cloudy blue skies

aesthetics for the signs
  • Aries: the color orange, sunrises, tulips, bowls of fruit
  • Taurus: the color dark brown, mountain lake scenes, vines, fairy lights
  • Gemini: the color bright green, puddles, pink poppies, multicolored stones
  • Cancer: the color light blue, partly cloudy skies, daisies, bubbles
  • Leo: the color yellow, open fields, sunflowers, marbles
  • Virgo: the color gray, forests, apple blossoms, journals
  • Libra: the color purple, sunsets, lilacs, wind chimes
  • Scorpio: the color silver, falling snowflakes, roses, crystals
  • Sagittarius: the color red, long roads, tumbleweed, dream catchers
  • Capricorn: the color dark green, fog, cacti, stepping stones
  • Aquarius: the color blue, wispy clouds, flowers growing in the cracks of sidewalks, sea shells
  • Pisces: the color white, the beach, dandelions, hair clips
Aesthetics for each sign

Aries: Wet grass, screaming at nothing, hoodies, falling in love for the first time.

Taurus: roses, soft kisses, moonlight, campfires, dream catcher.

Gemini: flashing lights, blaring radio, lavender, the smell of laundry detergent, skinny jeans.

Cancer: feathers, ball gowns, blow up mattress, nose kisses, long walks.

Leo: lucky pennies, puppies, long hugs, bubble gum, hair ties.

Virgo: blue eyes, grape vines, cursive handwriting, movie dates, clean rooms.

Libra: coyotes, blue hair, cloudy skies, bike rides, reading before bed.

Scorpio, black shirts, loud bands, sleeping in, bed head, shattered cup.

Sagittarius: butterflies, mandalas, first kiss, warm rain, San Francisco.

Capricorn: cherries, cocoa cola, studying, bunk beds, running to the finish line.

Aquarius: protesting, Facebook, bright hair, t-shirts, swimming, reading all night.

Pisces: secrets, first day of school, rock candy, the color gray, typewriters.