A049 - No Art

Man… I have no time for art these days. I drew this for Art Friday in five minutes just like the previous Friday. I’ve been so busy and this sucks so bad… I think for the next two Fridays I’m gonna take a break from Art Friday. I think we both need it. I can’t keep dishing out horrible art like this. It sorta killing my soul.

A035 - Employed

…Yeah! I’m so happy right now! I got a job! My first, real, true, job -ever! I’m so happy now. I can’t believe it. Thank you, bless you lord! Haha, yes! I’m sure growing up I didn’t want to have a job, but I’m know I appreciated those who did. Now I’m finally employed. And life goes on…. =D

I’m now fulfilling one of my secret New Year’s Resolution! There’s actually 10 by the way. No. 8: Get a job - Checked!

-Oh! Art Friday will be, if you haven’t guess already, pushed back to Sunday. Sorry T_T

A071 - Stylized

You know what, I recently found out or recalled the little stick you draw with on a tablet or play with on a DS is called a stylist. lol that’s not really what I’m talking about.

I forget what the show was called specifically, but it was about Megaman and they had users that played them as a game or what not. The only thing I took from the show was when they player would connect in their cable they’d say “Jack in Megaman! Power up!” with a overly elaborate hand gesture or body movement. I don’t do the overly elaborate body movement but I sometimes catch myself saying/thinking J"ack In Megaman! Power up!“ Lame I know. LAter!

No. 2 - Often Times

These days I often think about my decisions -whether I’m making the right one or not. I always think about things in the moment or in the past. I often work too hard and I know that. I just need some R&R… Rest and Relaxation. So I planned far in advance. ‘Bout a year or so. This past weekend was it. My moment to let go, catch up, and just enjoy life. …And it didn’t live up to my expectation. I guess I had too high of hopes. Everything just went wrong, or so I tell myself. I can’t seem to escape this, this feeling of imprisonment. That this is it. And that’s what it’s ever going to be. I miss my family, my friends, and who I wanted to be. Why… I don’t know, do I have to set aside times for things. I’m just frustrated at myself, my friends and family. I miss my girlfriend. I miss my buddy. I don’t know where I am in life. I feel like time is slipping from me… I feel the end is near. I think I’m just depressed. I just hate the fact that most of the most disappoint moments in my life I can’t be upset about. It’s not fair. Sometimes I wish I was dead…

No.7 - Just Friends

Just Friends
by Ann Marie

Sometimes I wonder if you know
Exactly how I feel
Our love is not romantic
But still is very real

We’ve held each other and cried out loud
And shared a kiss or two
But every time you walk away
I lose respect for you

You come to me when you feel bad
And everything goes wrong
Always expecting happiness
And to hear a cheery song

I sympathize and pull you close
And try to ease your pains
When the sun comes back, you are gone
‘Til the next time that it rains

I’ll always be here when you hurt
I know you know I’ll stay
But I’m not sure you’d miss me
If I ever went away

Friends in deed are a very rare find
Not too many stick it out
Through the good times and bad
Giving no cause to doubt

So don’t take that friend for granted
Tomorrow you may be alone
With no one around to help you
And pain like you’ve never known

                                                               Dat <3 Sinja

A200 - Twinkie Love

To my recollection, I’ve never had a twinkie… So today, for the first time in my life, I purchase some twinkies and ate them. And let me tell you, not too bad. For some reason I expected it to be too sweet or too spongy, but no -it was alright. I can see why the guy in Zombieland was sorta crazy for them now. Haha, Tallahassee! Anyways… that's my day thus far …in a nutshell. See ya later.

A303 - Time Passes

I’m far from the person I use to be when this was done… a Freshman in high school. Now it’s close to seven years later, and I am now a Senior in college. Looking back I wonder if there are things I should have done or would have done differently. Art has always been a reflection of me. It mirrors me and my thoughts about life. A permanent testament to how things were then from how they are now. I guess that’s why I almost always threw away my artwork. I just can’t stand seeing it, or looking into past. Something I think I can live with, but won’t deal with. The portrait behind me now is an old piece of artwork that I donated to my college. Hopefully this is a step to moving on… Living and dealing with my life -past, present and future. Here’s hoping! Later.

A025 - GrimGrimoire

As I was searching for new music to listen to, and by new I mean old songs I haven’t heard in a while, I remembered a game I hadn’t played in a while that had a descent soundtrack to it. So I started to search for it online. Now something you may not know about me is that I’ve played a lot yet not so many games in my life thus far. Of course, with my brilliant memory I found that game called Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana. However, this post isn’t about that game. It’s about GrimGrimoire.

After I found Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana’s soundtrack it reminded me of another game I played, GrimGrimoire. (Before I start on that game, I’d like to note that AI:EM, is also good game too, but G-G’s just gonna steal the spotlight today.) These in particular are slighty different from the normal Role Playing Games [RPG(s)] I normally play. Eh, my brother got them cause he was tired of waiting for the next Final Fantasy game to come out. Still he also choose them because he had heard these games were really good. And yeah they are, especially GrimGrimoire.

When I first got to play the game back in 2007, I was in the state where I could go through most any game pretty quick.  However, this game in particular isn’t long at all or so I thought. Nah, it isn’t but there’s a twist with this game. The next part is a spoiler so… **SPOILER ALERT**

Lillet Blan is a young magician admitted to a prestigious magic school, the Tower of Silver Star. Though she attends normal classes for the first four days and meets the various professors and students, on the fifth day Lillet awakens to learn that everyone in the tower is dead. Before she is killed as well, she is suddenly propelled back in time to her first night at school. Lillet then proceeds to relive the five days before the tragedy over and over again, retaining the knowledge of magic she learns in those five days and desperately trying to solve the mystery to prevent the same events (or worse) from taking place on the fifth day. Over the course of the plot, Lillet discovers dark secrets about her classmates, teachers, and even the academy itself, all of which will lead her to the truth.

It’s a great real time strategy game that’s unique and different compared to all the games that were also on the PS2. Even if you get bored because of the literally long and drawn out battles the story is enough for you to stay through until the end. I’d recommend it to anyone… who’s looking for a strong story and different game play. I was going to talk more about this game. But now I feel it’s already too drawn out. Later?

A332 - On My Way

Life is hard. Life is easy.

That’s what she said. That’s what he said.

Not everything that goes into one ear goes out the other. Much of my life, as for many others out there, was taught to me -from family, friends, teachers, peers, strangers… And countless others in forms that vary in shape size, time, and message. 

One thing I want, -truly want, from all of this… is to be the life I want to live. 

                                                                          Dat <3 Sinja

A296 - Cosplay Boredom

So today… In the mist of other stuff, I got really bored and needed to do something different. Instead of doing something productive, I did something ..else. I did a cosplay. Um.. not really -photoshopped actually. That is me. However, I don’t have gauntlets, the vest, or the hat. I was wearing a black sleeve-less shirt, cut black socks and a pokemon hat.. and edited… I do want to cosplay as Kung Lao from Mortal Kombat, but no cosplay store has him or the time currently to make him for me.. so I improvised. Good? Yes.. No.. Whatever.

Heres a process..

1.) Took picture of me!

2.) Found lots of pics of Kung Lao to use as references and their components!

3. Followed by adding in the different components onto my original, cutting out the image, fixing the contrast/color! (All on paint and windows photo gallery editor by the way!)

4.) Crop and flipped onto the the original background! And etc.!

Same as the first blog image!!!

Okay um… bye for now!