sammy have your photo taken off his twitter page, it’s just not a good look. You know I let my kids read the DWTS tweets, they were shocked and horrified and my daughter said “this is why you and dad don’t let us have any form of social media” Bingo. 

This is all just my opinion and I could be completely barking up the wrong tree. Obviously I don’t know Sam and Cait and I never will, I will never even get to meet them, but I feel like I do kinda know them and feel protective of them. Silly I know. Until Outlander I had never ‘fanned’ anything in my life, not even as a teenager, maybe that’s why I feel the way I do about Cait and Sammy Boy.

Ok, someone’s about to kick the soap box out from under me so I’ll shut up.

PS I got through a whole thing without saying fuck, dig me!     

[Femslash February]: Movies

an AU where Lila is actually gay as shit and the last person she wants to flirt with on her first day of school is Adrien Agreste >:P

Day 19: Movies

Words: 2295

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

[Previous: Autumn]

Marinette really needed to start showing up to school on time so that she wouldn’t keep missing important developments.

She was barely in the building for fifteen seconds and Lila was all anyone was talking about. Apparently coming in two minutes before the bell rang was enough to completely miss the fact that Lila apparently knew Jagged Stone, Prince Ali, and seven Hollywood directors. Chloe was the mayor’s daughter and even she didn’t have that much clout.

She walked past Mylene – saying something about how Lila was personally invited to the Lancôme Fall 2015 Couture Party a few months back – and bumped shoulders with Alya. “Who on Earth is this Lila girl?”

Alya looked up from her phone and jutted her chin across the courtyard. “She just started here.”

Marinette lifted a brow and saw Nathanael talking animatedly with a girl that she didn’t recognize and happily exchanging numbers with her. “Uh huh….”

“She gave me an interview, did I tell you?” Alya grinned and pulled up the video on her phone. “Apparently Ladybug saved her life once. My Ladyblog had the most hits ever afterwards.”

Well, that was something Marinette would’ve definitely remembered if it had actually happened. She scowled as she scanned through the video of this Lila person laughing into the camera and waxing on about this dramatic rescue that Ladybug never pulled off. “Who the heck is this girl?”

“I don’t know but she’s got the most incredible life,” Alya said. “And now she’s going here. She’s totally awesome, apparently her and Ladybug are really close friends.”

Marinette scoffed defensively. “Um…I’m close friends with Ladybug. I got you that personal interview with her. You know, the one that got you a thousand new followers?”

Alya laid a hand on her shoulder. “Oh no, of course babe, and that was fantastic. But Lila has like super duper insider information on Ladybug never heard before. It’s going wild.”

“You cannot be serious,” Marinette frowned. “Where is this chick, I need to have a quick chat with – ”

“Oh my goodness, I don’t think we’ve met yet!”

Marinette barely had a chance to finish her sentence before Lila practically skipped across the courtyard and slid up right next to Marinette, less than a foot away from her face. Marinette jumped in surprise and leaned her body away from her while Lila folded her hands behind her back and pinned her with a sly smirk. “U-Uh,” Marinette mumbled.

“This is Marinette,” Alya helpfully supplied. “She was that best friend I was telling you about. She’s also our Class Representative.”

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