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The last of August's daily iPad paintings #APAD

The last of August’s daily iPad paintings #APAD

Albert Dock, Liverpool, 25/8/2015

A mixed bag this week, including a trip to Warrington and Liverpool.

Hastings pier repairs, 27/8/2015

Rain on the train, 26/8/2015

Experimental tower, Daresbury, 24/8/2015

Canoe, 29/8/2015

Fishing, 30/8/2015

Tropical, 28/8/2015

Calm, 31/8/2015

Unilever, Warrington, 24/8/2015

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October 2014

© Sophia Adalaine Zhou

In meteorology, the process by which atmospheric water vapor liquefies to form fog and clouds, or solidifies to form snow or hail.

In psychoanalysis, the representation of two or more ideas, memories, feelings, or impulses by one word or image.

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