One(?) gifset per episode || 24 The Feast

[Vox Machina] made their (…) way to the central palace in the Cloudtop District of Emon. The Briarwoods arrived, a feast was put out, however Percy went in under an illusion to look like Vax, while Vax went invisible. Everyone had formal attire on, weapons left at the door, unarmored, dressed for the occasion. During the feast, conversations were had, questions were raised, and information was extracted. Seeker Assum had requested to have been met in the foyer by our rogue here, who forgot and then decided to go on his own upstairs, following the Briarwoods to the second floor where their guest room was set.


Critical RoleNPCs 

Arcanist Allura Vysoren is a human wizard. She is famous throughout Tal'Dorei as a powerful arcanist and former adventurer. Allura is a member of the Council of Tal'Dorei and one of Vox Machina’s principal contacts within Emon. Her home was the Ivory Tower, in Emon’s central Cloudtop District. It was Allura who tasked the party, shortly before the Critical Role stream started, with travelling to Kraghammer to find Lady Kima of Vord

Shaun Gilmore, better known as Gilmore, is a sorcerer merchant.  He owned the Gilmore’s Glorious Goods shop in the city of Emon and was planning to open another shop in Westruun.  He is the chief sponsor of Vox Machina and provides the group a discount for all of his merchandise.

Victor is a vendor of mining products (and byproducts) in Vasselheim, and he serves as Percy’s source of black powder in Othanzia.

Lady Kima of Vord is a halfling paladin of Bahamut.  Considered one of the more powerful forces of divine good in Westruun and most of Tal'Dorei, Lady Kima is renowned for her deeds over the past thirty years.  She is a former adventuring companion and wife to Allura Vysoren.


critical role memelocationsemon

Emon is the capital of Tal'Dorei, and is also the home of the emperor, Sovereign Uriel Tal'Dorei III, as well as Vox Machina.

A network of tunnels exists under the city. The Clasp, a thieves’ guild, has a subterranean base beneath the city. They use the tunnels to covertly get around, and know of several hidden entrances up to the surface. At least a part of the city is built on top of the ruins of an old, forgotten civilization. 

Abadar’s Promenade is located on the east side of the city, with a very small portion of it extending beyond the city walls. Gilmore’s Glorious Goods is located within this district, and Greyskull Keep is located just outside the outer wall, a little ways away.

The Skyport district is located to the northwest right next to the Cloudtop District. This is where the city’s Skyships dock.

Shown to be within the center of the city, the Cloudtop district is surrounded by another wall due to the sovereign’s palace being here. It is also where the Tal'Dorei Council convenes to discuss various issues within Emon and all of Tal'Dorei. The Ivory Tower is also located here.

FIC: Practicality, Revisited

Fandom: Critical Role
Pairing: Kima/Allura
Rating: G
Word Count: 1,626
Summary: In the fifteen years since their travels together, the distance between Kima and Allura has widened. Somehow, the Underdark helps to close the gap.
Also on: AO3
Notes: For Critical Role Relationship Week. The random generator was very kind to me for the first day. :) My interpretation of the re-kindling of Kima and Allura’s relationship, taking place around episode 14.

Kima hangs back, behind her—ugh—rescuers. This is certainly not the way she imagined her next visit to Allura. Well, it never is. She always imagines that she’ll stroll in, armor gleaming—at least she got that much right—nonchalant, the trouble vanquished, nothing can keep Kima down, certainly not. It falls short every damn time.

More fool her, that she could think to match Allura’s grace, her poise. As the years have worn on, she’s only gotten further from it.

“We’ve brought you a present,” Vax says, and Kima grits her teeth at the humiliation of it.

These feelings of resentment, though, they don’t last long when the people in front of her move aside and the sun shines—as it always has—on Allura: lingering golden in her half-braided hair, picking out the clear seawater blue of her eyes. It is always this moment when Kima feels, like a sword to the belly, the pain of missing her. Always pushed down, muffled, while they’re apart, it rises to the forefront when they’re thrust together again. Even here, with barely an arm’s reach between them, they still might as well be an ocean apart.

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G. Pike/Kima(/Allura) or O. Pike/Keyleth

pikeleth + the stars or space

aka the Vox Machina Are A Bunch Of Spacers And Pike Is Real Gay AU

“So you’re Grog’s sister!”

Pike stares up––and up, and up––at the beaming redhead. “Yeah. Yeah, I am. I’m Pike.”

The redhead offers a hand, shaking Pike’s enthusiastically. The drink in her other hand sloshes over the rim of her cup, foamy brown and splattered across the already-grimy floor of the backwater dive. “Keyleth! It’s great to meet you! Grog talks about you all the time.”

“Good things I hope?” she asks, a little teasing, and the redhead––Keyleth––smiles, almost wistful.

“Yeah. He really likes you.”

“Aw, yeah. That’s Grog.”

Keyleth shifts her drink to the other hand, looks around the bar. “So, um. Are you looking for him?”

“Well, yeah.”



“Yeah.” She hesitates, then tilts her head to the back corner where a motley group of spacers sit crowded around a table too small for the lot of them. “Um, you had better come sit down. There’s uh, a lot to talk about.”

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(uni’s been kicking my ass recently - i’m in the final term of my final year, so there’s a lot going on - but i managed to get a little something out, anyways. inspired by both the song “real” by years & years and its music video.)

warnings for brief, vague mentions of an abusive parent and self-harm scars


Vax meets her under the neon lights of the Cloudtop district, the preferred nighttime haunt of Emon’s rich and famous – and even there, under the blues and greens and reds of a hundred fluorescent signs, she’s bright enough he almost fears a touch from her would burn.

It’s obvious she belongs here, despite her drunken unsteadiness, how clumsy she is in her designer heels. She has the posture of near-royalty, and the clothes to match, with the kind of half-eccentricity to them that only the wealthy can get away with. She’s all green and gold, the colour of sunlight through spring leaves – a scrap of a dress in deep emerald, the hem well above mid-thigh, and glittering jewellery at her wrists and ears and neck – other than her hair, a thick halo of tightly-curled fire about her head.

It’s just as obvious that he doesn’t belong here. This district is for designer jeans and Rolexes and loafers, and here he is, charity shop leather jacket and stolen surplus combat boots and all. He hopes he looks rugged, edgy, mysterious in his grubby grunge-hipster clothing.

He knows, instead, that his cheap clothes and his lurking and the dusty-brown of his skin likely marks him troublemaker in the eyes of anyone who cares to notice him, skulking in an alley just off the main strip.

And, well. It’s not exactly like they’d be wrong, either.

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Monstrum Magistra: Prologue

Moms in Exandria who give birth to heroes tend to have their lives cut short in the stories. They die and their children are left to pick up the pieces and make the world safer. 

These moms escaped their fate, subverted their deaths, and formed their own adventuring group. 

Johanna opened her eyes, her sight greeted to the interior of a tavern room, her prayer towards Pelor finished. She was slightly surprised by the information gleaned from the brief communication, though it wasn’t unusual. She glanced over at the other bed to the shared room, greeted by warm brown eyes looking back at her. The gnome sitting there having waited patiently for whatever news Pelor decided to impart on her.

She stood from the bed and made her way over to where Juniper sat. “We need to gather the others and make our way to Emon. I’ve been informed that the group Vox Machina has some information of interest to us,” she said. There wasn’t a need to explain what Vox Machina was. News traveled quickly on the road, particularly when it came to the saving of a whole continent and its ruler. Johanna thought they were admirable, if a bit foolish.

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She Shines

Words: 1343

Fandom, Ship: Critical Role, Percahlia

Rating: PG

Warnings: Descriptions of injury, Major Character Death

Summary: Transistor AU, the aftermath of an attempted assassination.

*This is totally a recolour of official art, but you probably guessed that

Merry very very late Christmas @vexahliia !! This was going to be a full out AU but unfortunately, depression happened so I decided to tidy this up and post this up (i still have an outline of what I was going to do, so maybe one day- !) Also thank you to @the-waffle-iron for the one conversation we’ve had 5 months ago (you can’t see me but I’m giving you the thumbs up), where you encouraged me to do this! 

Edit: This was named after the Transistor Bonus Track of the same name

You can also see Alisha’s reaction of livereading it here

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Vaxilmore - ♗: One falling asleep with their head in the other's lap. ♢: Forehead or cheek kisses, please!

i. cheek kisses

The sun is setting over Emon by the time Vax and Gilmore head back down to his shop; the rest of Vox Machina was waiting there, probably still bargaining for things, knowing Vex. 

They walk arm-in-arm through Abadar’s Promenade, talking quietly (well, they think it’s quiet– it’s not, not really, not with how drunk they are) and giggling together. Vax talks about the Underdark, what they found, and Gilmore talks about the ridiculous customers he’s had over the last few months. Vax is amazed he can stand them at all, sometimes.

Gilmore stops them about a block away from his shop and pulls Vax into a side-street. It’s less busy here, more private. Almost immediately, Gilmore’s face changes. “Vax’ildan,” He begins, voice sobering. “I’m glad you came out of that alive. You do know that? I don’t know what I would’ve done with myself.” Gilmore frowns a little.

“Me too.” Vax says, slowly, thinking about it. “Shaun? I’m sorry we left without much notice.” He’s not sure what else to say. It’s either the weight of the situation, or he’s had far too much to drink. Potentially, it’s both.

Before he knows it Gilmore’s leaning in and kissing his cheek gently. “It’s okay, Vax. What matters is you came back to me in one piece.” He whispers, and Vax feels him squeeze his arm. Gilmore draws back, they smile at eachother, and he offers his arm once again.


ii. forehead kisses.

The Chroma Conclave is defeated.

Gilmore’s whole fucking body hurts and it’s a chore to move even weeks later. Thordak was a bastard to take down, that much was true. But even then, Gilmore had insisted on helping start the process of rebuilding Emon and the other cities, so his injuries weren’t healing as fast as they should’ve been. It was his own fault.

But they’ve organized a ceremony for Vox Machina and those who’ve helped, and Gilmore offers to present them their thank-you gifts on behalf of Tal’Dorei. A lot of people’ll be there, and for the first time in a long while, Gilmore feels a little nervous about crowds.

The day rolls around and it’s easy, though. The Cloudtop District– or what remains and has been rebuilt so far– has been hastily decorated with hundreds of thousands of brightly coloured banners and streamers and flowers. The sun shines above them in a cloudless sky, and Gilmore’s skin is pleasantly warm. 

Vox Machina stands on a makeshift wooden stage in front of hundreds of thousands of people from across Tal’Dorei. They’re all dressed nicely- save for Grog, of course- and they’re smiling, tiredly. None of them thought they’d come out of this alive. 

Gilmore goes down the line with their medals. Percival, Keyleth. He has to stand on his toes for Grog, and Grog has to bend down for him to place it ‘round his neck. He has to bend for both Pike and Scanlan. Vex is next, and then Vax, finally. He shakes all of their hands, save for Vax.

His eyes have dark bags under them, and his bruises and cuts from the fight are still on his face. Healing, but still there. They’re all like this, but somehow, this hurts more.

Shaun watches as Vax ducks his head slightly, and he slips the medal gently over his head. The rogue finally lifts his head again, and Gilmore kisses his forehead instead of shaking his hand like the rest of them.

Gods, it’s a miracle they’re both alive.

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Headcanon A: what I think realistically

headaches aside, she enjoys being on the council of emon. or, well, she enjoys knowing she can help people who need it. and sleep in. those two things are very important

Headcanon B: what I think is fucking hilarious

she and kima did that thing where they proposed to each other at the same time at the same place after fretting over it for ages and ages and ages and Drake told the story at their wedding

Headcanon C: what is heart-crushing and awful but fun to inflict on friends

she died along with everyone else during the fight when they sealed away the cinder king and kima had one spell slot left and used it to revivify allura and when allura found out they essentially broke up––allura joined the council and kima returned to vasselheim. they slowly, tentatively, painfully rekindled their friendship via letters but didn’t actually see each other again until they were reunited post-underdark

Headcanon D: what would never work with canon but the canon is shit so I believe it anyway

she knew keyleth’s mom. vilya’s aramente lined up with the thordak fight and they met in pyrah. it was brief, but they got along quite well. when allura first met keyleth outside the cloudtop district she honestly thought it was vilya––it’s the main reason she approached the group then-known-as-the-SHITs

when she learned, obliquely, that vilya was dead, she belatedly told keyleth about their aquaintance, and the two had a nice, circular conversation about honoring the dead and duty and it was a good talk for both of them

Juno mission to Jupiter delivers first science results

NASA’s Juno mission, led by Southwest Research Institute’s Dr. Scott Bolton, is rewriting what scientists thought they knew about Jupiter specifically, and gas giants in general, according to a pair of Science papers released today. The Juno spacecraft has been in orbit around Jupiter since July 2016, passing within 3,000 miles of the equatorial cloudtops.

“What we’ve learned so far is earth-shattering. Or should I say, Jupiter-shattering,” said Bolton, Juno’s principal investigator. “Discoveries about its core, composition, magnetosphere, and poles are as stunning as the photographs the mission is generating.”

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Keyleth is a force of nature.

The druid seemed like a flower, but Grog saw the real shape of things. This was a person who could and did shape the world to her whims. She couldn’t take something big down in a single blow, but she could take out a small army on her own. She threw herself into battle, changing her form to what was needed most. And when Thordak fell, and Raishan got away,  Keyleth was… well, she was raging

 Grog pulled her away from the celebration. Everyone else was having a good time, and he could see that Keyleth was struggling not to ruin it for them. He brought her too what used to be a park in the cloudtop district, and was now a barren opening between broken buildings. “We didn’t get her today, but we’ll get her. We promise you. She’s still the biggest threat to Whitestone." 

Grog stood in front of Keyleth and handed her a quarterstaff he’d snagged off the body of a lizardman. "Until then, hit me." 

 "What?” She looked down at the staff in her hand, but she tested her grip on it all the same. 

 He took a step back, giving her space to swing. “Hit me, so you can get the anger out and we can go back to the others without ruining their fun." 

Keyleth  considered the staff for a moment, then let it drop to the ground. Instead, she took both hands and shoved Grog. He hadn’t been expecting that, and he actually rocked back on his heels before catching his balance again. 

"Oh,” Grog grinned down at her as he caught her wrists in each hand, “Do you want to go hand to hand instead?" 

 Keyleth glared, then changed her footing and jumped at him. He let go of her wrists and caught her around the waist, holding her up easily. Like this, her eyes were on his level, he wasn’t looking down anymore. "No, Grog. I don’t." 

He held her up for a moment, watching as her glare turned into something feral, like a wolf stalking its prey. "Oh. You wanna let off steam another way?" 

"Sounds good, Grog.” And she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him.

What We Know About Thordak: A Summary

Thanks to @_dovaquiin for the art!

Following Vox Machina’s meeting with the leader of Ank’Harel, there has been a lot of discussion amongst the Critters about what we know about The Cinder King. We compiled a list of all relevant quotations about him in a document you can access here. Below the cut, we summarize all we know about him. Spoilers up through episode 66; all facts, no speculation.

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Someday, the historians of Tel’Dorei will be baffled about how this ragtag band of completely, utterly insane mercenaries all outranked 99% of Tel’Dorei, and were part of a half-dozen guilds and other organizations, some more legal than others. 

Like, everywhere they go, people look at them oddly because they ask emperors where the privy is, one of them gets arrested on a monthly basis, mostly for being so awkward the guards figure she must be up to something, they scare the living shit out of random people and scream about evil skulls in the middle of the Cloudtop District.