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Marijuana Cleansing Spell

Hello everyone!

My favorite thing about witchcraft is having a personal connection with everything I work with. Because I am chronically ill, I have a relationship with marijuana and I know a lot of other people can relate to that. It calms me, fills me with peace, and drains all negativity from me. It only makes sense to me to use it as a cleansing herb!

Being an intrinsic witch, I cast all of my spells internally with my energy – if that makes sense. So if you follow a similar path as I, this will be a great spell for you!

You will need:

  • white candle
  • bud 
  • something to smoke from

Light the candle in the center of your room, or whatever space you are cleansing. 

Give yourself a moment to clear your thoughts. Focus on creating an inner light out of your energy – really get a mental picture of your being filling with light. 

Take your smoking pipe and inhale the smoke, imagining that it is positive energy. Exhale the smoke all around the area you are cleansing, imagining that your are spreading your inner light and positive energy. Do this several times.

Words that should be spoken are “Let light shine through this cloudy room.”

Repeat these steps until you feel an inner peace!

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Hard To Get - Shawn Mendes

Wooooow,, this took me almost two weeks to write an its probably not very good lol. this was requested by the sweetest person every thank you for requesting.

Warnings: Smut

Now lets get into it and please send me feedback / requests yall i love them a lot!!


This wasn’t really your scene, until tonight. The prominent stench of alcohol, wearing clothes that showed off a little to much skin, and being hit on every five minutes by a different guy. You were out with your friends just to get away from reality for a night. Dressed in a black top with thin straps and a low cut that was covered with mesh and light wash jeans that hugged your legs perfectly. Your feet were incased in black pumps that made your legs look miles long but you had to admit that the aching in your feet had started to become a pain in the ass. Your hair was pressed through a straighter and makeup felt heavy and a little sticky against your face.

Your elbow was resting on a high table in front of the drinks in the second bar of the night. You watched your two friends run off with two men doing who knows what, your gaze following them behind a wall before a smile broke out on your face and shook your head before taking a sip of your drink. You went to turn your body back to the table when your eyes met an intense pair of eyes the color of bark on a redwood tree seared into yours.

A little frightened at first then realizing that this intense gaze was being held by a man who looked about 19, dressed in a black buttoned down dress shirt with a design of white flecks across the fabric, his sleeves were rolled messily and bunched up before his elbow. His hair looked unruly, curls falling against his face and around the top of his head, his skin looked pale, but a little flush against the bold lists of the room. He was tall, taller than most people in the crowded, cloudy room and from the way his shirt was stretching across his arms, you could conclude that he was muscular.

He watched your eyes trail down his lanky body with a smirk etched on his lips and took a sip of his drink. Breathing seemed to become a little difficult when your eyes met his once again. He was almost inhumanly beautiful but you knew about guys like him, they’re extremely attractive and use that to their advantage to get in your pants.

You widened your eyes before a frown creased between your eyebrows and turning around. You were here to be the designated driver, not to hook up. After a few minutes the mysterious man waltzed over to your figure before introducing himself, “Hi, I’m Shawn.” He stuck out his hand which made your hand look about the size of pea.

Intrigued with his formal gesture, you placed your palm is his and shook it. You smiled at him, “(y/n.)”

“Can I buy you a drink?” He asked, licking his lips.

“If you want.” you rolled your eyes. It’s not like you were a rude person, but you have met one too many guys like Shawn.

“Judging by your body language, you look like you could use one.” He laughed and lord did he have a beautiful smile, but if this kid really wanted anything from you, he was going to have to do a lot more than buy you a drink.

After the drinks have arrived, you downed in before he could even pick up the glass. He looks at you with his eyebrows raised and the corners of his mouth tugging upwards. Rolling your eyes again he asks, “You like roller coasters?”

What the hell kind of question is that?

“Yeah.” you say sharply.

“Are you a screamer?” he laughs at himself a little.

“What else are you supposed to do on roller coasters besides ride them?” you snap at him, not understanding the point of this conversation.

He mumbles something under his breath then smiles again before bringing his drink to his lips. Your breathing started to become more rapid as you watched his adam’s apple bob as the liquid slid down his throat.

His finished glass was slammed down onto the wooden table a little too harsh for your liking before standing up and towering over you. Placing his palms on the table behind you and leaning so close to your face you can see the part of his cheek that is marked with a scar and his breath fanning over your face. You heart seemed to stop beating for a split second and eyes widening. You felt your confidence shrinking along with your posture to put as much space as you could between yourself and Shawn.

He lowers his head to burn his gaze into your eyes and holds eye contact with you for what feels like forever as he slowly licks his lips. He tilted his head to the side before speaking lowly in your ear, “(y/n), how about you meet me in the room in the back of this place? I bet I can make you scream a lot louder than you do on roller coasters.”

Although you cannot deny the heat that rushes throughout your body and the thumping sound of your hear in you chest, you scoff at him and it almost sounds like a laugh. “Fuck off.” You turn around quickly and returned to you position, slumping over the bar table.

He chuckles darkly before his chest presses against your back, “I’ll be in the back when you’re ready.” Then the hot presence behind you is gone and you feel yourself let out a sigh of relief but also a wash of disappointment that he didn’t do anything else.


Your friends had come to talk to you about the ‘hottest guy they’ve ever seen in their whole entire life’ and your encounter with each other. You brushed it off and told them how much of a player he must be to have that much confidence in himself and to just walk up to some random girl and ask her to hook up in the back of a bar. They lectured you on how you need to loosen up and live a little which lead you to brushing them off and chasing the subject.

To your disappointment, you focus was placed upon a girls laugh, that echoed throughout the room. Over the fogginess of the bar you could see Shawn with a smirk across his lips, leaning over the girl with the annoying laugh. It wasn’t a pang, or a wash, it was as if lightning with the emotions of; jealousy, anger, envy, and disappointment hit you like a train. Maybe it was the drinks that amplified everything.

Your friend saw your face and grabbed your opposite arm to pull you back to face her.  “I thought you said you didn’t like him, like at all.” she mumbled to you.

You shook your head and frowned, “No,” you (fake) smiled at her, “I mean I didn’t say that, but I don’t like him.”

She nodded before two men walked up behind her and your other friend with closed mouth smiles and hungry eyes. Rolling your  eyes, you nodded your head at her to turn around and when she did, she jumped and wrapped her arms around his neck before being swept off of her feet and taken away to do who knows what with him.

You turned around to slam into a hard chest. Following the build of this mystery man’s body up to his face, it was Shawn. He wore a sly smirk as he looked down at you, “Like I said thirty minutes ago, I’ll be in the back if you need a good time. Don’t hold back anymore baby.” His lips traced against you ear slightly but just enough to send shivers down your spine.

He sauntered off into the dark alleyway that lead to a few bathrooms and storage rooms, looking over his shoulder to see if you were following him. Swallowing your pride, you straightened your shirt and took a deep breath before stepping through the crowd and around the brick wall to find him leaning up against it with one leg bent and his eyes darting to yours.

He looked at you, his eyes a different color than they were moments ago. He chuckled darkly which contrasted the bright colors of his cheeks that were now the color of roses. His bottom lip was pulled harshly into his mouth by his teeth then returning to their rightful place.

Your stomach dropped as if you were on a roller coaster when he took two large strides to press your back up against the wall behind you. With one hand, his fingers pressed into your lower cheek as his palm rested along the underside of your chin. His steamy lips pressed to your with so much force it hurt your teeth. Gasping for air after his lips sucked yours leaving them bruised and swollen, his teeth dug into the skin of your neck.

You winced as pain shot through you only to be subsided by the pleasure of his tongue rolling over your skin. The room seemed to rise 25 degrees and your skin seemed to be searing hot against his. He pushed his muscular thigh between your legs and you couldn’t help but let a moan slip past your lips.

Your eyes widen because almost no boy or man has made you moan before. His lips stopped their movements and he looked up at you with hooded eyes. A smirk crossed his cherry colored lips, the impulse to slap him and that stupid smirk that crossed his god-like features was flashing across your mind but before you could raise your arm his long finger rapped about you wrist to bring them in a tight hold above your head. A complain was about to fall from your lips but they were being pushed against Shawn’s before you could say anything.

With his free hand, his fingers swirled over the skin on your neck and the material covering your stomach before circling around the button of your jeans before popping them open and pushing them down to the ground. His thumb pressed into your hip bone as he sucked hickeys onto your neck which you would yell at him later for doing. Linking his fingers into the sides of your underwear he slid them down your legs as little bumps covered your skin because of the chilled air.

The pads of his fingers stopped in line with your hipbones on the middle of your lower stomach before looking at you. You almost gasped at his appearance; dark curls falling around the crown of his head due to you running your fingers through them, lips so pink they look the color of bubblegum, cheeks dusted with the color red, eyes dark but wide with curiosity, and skin steamy. He searched in your eyes for any signs for you to stop before you two went to far with each other, but found nothing.

Pressing is lips to yours quickly before moving down to your collar bones and sliding his long fingers lower. Immediately pushed his middle finger between your folds and up into you caused you tow gasp. Smirking against your skin he started to rub figure eights into the bundle of nerves as he pushed his ring finger into you. Moving in and out of you, your eyes rolled into the back of your head as your mouth hung open.

“Can you take another?” he asked, huskily in your ear.

You opened your eyes to meet his beautiful facial features again but shrugged your shoulders before Shawn slipped another finger into you. Your whole body felt as if it was on fire. Sweat was covering the top of your nose and underneath your eyes as the pleasure started to build up. Silencing your moans by covering your mouth with his he started to trail his steamy lips down your body. Pressing his lips above your belly button then right above where his hand is before coming back up to your lips.

He pulls his fingers out of you quickly before stepping back and shoving his pants to the ground. Your knees almost gave out as you collapsed against the wall due to the after shock of Shawn. He smirked as he saw you struggling to keep yourself up before mumbling, “Jump.”

With all the strength left in your legs, you leaped off of the ground to have Shawn catch your thighs and wrap them around his waist and presses you against the wall. He lifts you by your torso to slide into you. You couldn’t help your eyes rolling into your head and the whimper that leaves your lips as you hear him let out a deep groan.

Filling you to the brim and having his thick muscular body between your legs was a deadly combination. Pushing into you and rocking your two bodies against the wall felt heavenly as he buried his head into your neck to press kisses against your jawline. He rolled his head back and closed his eyes feeling you tighten around him, knowing that you were close.

Picking up the pace and a few more rough thrusts, you finished with his name slipping from your lips, He slowed down and pulled out of you to finish on your stomach with a groan. He looked up at you through his thick lashes before saying, “I’ll go get a towel or something to clean it off, please don’t go anywhere.” He set you feet down on the ground before the heat were his body was left you. You sighed and ran your finger through your hair before walking over to the mirror to examine the damage that this beautiful boy did to you.

Your eyeliner was collected in little flecks and grey lines underneath your eyes due to squeezing and rolling them, you lips looked puffy and bruised and your hair was collected in little knots caused by you sliding up and down the wall of the empty bathroom. Your legs felt like noodles as your muscles struggled to keep you standing and your breathing had only just started to return back to normal.

The squeaking sound of the bathroom door opened as the volume of the club increased then decreased as the door closed. He walked over to your nude body and placed a bottle of water in your hands. You quickly snatched it out of his grasp, assuming the events that were coming next had turned your attitude towards him sour. Your quickly started to pick up your clothing on the ground and proceeded to place them on your body.

“Bye.” was all you said as you walked out of the dirty bathroom with your heels in one hand and the water in the other leaving Shawn stunned in the bathroom. He knew that he shouldn’t want to ask you to come back to his place to just talk about random things or ask you if you wanted to get coffee, but he did. And if you would would have stayed he might have had the guts to do so.

Cold Rarity (Pt. 2)

(y/n) was plummeting into darkness, but something was wrong. It was like all was still, yet some unsettling doubt pushed them over the edge into an endless fall. The jolted awake, they weren’t comfortably nestled away by their hoard as they wished they were, instead, this setting was entirely different from home.

(Y/n) shot up from their position lying down and looked at their appendages, arms… hands… they were still stuck in their partially human form. Looking around they found they were laying on a plush, round mattress with an assortment of other pillows and blankets for comfort. The room was decorated in a black, white and burgundy theme, it was simple, yet regal and imposing. Clearly the owner of these things was not lacking in wealth.

(y/n) began fidgeting with one of the golden tassels on a cushion while continuing to observe. They made their way from the black walls to the large square window directly across from their spot on the ground, displayed on it an astonishing view. (y/n) gawked at the panorama, the lights of the town below them, and farther away the forest, even farther the land they had ruled for so long, the bright, round moon shining above it all. As they admired it, they realized a key question they should be asking themselves.

Why are they here?

Memories began to surface, running, the Dark king, pain, passing out on the cave floor. Suddenly, the room wasn’t nearly as welcoming anymore, it was alien, it was unknown. (Y/n)’s instinct to run kicked up again, but upon shifting around they heard the clinking of chains and now noticed the weight around their neck was a restraint chaining them to the wall. Dammit, they were trapped.

The window seemed to mock them now, as they stared off into the freedom they couldn’t possess. (y/n) wrapped their tail around themselves and made themselves smaller, also covering up with their wings. They were a young dragon, they had been lucky and spoiled, now they were stuck in this predicament. The neck restraint might’ve bruised by this point, it was certainly not comfortable, and while trying to make the room just a bit colder (y/n) found their powers were now inactive as well.

Dark knew what he was doing, they were being left to stir in their own thoughts. (y/n) stretched their wings and flapped a small bit, noticing the would they had before was no longer present. They replayed his words, the deal they had made without truly thinking, mind cloudy from pain. The room was rather barren beyond their bed on the ground, although there was a chair next to the window, unoccupied at the moment.

(y/n) found themselves startled as the door to their left opened, a dreadfully familiar face showing itself. The man was dressed in a gray suit with a burgundy tie, black dress shoes finishing the look. He held something in his hands but (y/n) didn’t get a good look before he stuffed it in his pocket neatly. He had a warm smile on his face, almost pleasant, but it was predatory and simply couldn’t mean good for (y/n). He sat on the chair, looking out the window pensively before quickly snapping back to (y/n), eyeing them over hungrily, taking in every detail.

“You are truly a beautiful creature darling.”

He trailed off, they simply sunk more into themselves if that was even possible. Something about this man, it was intimidating, nothing had ever made them cower, yet in the face of this king they behaved like a frightened, cornered animal. (y/n) tried speaking but a hoarse whisper came out at first, before they truly formulated a sentence.

“What do you want?”

Dark chuckled in satisfaction, easing and making himself comfortable on the chair, taking in their change in demeanor. “I got what I wanted, you, love.”

His voice was deep and booming, it struck something primal inside, a heightened instinct of fear like nothing before. (y/n) swallowed dry and sat up straight, trying to stand to his level as much as they could.

“But what… what do you want with me? I know of kings that would give anything to have me publicly slaughtered like an animal, I’m still alive… Why is that?”

The man grinned. “Well, I believe I shouldn’t leave such power and beauty to waste, although, who said I wouldn’t treat you like an animal? I can do what I want and if so I wish then as such it shall be.”

He was like a spoiled child, so terribly arrogant, but he was clearly in control of the situation, nothing could be done one (y/n)’s part. They shook slightly in fear, but tried to keep their composure. “What am I then? A glorified pet?”

He seemed to debate it for a second before speaking once more. “I suppose that could be an accurate description, think of it this way, your every need will be catered to, I offer shelter and care, all I ask of you is obedience. Simple, right?”

They didn’t respond, simply eyed him suspiciously.

“I took care of that wound for you, did I not? You should be grateful, I can still just give you away to one of the other kingdoms, the universe knows they want you dead. Think about it, isn’t this a much better fate?”

(y/n) knew he was right, it pained them, why must he be right. They solemnly nodded and sighed. “What’s your name?” they tentatively asked. Maybe they’d get solace in directing their anger towards a name, all they really knew was that he was the Dark king.

“Dark, but you will address me as Sir, understood?” He looked over their tail quietly, seeing the iridescent white scales meld into the black ones as he awaited a response.

“Yes… sir…” (y/n) felt their pride be crushed every second they remained in this room with him.

“Good pet.” He grinned in satisfaction, such an egotistical bastard.

“Now dear, I have a few… questions. You’ll answer them quickly for me, yes?” He placed his hands on his lap and stared them down as they hastily nodded.

“Good. Let’s start with some common courtesy, what’s your name?” He looked over their wings as (y/n) tried to sit straight, desperately attempting to display a pride that was no longer there.

“(y/n).” They mean for the response to be dry, but it was just barely above a whisper. They ran a hand over their scales, a nervous tick of sorts.

“Fitting for a rarity such as you, dear…” He sneered, basking in their insecurity. To think, they had once been fearsome. “…Now, do you have any family? Any… friends who might be looking for you perchance?”

(y/n) sighed. “No, I’ve been on my own for years now.”

“Lovely then. Well dear, to fill in some gaps, as of now you’ve been injected with a serum that should keep you in that partially human state of yours…” He stood from his chair and came near them, admiring their physique before stepping back again as not to have them shrink back too far. “…A fascinating one, at that. Now don’t be fooled, I’ve been merciful to you but I hold a high reputation. Believe me, I will only break you if you deserve to be broken. You’ve behaved so far, I’ll take you around the castle as a reward.”

(y/n) had a bit of liveliness return yet they shifted again, it was impossible to get comfortable in the restraints, Dark knew this, but he wasn’t going to make this easy, wasn’t he? “Umm… Sir? Could you, maybe, take this off?” They pointed at their neck.

“Already so demanding? I mean, I certainly could, I did bring this
He pulled from his pocket a collar, adorned with pleated brown lace and a center cream lace. A bow displayed on the center of it also held directly under it a tag.
“Property of the King…” He read out loud, trailing off and grinning at the look of confusion and slight anxiousness from them.

He became deadly serious as he continued. “It has a tracker engineered by my royal advisor, so don’t think you can go about trying to escape without being punished.”

(y/n) nodded quickly. He approached them with a key and unlocked the heavy restraint as they let out a sigh of relief. “Aww, seems you’ve bruised darling, let me fix that.” A cold shiver ran down their spine as Dark rested his hand on their neck, and then the discomfort from the restraints was gone, (y/n) assumed the bruising must’ve been gone as well. Dark placed the collar on them with an oddly gentle touch, locking it with the same key and putting said key in his pocket.

“Now darling, let’s go out, shall we?”

(y/n) nodded and avoided eye contact as they took his hand, wondering what could possibly await beyond the room.

Will Graham Song Rec #2

“White cloth, black napkins, wood chairs, surround me,
Wood tables, foggy signs, in front with no lies.

Night falls beneath candle light

Cast shadows, incense fragrance,
From the corner of the room,
Cloudy senses, stale light below, beneath

Night falls beneath candle light,
White squalls beneath winter skies,

A faceless crowd of elderly beings,
Roses sprouting, yellow glow,
With sound conscience into the night, beneath”

-Dredg, “Of the Room”

Will Graham Song Rec #1

Song relevance below the cut:

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                           [where / how am i to find my voice again?]

speak of a cloudy room, and find yourself there- i am floating between was, and will be- the present seems misty green from where i’m standing; nothing blooms. i tell him love in thunder or something blue, and we lay on the floor bleeding. he smiles, i smile, and we go on aching. i try to remember his honey-veined hands on my throat. he licks open spaces for a taste / we are the kind with too much bite, i say / he opens his wild mouth, but i say, again- [oh, wild mouth, i am lost and afraid- when will this monsoon end?] i am tired of this greyscale dreaming; take me somewhere new. 


Double Vision

for: Katie @want-to-stop-time

by: Hannah @beggingforfics

Summary: Faye has always known there was something weird about the visions from her childhood. They came vividly, unexpectedly, like a photo with double exposure. She saw the landscape before her, but she saw something else, too.

After a particularly startling encounter, Faye realizes the visions are coming from another person, someone she’s connected to telepathically. As their friendship blooms, so does her curiosity. Unfortunately, Harry isn’t as candid in revealing himself as Faye has been.

Based on the prompt: Harry Styles has a secret pen pal who he keeps his real identity a secret from. ONE DAY THEY FIND OUT. What happens? (With a dash of telepathy).

Word count: 13460

warnings: near-rape situation, occasional language

        It comes in waves and strokes of vivid colors. It’s like sitting outside of yourself, someplace where the air is cooler and the sky is always overcast. Its only prelude is a burst of energy: sometimes adrenaline and other times anxiety. All I can do is stop and wait for it to wash over me, breathe myself through it until my heart rate is calm enough to push it away.

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Before the Fall- Part 3

Originally posted by echelonromi


Part 2

Summary: Before he was known as the Joker, he was Jack. Just a normal man, who fell in love with his bosses daughter. After being caught, he’s thrown onto the path of madness and has no choice but to become the clown prince of crime.

A/N: I’m so happy with all the positive feedback I’m getting on this! Thank you everyone!~

Pairings: Normal!Joker x Reader, Joker x Reader (later on)

Warnings: Violence, death, bodily harm, hostage situations, and mentions of torture!

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Drifting | Zico Angst Scenario

Hey everyone! I hope you enjoy this scenario. It’s based on Drifting by G Eazy, which you can listen to here. Thank you! PLEASE SEND IN REQUESTS!

-Admin Sarang

Genre: ANgst

Warnings: Smoking/drug use, Drinking, Cheating, Mentions of sex, Bad language

Got this flight to London, I ain’t pop no xans for it. In case you was wonderin’, I ain’t even plan for it. I just left L.A., barely caught the plane, fuckin’ TSA.

It had been this way ever since he became famous. Flight after flight, city after city. You were proud of him, supporting him every step of the way. Although, with each step, his strides became longer, and you began to struggle to keep up with him as you stumbled over your own two feet.

You remembered the first time he left. You woke up alone, the mattress beside you cold and empty. He hadn’t even said goodbye. It was like he never existed.

Slowly, you became accustomed to living on your own again, only being reminded of Jiho’s love when he had the time to text or call. You hardly ever knew where he was, but you knew he was chasing down his dream. You let him run without you, watching his figure get further and further away from yours, knowing that he was happier out there.

Ain’t used to this fame shit, this “you-all-know-my-name” shit. Me, I’m just the same kid, that fucked around and made it. Fucked over my main chick, damn she was my main chick. Thinkin’ ‘bout the game, I shouldn’t have played, but I played.

Jiho always woke up in someone else’s bed, the bitter taste of regret in the back of his throat. He would put off reading your messages for hours, knowing the second he read them, his stomach would twist into a bundle of self hatred. He would convince himself that tonight would be different, no more parties, no more drinking, no more smoking.

However, the day would bleed into the night, and he found himself in the company of numerous strangers, his friends mixing into the crowded room, leaving him to fend for himself. He would down drinks and fill his lungs with smoke until his mind was as cloudy as the room around him, forgetting all about how he felt that morning. Eventually, he would slink off with somebody that he thought looked vaguely like you, making sure to keep the lights off in whatever room they found so that he could pretend it was you until morning.

I blame it on the distance, why I’m fucking with these bitches. These numbers on my phone, a text pops up, she’s like “Who is this?” You probably got a mistress, probably every week it switches. Now is this cause for concern, and should I be suspicious?

You had known. You had known for months. The second Jihoon texted you, all of your suspicions had been confirmed. You were thankful that he told you, though. Sometimes heartache was better than blissful ignorance.

Yet, you couldn’t bring yourself to pack up in leave. You didn’t know why, Jiho had done it with such ease.  You should’ve been able to do the same, especially since he wasn’t home. He was never home.

You sent him a text, telling him that you knew about his nightly rendezvous. You stayed up all night, staring at your phone screen, waiting for a reply. When dawn broke and you still received no word, you decided to call him.

Your breath caught when somebody actually answered. A woman’s voice asked who you were and you shakily told her you needed to speak with Jiho. She said she didn’t know who Jiho was.

“I’m sorry, I need to speak with Zico.” You corrected. He was no longer the loving, sweet Jiho you had once cared for. He was Zico now.

Your heart still fluttered when you heard his voice, hurriedly reminding yourself that this wasn’t the same man you loved and cared deeply for. He asked who was calling and you sighed, mustering up the courage to speak.

“It’s me, Jiho. It’s (Y/n).”  

I’m overseas trippin’, a million miles away. And she’s still in L.A., my mom’s out in the bay. And these overseas minutes add up, that’s a lot to pay. I can pay it, yeah I know, but it’s the excuse, I say. She’s been trying to track me down, I feel like I’m cattin’ now. Dodgin’ her when she’s the one, I’m out here trippin’ actin’ wild. Start to wonder if I’ve changed, I’m like how could that be now? Would these bitches be here really if I wasn’t rappin’ now?

Jiho stuttered at the sound of your name. He purposely avoided your calls, knowing it would break him to hear your voice after how many times he betrayed your trust. The burning in his chest was confirmation of his fear, the sound of his name from your lips tearing him limb from limb, guilt staining his skin.

“(Y/n)-ah, you know how much these long distance calls cost.” He recovered, ignoring the stinging in his eyes. He could hear the way you scoffed, imagining the disappointment that was in your eyes.

“Where are you right now?” You questioned, your free hand catching the tears that threatened to pour down your cheeks.

“I’m not sure. Why?” Jiho replied, eyebrows furrowed in confusion at his own answer. He was somewhere in Europe, maybe? He couldn’t remember.

“It doesn’t matter,” You sighed “and don’t worry about the calls. I won’t be calling you anymore.”

Jiho could’ve sworn he felt the Earth shift. The grip on his phone tightened. “What do you mean?” He sputtered.

“It’s not like you answer anyways. You wouldn’t even be talking to me right now if the girl you slept with last night hadn’t answered for you. Find somewhere else to stay when you get back. Don’t come around here.” You demanded, ending the call hurriedly before you could hear anything else he had to say.

I’m just so conflicted, it’s been so long since we’ve kicked it. And I can’t lie, I’ve missed it, but somewhere the current shifted. And now I’m somewhere else, far away, feel like we’ve drifted. Hard to face the facts, I’m drinking to escape ‘em, then get lifted. Get swept under the rug, ‘til I’m trippin’ on a pile. Get a change, something different for awhile. Yeah, we grew apart with time, we ain’t kicked in it awhile. But I still think about you now.

Jiho locked himself away every night after that. Every drop of alcohol made him want to vomit, every other girl’s skin felt dirty. So he stayed alone behind a locked door, eyes cloudy and red as he read all of your all messages before falling asleep.

You haunted his dreams, but he didn’t mind as much as he thought he would. He liked being able to see you, to hold you again. It would hurt when he woke up, the feeling of emptiness returning to body as he forgot the events of his dream.

He haunted your dreams as well, but you tried your best to forget him with your every waking moment. You drank like a fish, going out every night with your friends, dancing with strangers. If Jiho could do it, so could you. You invited handsome men into your bed often, hoping that one would touch you like Jiho did, or better than he did. None of them ever did.

You found yourself craving him; your Jiho. Not the rapper who had sharp eyes that screamed fuck me. You wanted the boy with a friendly smile and soft cheeks that loved you. Jiho just wasn’t that boy anymore.

I’m faded once again, I don’t know where I am. I just know I’m driftin’ far from you. I’m tryna keep my head strong, but my heart won’t just let me grow away from you. Don’t you know we’re driftin’ off, driftin’ off? I know you think that it’s my fault, for fallin’ off. All this hope and disregard, driftin’ off. I know you think there ain’t no fault, I fall apart. And now I’m missin’ your love.

You kept Jiho in the back of your mind, almost like a token of good luck. Your wild phase had passed, and you continued to lead your normal day to day life. None of your friends talked about him, and neither did you. The pain in your chest subsided, and you could breathe again,

You sat on your couch, watching tv while nursing a mug of hot tea. The weather outside was raging, but you were safe inside, a blanket wrapped tightly around your body. You were engulfed in the drama you had chosen, only to be pulled back into reality by a loud knock on the door. At first, you thought it was thunder, but a second knock told you otherwise, causing you stand with a groan.

You pulled the door open, your jaw going slack as you came face to face with none other than Jiho. The boy that had left you behind. His hair stuck to his forehead, his clothing drenched in rain water. He was breathing hard, muscles quivering as he stood before you, eyes nervously meeting yours.

“(Y/n),” Jiho’s voice trembled, “I’m sorry.” He crumpled forward, head landing on your chest as he sobbed, arms circling around your waist tightly. He lurched into you every time he let out a loud cry. You felt warm tears run down your cheeks as he mumbled and pleaded for forgiveness. You wanted to let him in so badly, to make sure he was warm and comfortable, but you weren’t sure if that was the best option.

However, you had a change of heart whenever he looked up at you. His soft cheeks had red streaks down them, his eyes puffy and glossy. It was the first time you saw Jiho in over a year. This was your sweet boy, not the Zico that belonged to everyone else.

You pressed your lips to his, feeling the warmth of his breath dance over your skin. He hurriedly returned the affection, his grip on you tightening, as if he was afraid you’d disappear the second he let go.

You held him for what felt like a lifetime, the broken man clinging to you like a child. You knew, deep down, that this was far from over, and you questioned whether or not you would be able to fully accept him into your life again. But in that moment, you just existed with him.

Haikyuu!! Pairings Aesthetics

Some aesthetic headcannons I associate with some of the Haikyuu!!! pairings. If a ship you wanted to see isn’t here, request it and I will add it to this post. If you have any other requests, feel free to ask! 

Also, I’m sorry if these aesthetics seem a little weird or if they don’t make much sense. I just wrote down what I think about when I think about that pairing. Anyway, enjoy!

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