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how to take studyblr photos

hi guys! here’s some advice on how to take photos of your notes and other things for your studyblrs. i’m not an authority on this or anything, this is just how i personally take and edit my pictures. i hope this helps for any new studyblrs out there, or helps out more experienced studyblrs!

  • try to take pictures in natural lighting.

i have a nice big window in my room, although this isn’t the best day for photography as it’s cloudy. 

things always look better in the sunlight than in the harsh artificial light of your desk lamp.

this may be harder if you study when it’s dark out, i recommend studying during the daytime - not only for easier photo ops. working with the sun streaming in will keep you awake and make you feel invigorated.

  • choose a background that works.

i have a variety of backgrounds in my photos, but it’s not because i have thirteen thousand desks. 

i use my 14x17 sketchbook for a white background, but no worries if you don’t have one! white paper can work if you’re taking a picture of a small thing. 

you don’t need a white background either! i often use my wooden desk as a background because it looks pretty nice. i prefer the white paper though, because my desk has paint stains everywhere. (whoops)

make sure you choose a background that will complement the thing you’re photographing! if it’s mostly white, use a dark background. if it’s colorful and bright, use white. if there’s barely any color on it, you could even use patterned scrapbook paper as a background to add a pop of color to your photo. place your item on a variety of backgrounds to see how it looks.

  • put stuff around it.

try framing your notes with different things - pens, pencils, even potted plants. see what looks nice.

  • try some different angles too.

maybe a closeup? straight-on? or a diagonal like this one? play around with your options and see what you think looks good.

  • once you’re satisfied with a photo, it’s time to edit it!

i use polarr, a desktop app you can get for free on the chrome web store. any photo editing application works though, whatever you prefer!

i usually increase the exposure and contrast, and a bit of the saturation. don’t saturate your photos too much, they’ll look too bright and unnatural.

just fiddle around until you’re satisfied!

  • tada!

now it’s time to post it! if you want your post to be noticed, tag it with #studyblr and #studyspo, and if your favorite blogs track tags, tag them too! if you tag a post with #tbwstudies, i’ll see it and probably reblog it! :)

  • a short, important psa

you can be a wonderful studyblr without jumping through so many hoops to take photos. in fact, i encourage you not to do this often. if you spend more time embellishing and photographing your notes than actually studying them, you have a problem. that’s not the purpose of the studyblr community.

i personally love taking pictures of my notes and sharing them because it encourages me to write them neatly and keep organized, and seeing them come up on my dash reminds me to get off tumblr and actually study. 

you can be part of the pretty notes section of studyblr or not, it’s all your personal choice. don’t feel pressured to have beautiful notes just because some studyblrs do. it’s their style of learning and reviewing, and if it doesn’t work for you, don’t bother.

Rollar Coaster (Pt.1): Shayne Topp Imagine

Warnings: CUssing?

Words: 934

Summary: You can’t help but vent about Shayne to your best friend Wes. But you never know whos listening in…

Pairing: Shayne x reader

It was another one of those cloudy days.  Dark, moody, and leaving you and your best friend Wes not sure how much coffee you’d need to drink before you felt some sort of lively human emotion.

You both looked tired, strained, and just a bit messy. Your apartment complex had a vast infestation issue with bed bugs, and the extermination had taken a week so far. Seven days of crickety hotel beds, gas station food, and ugly floral wallpaper had had quite the toll on you both, emotionally and physically.

You both had to pitch a significant amount of your valuables, and it seemed like everything was against you two.

It was roughly 7:00 am, and no one was at the Smosh Office yet, to your knowledge. You sat in the side room, where everyone usually got their makeup done. It was dark and nearly vacant, excluding the two of you. Sleepily, you rubbed in the concealer under your eyes, as Wes sat beside you on the desk, taking gulp after gulp of a sugar infused coffee.

“We need to ask someone to let us stay at their place.” He mumbled, eyes only half open to the world.

“I guess” You whispered, not really wanting to be a bother to anyone. But jesus, you’d be lying you said you weren’t getting desperate. You rolled back your shoulders, feeling aches through every little part of you.

You leaned your arms up and poked some concealer under Wes’s eyes, smearing it over his purple underbags. He didn’t even know what you were doing, but he didn’t persist.

“Shayne and Damien mentioned they’ve got room in their living room for us…if we needed it.” Wes quietly mentioned, watching as you stiffened just enough for him to notice.

You didn’t say anything, and you just batted some powder over your face.

“You’re really into him.” Wes hummed, a hint of amusement in his tone.

You continued applying your makeup, but Wes wasn’t done at all.

“You’re SO into him!” He yelled this time, and you looked so visibly flustered at your friend, who it was now evident had some sugar in his system.


“No ones here.” He scoffed, taking a sip from his cup.

Meanwhile, Shayne was walking through the office slowly, scrolling through his phone as he headed towards the Makeup room, where he had previously left his charger the day beforehand.

“I just-” You looked confused as you tried to find the right words. You leaned your head on your hand.

“I act like such an idiot around him”

Wes smiled empathetically.

“You always seem normal to me.” He offered, warmly, and you shook your head to deny it.

“I’ve known him for long, but it just seems harder and harder to control myself. He’s so…” You didn’t notice a smile had found itself plastered on your face.

Shayne neared closer and closer to the room, and at this point your voice came well within his earshot, causing him to stop for a quick moment, and look up from his phone.

“He’s so much, yknow? Like I look at him and it’s like, jesus, how was someone like him made? There’s so much there.  He’s genuinely caring, and sweet, and witty and I just-” You shook your head softly.

“I don’t know.” You said under your breath.

Shayne furrowed his brows, a pang of disappointment occuring at his chest. So you did have a guy in your life. It made sense to.

“Aw, y/n. Just go for it!”

You applied your mascara carefully, blinking a few times when you finished.

“I really don’t think I can. Here-” You motioned for him sit on the ground below you. He hopped on down from the desk and you took out your hairbrush from your bookbag.

“It’s like, yknow when you’re on a rollarcoaster?”


“And you get to the very top and it just stops, and you’re there waiting. Nothings happening yet you’re still so fucking filled with excitment or fear, or anything along those lines?” You breathed out.

Shayne knew he shouldn’t be listening, that he should just walk in, make his presence known. Something felt wrong about him listening in, yet he wasn’t stopping himself.

“Yeah.” Wes responded as you gently brushed through his long hair, working through the knots formed over a restless night.

“That’s exactly how I feel with him, I always have, but it’s more obvious now. Its just such…extreme emotion.” You laughed, obvious traces of melancholy in your tone.

“That’s sweet.” Wes fondly commented.

“I don’t even really like rollarcoasters.” You huffed, and he laughed. You finished brushing his hair, and patted his shoulder a bit before going to brush your own.

“I really think you should go for it. I’ve seen the way he looks at you and I’m more than sure there’s something there.”

“I don’t know, Wes.”

“I know it’s hard.”

“It’s like…”

There was a long silence, and Shayne had his hand on the doorknob, ready to go in.

“I’m holding myself back from falling in love with Shayne again and again.”

Shayne inhaled sharply, eyes widening suddenly as he yanked his hand back from the door knob like it was flaming hot.  

Wes looked at you with a slightly surprised expression.


You sighed sadly and shrugged, looking over at yourself in mirror.

Wes gently leaned up from the floor and hugged you.

“It’ll all work out.” He assured you.

“I hope so…”

Shayne walked slowly away from the door, scratching the back of his neck, completely perplexed, but vastly filled with a sudden fluttery bliss.


Blizzard Beach Walt Disney World by Super Silly Fun Land
Via Flickr:
Cloudy Day at Blizzard Beach Summit Plummet, not the best picture but a quick shot

Wedding Planner [Alexander Hamilton x Reader // Imagine]

(No. 169 out of 390 writing prompts) [MODERN]


Prompt: Reader is the wedding planner for Eliza and Alex’s wedding. Both the reader and Hamilton fall in love with each other during the countdown towards the wedding day.

Warnings: Subtle Cheating

Contents: Fluff [NO SMUT]


Parts: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 (coming soon)

You were a simple women. You woke up, showered, checked your emails, did your work, and went to bed late. You were 28 at the time, and all your friends were already married happily. They tried to interfere, trying to pull you into blind dates, but you were more focused on your work. You bit your lip as you grabbed your bag. You were to meet two fiancée’s at a Starbucks a few streets away, and discuss themes and such at the wedding. Then you would suggest a few personal favored tailors for Eliza’s dress.

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Animals Know Best

Summary: Bucky in a domestic life with a dog and being happy.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1290

Warnings: Lots of fluffy. Flashback in italic

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Bucky never thought that one day he would have what he has now. Wasn’t just the feeling of happiness was to know that he was safe from all the chaos and despair of the outside world.

Your head is resting in his lap and you are sound sleep holding his metal hand close to your chest. In his right side he watched as the golden retriever is playing by herself with some stuffed animal. “Sky what you say we go for a walk after i put mommy on bed?“ The dog shakes her tail at the sound of his voice.

Gently he picks you up and take you to the bedroom and before he leaves he kiss your forehead and write a little note about where he is in case you wake up before he comes back. As he is walking on the street he saw the park where the two of you meet was the day he start to have faith in life again.

The day was cloudy and cold wasn’t the best day to be outside. But in that small park was when he almost could feel ordinary. People usually don’t pay attention to him sitting in a bench reading a book, kids do but they usually look at him with curious eyes a few of them even wave at him but nothing much. He can be in peace there without judgments.

Suddenly he felt something wet in his hand looking down he see a puppy with a big pink bow in the head "Hello princess where is your owner?” the puppy just put her head in his hand asking for affection and start to shake her tail for him. He couldn’t resist.

He started to caress the head of the puppy when he sees a girl coming to his direction. “Sky here, you shouldn’t run away from me are you trying to kill me?” Bucky is surprised when you pick up the dog and sit by his side on the bench. No one ever tries to talk to him anymore.

“i am so sorry about that, she just have so much energy i barely can keep up with her ."Bucky smiles at you and continue to pet Sky. “It’s no problem she is a sweetheart. “You start to play with the ears of the dog and introduce yourself to him.

"She usually doesn’t like strangers but she came running from in your direction. You must be something special Bucky.” He watches as you blush saying the words and he can denies that his cheeks have some color too. “I doubt.” you smile affectionately at him “No, animals know when people are good or not. She runs into you because she trusts you.”

You two stay talking all afternoon about normal things like coffee and movies, he never felt so alive and himself like in that afternoon. You were nice and kind to him always smiling at his jokes and never letting him feel uncomfortable. He felt closer to you in that one day that anyone that he met in this new life.

He insist in walk the two of you at home and gave his jacket when he notice that you were cold “Thank you so much for escort me home and for lend me your jacket.” you saying kiss his cheek. He felt himself blushing again “I have to thank you was a fun an afternoon. The most fun I had in a long time”

He smiled fondly at the memories and after a half hour walking he comes back home. He finds you in bed reading a book. "How was the walk?” you ask putting the book down. Before he answer he jumps in the bed with Sky coping his moves “Was nice, we saw the park that we met and chase a few squirrels.”

Bucky put you close to his chest and start to play with your hair as Sky lies next you on the floor. His almost sleeping when he hears your voice “Have i ever told about the day i got Sky? “he whisper a no and waits for you to continue "I found her on a cardboard box three weeks before we met , she was so thin… so lost that i knew that i had to love her.”

“After two weeks taking care of her, she was the most happy and health puppy i ever met but she was so scared of everyone kids, women and especially men’s. One day she saw you across the park and run away in your direction so fast. I was so confused at first but after half hour talking to you i knew what she saw in you. You are amazing person Bucky.“

He is lost at your words. He never even thought that Sky wasn’t always that friendly puppy that he met two years ago.” Was fate.“ he says simply, he never believed in this kind of thing but you always bring the optimistic in him "I don’t think was fate. She knew that you be the best daddy for her. I am only a bonus.”

Bucky smiles at your words “Baby girl you are the whole prize and you know it i would be lost without you. We both would “You place your lips on his and trace your tongue in his bottom lip. Bucky put his hands on the small of your back and put you in his lap.

The kiss starts slowly and sweet but fast became more rough and passionate. Before things can go any further he breaks the kiss and says "I am going to put Sky out of the room stay still.” He says taking you out of his lap. After you both are done, he watches as you sleep so peacefully in his chest until he falls asleep.

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3 weeks later

Bucky wakes up with soft licks on his cheek and your voice saying “Good morning daddy. “Bucky opens his eyes and you see you in his t-shirt with tray in your hands. As you sit in bed he asks "What did i do to deserve all this?” you hand him a cup of coffee and place a kiss on his cheek.

He starts to eat but soon realize that you barely touch your beagle and is quieter than normal. “What is the problem doll?” he watches as you take a deep breath and smile at him” I have something to tell you…it’s nothing bad.“ he pulls you closer” You can tell me anything.” he places a kiss your forehead and wait for you to say something.

“Sky is going to get a brother or a sister. I am pregnant.” he doesn’t know what say he just put you in to a kiss and place a kiss your stomach “Hey baby me and your mommy love you very much.” You put him in another kiss and ask him “Are you happy?” you wipe a few tears in his eyes as he shakes his head a yes “ You don’t have any idea of how much i want this since the 40’s i wanted a family. Thank you so much doll.”

You two are cuddling in the sofa with Sky receiving little pats in the head by Bucky just enjoying the silence and the feeling of proximity. “Do you think i am going to be a good father?“ before you can answer Sky barks you just laugh "This respond your question baby?”

Bucky never knew that he could be so happy and all thanks to you and that beautiful golden retriever that one day saw him for what he really was a good man with a pure heat and not the monster that he thought he was.

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In Singapore, it’s always either too warm or too wet, there’s usually no in-between unless we’re lucky. Rainy morning is the best feeling in the world. Almost everyone here will be affected by the rain and we found ourselves lulled to bed by the the sound of raindrop and smell of wet earth. When it drizzle, we walked in the rain, allowing it to kiss our skin and wet our clothes. On a rare breezy day, school boys wear pullovers over their polo top and girls wear oversized jacket with short shorts/dress/skirt (we usually get teased about covering our upper body only but we flipped our hair, shrugged, and sashayed to the next class) and allow the breeze to casually tangle our free hair and caress our exposed skin. Breezy, cloudy days are the best because everyone will be gay.

anonymous asked:

Dear hobgoblin, what’re your thoughts on snow? I like to watch it during the winter and we always get a decent amount where i am and it never fails to make me happy

I freaking love snow so much

Funny that you bring that up because the reason I won’t be able to type up requests next week is because I’m going back to my hometown and I get to see snow again!!!!!! I love snow so much and I miss it so much ;-;

Snow = the Best Thing Ever (besides rainstorms/cloudy days in general)

However, ice = Satan’s doing.

The Wankers

Third installment of the Mr. Thrainson, Mr. Oropherion series. (One, two, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen.)

Based on this imagine over at @imaginexhobbit

Thorin x Reader

Warnings: Misogynistic buttheads. There is some steamy dialogue, but no smut to be found. A few curse words.

Word count: 3,000

“But it doesn’t seem…” Thorin trails off, leaning back in his chair at the head of the table; he and Thranduil have been stuck in the same back and forth for nearly the last half an hour, trying to decide which of the two, solar power or wind power, was the most cost effective.

Balin leans into Thorin for a moment, explaining something quickly through his bushy white beard and the latter nods.

When he lifts his head again, his gaze meets yours for a fraction of a second before he looks at Thranduil; you could swear the corners of his lips flicker up before he dives into conversation again.

“How is that better?” he asks.

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I want my life to be beautiful.  Full of light and bright colors and hazey laughter.  And of course there will be cloudy days, but those are the ones where I’ll take photographs of my best friends in art museums and lay on the floor in big tee shirts with the echo of new memories, and there is so much beauty in that, there is.  But you are a dark cloud, you never let your storms subside to feel my sunshine again, you never want to be beautiful with me, you never want to be happy.  You make things dark in a world I have tried so hard to make sunbeams within, and I can’t take you raining on me anymore.
—  l. b.

I cannot count the number of memorable meals I’ve made for this blog that never made it in front of the camera. Because I don’t have the talent to capture beautiful pictures of food indoors (or maybe I’ll blame it on the lack of proper equipment), I am forced to use natural daylight and my garage as a studio.

If I start cooking late in the day, especially at this time of the year, the sunlight wanes just about the time I’m plating and arranging a dish or meal, and then phooey. It’s too late. At that point we eat that beautiful meal and that is that.

This dish of spaghetti and meatballs almost succumbed to this fate. I made the meatballs early in the day yesterday and was blessed with cloudy skies – perfect for creating the best white balance in my space. Then of course, life got in the way and I had to wait to make that gorgeous sauce after it began to get dark.

The good news is that this recipe makes lots of meatballs, with a fair amount of sauce, so this morning I was able to reheat and re-plate, and voilà! A meal that tasted every bit as good, or possibly better, than yesterday’s.

If you are looking for a very special recipe to serve to those you love, or perhaps to someone you’re trying to win over, this is that type of meal. It’s rustic, but certainly could be considered fine dining. The meatballs are tender and juicy. You make the sauce in the same pan that you sautéed the meatballs, so all of that lovely frond adds to the flavor. If you have the time and ambition, serve this with a green salad, and torn slices of crusty bread with salted butter.

Real meatballs and spaghetti, a wonderful recipe I modified ever so slightly from Ina Garten.


For the meatballs:

  • 1 pound ground pork
  • 1 pound ground beef
  • 1 cup fresh white breadcrumbs (4 slices, crusts removed)
  • ¼ cup seasoned dry bread crumbs
  • 2 tablespoons chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley
  • ½ cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese
  • 2 teaspoons kosher salt
  • ½ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
  • ¼ teaspoon ground nutmeg
  • 1 extra-large egg, beaten
  • ¾ cup warm water
  • Vegetable oil
  • Olive oil

For the sauce:

  • 1 tablespoon good olive oil
  • 1 yellow onion, chopped
  • 3 garlic cloves, minced
  • ½ cup good red wine, such as Chianti
  • 1 (28-ounce) can crushed tomatoes, or plum tomatoes in puree, chopped
  • 1 tablespoon chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley
  • 1 ½ teaspoons kosher salt
  • ½ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
  • 1 ½ pounds spaghetti, cooked according to package directions
  • Freshly grated Parmesan


Place the ground meats, both bread crumbs, parsley, Parmesan, salt, pepper, nutmeg, egg, and ¾ cup warm water in a bowl. Combine very lightly with a fork. Using your hands, lightly form the mixture into 2-inch meatballs. You will have 14 to 16 meatballs.

Pour equal amounts of vegetable oil and olive oil into a large (12-inch) skillet to a depth of ¼-inch. Heat the oil. Very carefully, in batches, place the meatballs in the oil and brown them well on all sides over medium-low heat, turning carefully with a spatula or a fork. This should take about 10 minutes for each batch. Don’t crowd the meatballs. Remove the meatballs to a plate covered with paper towels. Discard the oil but don’t clean the pan.

For the sauce, heat the olive oil in the same pan. Add the onion and saute over medium heat until translucent, 5 to 10 minutes. Add the garlic and cook for 1 more minute. Add the wine and cook on high heat, scraping up all the brown bits in the pan, until almost all the liquid evaporates, about 3 minutes. Stir in the tomatoes, parsley, salt, and pepper.

Return the meatballs to the sauce, cover, and simmer on the lowest heat for 25 to 30 minutes, until the meatballs are cooked through. Serve hot on cooked spaghetti and pass the grated Parmesan.

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7, 12, 34, and 58?

07: What did you last eat? 

an aniseed pretzel :)

12: Have you ever stayed up 48 hours? 

Yes and very much regreted it!

34: Who/what was your last dream about? 

About my best friends :)

58: Favourite weather? 

Gloomy cloudy day with no rain and wind.