(uni’s been kicking my ass recently - i’m in the final term of my final year, so there’s a lot going on - but i managed to get a little something out, anyways. inspired by both the song “real” by years & years and its music video.)

warnings for brief, vague mentions of an abusive parent and self-harm scars


Vax meets her under the neon lights of the Cloudtop district, the preferred nighttime haunt of Emon’s rich and famous – and even there, under the blues and greens and reds of a hundred fluorescent signs, she’s bright enough he almost fears a touch from her would burn.

It’s obvious she belongs here, despite her drunken unsteadiness, how clumsy she is in her designer heels. She has the posture of near-royalty, and the clothes to match, with the kind of half-eccentricity to them that only the wealthy can get away with. She’s all green and gold, the colour of sunlight through spring leaves – a scrap of a dress in deep emerald, the hem well above mid-thigh, and glittering jewellery at her wrists and ears and neck – other than her hair, a thick halo of tightly-curled fire about her head.

It’s just as obvious that he doesn’t belong here. This district is for designer jeans and Rolexes and loafers, and here he is, charity shop leather jacket and stolen surplus combat boots and all. He hopes he looks rugged, edgy, mysterious in his grubby grunge-hipster clothing.

He knows, instead, that his cheap clothes and his lurking and the dusty-brown of his skin likely marks him troublemaker in the eyes of anyone who cares to notice him, skulking in an alley just off the main strip.

And, well. It’s not exactly like they’d be wrong, either.

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Letter for Margie Faonbeau

To Madam Faonbeau,

I wish to apologize for the suddenness of this letter’s matter. It is a circumstance I can do little about. I hope all is progressing well for you and for Inquisitor Rosaire. My prayers continue to be with you all, as ever.

My father had a relapse of his chronic lung ailments, and has become saddled with Lung Fever. After much deliberation, our contracted conjurer, Madam Mharithosa and I have decided to take Father south for a moon. Sirus and I will be accompanying Father and Madam Mharithosa to Stillglade Fane in Gridania.

Rhydia will continue to watch over my own familial home, as well as my personal apartments, with the assistance of my Father’s apprentices. They will also continue to assist with the matter of checking over the security of Inquisitor Rosaire’s apartments. Sirus has also, with the acquiescence of his commanders at Camp Cloudtop, recruited a few of his fellow knights to assist Rhydia with these matters.

I will be reachable via the usual mail routes, and through the linkpearl that I’ve attached to this letter. The linkpearl will also reach Sirus and Rhydia, should you need. Additionally, any messengers sent to the conjurers of Stillglade Fane can likely be directed to me.

I apologize for any inconvenience this brings you. And I thank you for your patience with our sudden departure. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if I am needed for anything.

With sincere hopes and prayers for us all,

Ceridwen of House Shadowstar



Back in Camp Cloudtop, Nonoki, Haurchefant and Emannellain report to Lady Laniaitte.

Emmanellain clearly wanted a reward for “helping” to uncover the existence of a Vanu primal, but Lady Laniaitte ignored him and astutely used his comment to thank Nonoki instead.

Emmanellain didn’t seem shaken by this, though, and left provoking everyone else to sigh in disbelief.

Keyleth is a force of nature.

The druid seemed like a flower, but Grog saw the real shape of things. This was a person who could and did shape the world to her whims. She couldn’t take something big down in a single blow, but she could take out a small army on her own. She threw herself into battle, changing her form to what was needed most. And when Thordak fell, and Raishan got away,  Keyleth was… well, she was raging

 Grog pulled her away from the celebration. Everyone else was having a good time, and he could see that Keyleth was struggling not to ruin it for them. He brought her too what used to be a park in the cloudtop district, and was now a barren opening between broken buildings. “We didn’t get her today, but we’ll get her. We promise you. She’s still the biggest threat to Whitestone." 

Grog stood in front of Keyleth and handed her a quarterstaff he’d snagged off the body of a lizardman. "Until then, hit me." 

 "What?” She looked down at the staff in her hand, but she tested her grip on it all the same. 

 He took a step back, giving her space to swing. “Hit me, so you can get the anger out and we can go back to the others without ruining their fun." 

Keyleth  considered the staff for a moment, then let it drop to the ground. Instead, she took both hands and shoved Grog. He hadn’t been expecting that, and he actually rocked back on his heels before catching his balance again. 

"Oh,” Grog grinned down at her as he caught her wrists in each hand, “Do you want to go hand to hand instead?" 

 Keyleth glared, then changed her footing and jumped at him. He let go of her wrists and caught her around the waist, holding her up easily. Like this, her eyes were on his level, he wasn’t looking down anymore. "No, Grog. I don’t." 

He held her up for a moment, watching as her glare turned into something feral, like a wolf stalking its prey. "Oh. You wanna let off steam another way?" 

"Sounds good, Grog.” And she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him.

Someday, the historians of Tel’Dorei will be baffled about how this ragtag band of completely, utterly insane mercenaries all outranked 99% of Tel’Dorei, and were part of a half-dozen guilds and other organizations, some more legal than others. 

Like, everywhere they go, people look at them oddly because they ask emperors where the privy is, one of them gets arrested on a monthly basis, mostly for being so awkward the guards figure she must be up to something, they scare the living shit out of random people and scream about evil skulls in the middle of the Cloudtop District. 

Finally! The Cloudtop Vista is ready for a Grand Opening! That’s right, we put the grand in your opening… heh. No really, its going to be great. Who doesn’t love drinks and a show with a side of innuendo? You want a comfortable place to relax and put your feet up? Need a place to bring your special friend and squeeze his or her knee? Just want to get away from the busy life for a moment and drift away on the clouds? We’ve got you covered sweetheart.

OOC Info:

The Cloudtop Vista is an RP Tavern owned and operated by the members of Blue Sky Ventures. We also run a levedesk out of our tavern much like the way the NPC taverns and inns have levedesks within them, for example the Quicksands. The difference is that out leves are led (or DM’d) for you in order to facilitate RP and offer more opportunities for character development to anyone willing. That’s neither here nor there though as this event is for the Tavern!


We will have performances, although they might be in a format that people aren’t really used to seeing. Don’t let that scare you off though, I just mean that performances will be set up so that they interfere with the actual tavern RP as little as possible. I won’t say much else so as to not spoil anything. Light-hearted innuendo aside, we do plan to have this event be generally PG-13. We are currently in search of performers and we can accommodate most styles and offer you a stage built for dramatics! *jazz hands* So if you are looking to perform please contact me here on the RPC or the following people in-game. Senkori Angura, Kei Aozora, Pav'ati Patla, Y'zhen Tia (we may be lining pockets)


We will be doing an OOC raffle for some items that will hopefully enhance your RP experience.. and if not you can just sell them! Tickets will be 10k each (real gil not RP gil) and there will be a limit of 10 tickets per buyer. The Prizes are as follows:

  • Grand Prize -  A Tier 4 Aquarium
  • Second Prize - A Bearskin Rug
  • Runner up (three runner up prizes will be given out) A Plush Cushion Minion

We look forward to seeing you there and if you have any questions about this upcoming event please feel free to contact me here or in game as Senkori Angura. Again that date is January 25th, 2017 at 7pm PST/10EST and its going to be located in the Blue Sky Ventures Estate (BS-RP) in the Mists Ward 11 Plot 48.