a brief list of duskwights that are significant enough to merit names in the game:

  • Mother Miounne
  • Urianger Augurelt
  • Ysayle
  • Foulques of the Mist
  • Lady Amandine Dartancours
  • Eline Roaille (The Ivy/The Razor)
  • Celie
  • Ser Grinnaux de Dzemael (The Bull)
  • Ser Guerrique the Cleaver
  • Ser Vellguine of the Stone Spear
  • Ser Janlenoux of the Steel Oath
  • Rolandaix de Nevelle (issuer of Quarrymill leves and archaeologist in Issom-Har)
  • Irielle de Nevelle (fellow archaeologist and sister of Rolandaix)
  • Langoisiert the Lionheart (Franz the Fair’s lancer companion)
  • Ysaudore (the lookout at The Anvil in the Coerthas Western Highlands)
  • Yolaine (the NPC who sells Doman gear as of 3.2, debatable)
  • Fabrellet (a Haillenarte knight at Cloudtop)
  • Lionnellais (the Gridanian airship ticketer)
  • Torsefers (the House Fortemps guard in Ishgard)
  • Gustavain (chocobo breeder at Bentbranch Meadows)
  • Quentenain (a guy in the Drowning Wench who is very briefly involved in unlocking the challenge log)
  • Hubairtin (the materia-maker involved in making sphere scrolls for the relic weapon questline)
  • Pienne (the apothecary in Ishgard)
  • Merthelin (the levemete in Camp Tranquil)
  • Janremi Blackheart (the egg thief from the Gridania starter questline)
  • Severaint Seven Splinter (the boss from the FATE “Clearing the Hive”)
  • Bloisirant (the Wood Wailer guard outside the Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak)
  • Amelain (the Order of the Twin Adder officer in the Hawthorne Hut, debatable)
  • Abelie (the woman at the Monument Tower in the Coerthas Central Highlands)

And that’s it. Please note how many of them require clarification for who they are- and please note that these are only named Duskwights. A large number are nameless background characters or cannon fodder; the Redbelly Wasps or any number of mercenaries encountered in job questlines. (There is only one single Redbelly given a name, and that is Severaint Seven-Splinter.)

Of the Duskwights who are major figures in the main story or job questlines… three are good or heroic characters- Miounne, Urianger, and Ysayle. One of these starts as an antagonist, one has been frequently considered suspicious and has repeated and worrisome dealings with Ascians, and one is Mother Miounne. All three of these characters are light-skinned and very easily mistaken for Wildwoods.

The remaining “major” Duskwights are all antagonists with varying levels of sympathy. Foulques has a tear-jerking backstory, but he’s still a huge jerk throughout his questline, which for some diminishes the impact of the way he was treated by his fellow Gridanians. Lady Amandine gets introduced as a void-possessed, maid-murdering elezen equivalent to Elizabeth Bathory, and dies a demon. Whether she was driven mad because of her disfigurement or whether that was the point at which she was possessed, we never see her as anything other than a monster. Eline Roaille went from being a soft-spoken and loyal supporter of Raubahn to a hard-hearted Garlean spy and a traitor, and much of Patch 2.4′s storyline was spent tracking her down and berating her for her treachery (an irony, coming from Ilberd). Celie is a gleefully wicked assassin, showing no mercy or sympathy in her pursuit of those who defy the Forum. And Grinnaux, Guerrique, Janlenoux, and Vellguine are all members of the Heavens Ward. Even Vellguine, who seems a reasonable and levelheaded man, is still an enemy of the Warrior of Light and those aligned with them, and all four serve loyally under the Archbishop. To say nothing of Grinnaux’s rotten personality and desire to antagonist the WoL and their companions long before the events of the Vault.

And of the rest? Irielle, Rolandaix, Langoisiert, and Hubairtin are the only ones who get more than a single line of dialogue. And this is 29 NPCs in total, out of hundreds and hundreds within the game. There are nearly twice as many named Hellsguard NPCs.