cloudy melody

Song: Night Ela (Mystic Thing)
Artist: Candy Claws
Year: 2013
Why it’s Dope: Bone-chilling atmosphere that is nocturnal and surreal, percussion that is perfectly timed and textured, vocals that are haunting and penetrating, and cloudy melodies that are filled with passion. 

K-Indie Recommendation List

Akdong Musician’s entire “PLAY” album (Now they’re not really ‘indie’ in definition because they’re signed to a major company [YG], but their sound is very indie so I decided to include them)

As One- “Awkward Love

Brother Su- ”It Was You“; Also check out his album ”Paper“ 

Casker- ”47 (Ver. 2)“ 

CHEEZE- Their entire ”Recipe!“ Album 

Clazzi- ”우리 변한거잖아 (Remix)“ from their "Infant” album

Clazziquai Project- Literally anything by them, but my personal favorite is their “Blessed” album and this song “You Never Know (Remix)

Coffee Boy- ”내가 니편이 되어줄께 (Feat. HaEun)

Epitone Project- ”Today“ They also have instrumental songs that are really awesome and make great study music, like ”봄날, 벚꽃 그리고 너“ 

Goo Hye Sun- ”Brown Hair“ (If you’ve ever seen Boys Over Flowers, she was Jandi btw) She has a really nice voice and I really like the music she’s put out. 

Handsome People ”Are you handsome?“ album- Since this album I have yet to see anything else from them and it kind of upsets me lol

Ibadi- ”Morning Call“ 

Ignite- ”사랑은 왜 언제나 (Feat. 김지영, 낯선)“ 

J Rabbit ”Talkin’ Bout Love“ from Flower Boy Next Door OST; their other music is super chill too

Kim Ji Soo- ”두번째 미니앨범 Vintage Man

M.O.T- ”Cloudy Seoul“ 

Melody Bread ”두근 두근 알람“ album

Oohyo’s entire ”Girl Sense“ Album 

Standing Egg’s ”Moment“ Album, as well as ”I’m Not Yours“ 

Sweden Laundry and Letter Flow- ”흩어진다“ (Literally came out a few days ago, I really liked it)

Urban Zakapa- All their albums, especially ”Inevitability“ off their first album

Vanilla Acoustic- ”Need to Talk

Royal Pirates- ”Love Toxic“ (Follower suggestion) I’ve personally never listened to this band

Younha- ”Waiting (Acoustic Version)“ 

10cm- ”Healing“ and ”Beautiful“