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also, like: what is it about modern adaptations of P&P that take a self-possessed and self-confident woman and make her neurotic and insecure?


Elizabeth Bennet is charismatic and lively and clever and good-humored and confident, but modern adaptations seem to be fixed on making her this sort of hapless everywoman loser at life and love????


This is so important.

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tell me the epic ballad of ann the nurse and elizabeth the politico, pls

Wow, so, this is neither short nor anywhere near complete. TROPIE. *clings*


“Ann. Ann. Ann. Ann.” Leslie shouted Ann’s name every time she knocked, with doorbell bursts at random intervals, and that was just super definitely a thing that Leslie was doing at 3:30 am and one Ann would consider asking her to not do in the future, after she got out of bed and managed to open the door far enough to say so. 

Fifteen minutes later, Ann was back in bed with blankets draped over her face. “What is it?” she half asked/mostly drooled into her pillow. Leslie had spent the entirety of this quarter hour on the couch typing furiously on a laptop and occasionally into her (not-smart) phone insisting she was too busy to actually share her urgent news, and could Ann just whip up a Special Mocha and they’d talk in a moment?

Leslie slurped her cocoa-and-coffee-dregs in the rocking chair opposite Ann’s bed. “Ann, you remember Elizabeth, my ex-campaign manager who dumped me and is gay. She wants to know if you’re gay, and I said, no, she’s just very beautiful, and she said, do you know if she’s not bisexual and would you mind asking her for me because I think if she was interested in dating women I would like to date her, and I said, of everyone wants to be with someone like Ann, Elizabeth, she’s gorgeous, but that doesn’t mean dates women, or you, Elizabeth, she dates Andy and Mark and Chris, and she said, just ask, and then she said I was being defensive, which frankly I find insulting, and Ann, do you have any more sugar, because I’m a little upset and I ran out on the way over here?”

The Ann-shaped blanket lump was silent.

“Ann? Ann.”

Ann pulled the blanket down to her nose. “I’m awake. Give me her number and I’ll think about it. You need to do some calisthenics, Les, your blood sugar has to be like 900 right now.”

“I’ll do laps in the living room, okay? Do you have anything on the DVR? Ann?” Leslie called from in front of the TV set.

“In your house,” Ann called back. “Your house. Go home, Leslie. I’ll talk to you in the morning.” The light went off, the blanket went back up, and with a fumbling shove Ann’s bedroom door reclosed.

Even opening the five minutes later and asking, “What do you mean, you’ll think about it?” could not rouse Ann again, which is how Elizabeth the gay goy political operative managed to ask out Ann the black and Jewish nurse via the world’s least enthusiastic proxy at 3:47 am, and how Ann, in her epic tiredness, managed to just about say yes.

also no, i never intended to watch the hangover.

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Please watch Zoolander. I love it.

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Eh on Monty Python, The Notebook, Shrek… most of this list but Zoolander.

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omfg, save yourself: never ever watch the hangover. nuke it from orbit.

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blade runner’s worth a watch/read. the hangover is not. i’ve never seen the notebook either. i own zoolander >.> COOL STORIES EH

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Zoolander! And Blade Runner. Must-sees. I enjoyed Monty Python but I can’t watch it a lot (same with the show - only a couple skits every ep amuse me) and it’s not for everyone. You should def look into most except Hangover & Notebook.

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watch penelope omg. everything else, ehhhhhh.

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zoolander is the best fdklgjlkv.

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Penelope is A+. :)

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I’m assuming The Hangover is last because you don’t want to watch it? Either way, it’s the actual worst.

I HAD NO IDEA ZOOLANDER WAS SO LEGIT YOU GUYS. I will get on this immediately. I live under a rock.

I’ve seen some gorgeous Blade Runner picspams on here so that’s been on my to-watch list for a while, I just haven’t got to it.

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  • How I feel about this character: PRETTY EXCELLENT NGL. I don’t have quite the emotional attachment to her that I think I would if I had been younger when I read HDM, but it’s really important to me regardless that she exist, as counterpart to Lucy Pevensie and as a badass character that future generations of little girls will read, and… her superpower is lying. I can’t not love that.
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: WILLIAM MFING PARRYYYYYYY (otp, except not… in the traditional sense? quite?) (but still so otp ;______;)
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character: Iorek, OBVIOUSLY. 
  • My unpopular opinion about this character: Oh gosh. Like, in general I seem to have a lot of unpopular opinions about His Dark Materials, but I’m not sure which of those apply to Lyra specifically – though since the overarching theme of these unpopular opinions is “I don’t have any problem with the ending” that probs means that people don’t like Lyra’s ending? Which I really do. I love her whole character arc, I LOVE her role as the second Eve, and I love what happens between her and Will. (Which, btw, I don’t think they had sex…?! Which is another thing I’ve seen people complaining about and seems to me to be way too literal an interpretation of that scene’s point, and the whole… story’s point.) (Basically, a lot of what HDM is about is the liminal space between childhood and adolescence, and the loss of innocence. And what I feel people don’t get is that in HDM, innocence is not all it’s cracked up to be. I mean, by the yardstick of Narnia, which is how I can’t help but approach HDM, to lose one’s innocence is to lose Narnia for the rest of one’s mortal life, which sucks balls. There innocence is everything and once you lose it you’re Susan and you suck. Lyra and Will lose their innocence, yes, but they become MORE than they were. And if Lyra as Eve precipitates a second Fall from innocence, surely it’s the innocence of blind trust in authority and hierarchy? Which is good… to not have anymore? IDK, I just have an endless amount of feelings about stories about growing up and feel constantly defensive of HDM because to me it really captures those feelings in defiance of a lot of widespread cultural memes. Not that the books are perfect, but they are needed. And that very much revolves around Lyra.)
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: uhhhh. More interaction with her mother!


anna friend. what is your favorite holiday? very important questions.

my favorite holiday is CHRISTMAS and that is because i am very boring but also christmas is so so lovely, my favorite actually might be christmas eve??? my family has about one million traditions that we have delightfully managed not to outgrow, mostly we all come home from church and put on matching christmas pajamas because my family is That Family and we decorate the tree and each other with tinsel and we hide baby jesus and we write to santa and leave cookies and milk and we throw glitter outside for the reindeer where it’s coldcoldcold in pajamas and we read a bunch of christmasy picture books aloud to each other and then two of my sisters go to bed and the other two of us help mom and dad set out christmas presents and eat the cookies and drink the milk and then we go to bed and then we spend the whole next day together in matching pajamas That Family opening presents and cooking and eating and reading WOW I LOVE CHRISTMAS A LOT

stockinettestitch said: I started spite-stanning her and then I….started really stanning her? IF YOU HATE HER WE CAN’T BE FRIENDS, for real

@cloudsinmyeyes and I used to (and… still) subscribe very strongly to the effect wherein some lady is constantly maligned by the press/others and so you start defending her not because you necessarily care all that much but for the principle but then as time passes you become more and more invested and then you realize NO I LOVE HER NOW!!!!!!!!!! I AM HER BIGGEST FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so yeah kstew is wifeball to us all and if you hate her i don’t wanna hear about it.

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#what i will do when she becomes a leftover lady because of how mary and matthew have to get married or i'll just die again i do not yet know GOD I DO NOT EVEN KNOW. Maybe she can run off with Sibyl (and Branson)????



maybe we can just upgrade mary/matthew to an ot3???

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19, 24, 27!

19. Have you ever shipped something despite yourself?

*hangs head in shame*


*looks right*

*looks left*


*ducks and cringes*

I have no defense for it! I don’t even REALLY ship it within canon, but damned if I didn’t read an absolutely TON of fic for it back in like, 2007. *helpless shrug* (I suppose I maybe like redeeming terrible characters if the actors are likable enough????)

24. Do you mostly ship canon pairings?

I do!

Generally, if I like a show enough to ship it’s characters, then I’m, y’know, picking up what the writers are putting down. It’s only when I get dissatisfied with a show that I start shipping non-canon pairings. (Example: as Inuyasha drug on and on, I started to enjoy shipping Kagome with Miroku, Sango, Sesshoumaru, heck, HOJO, just for something to do.)

One exception to this rule was that I shipped Korra and Asami like, immediately, despite knowing there was no chance of it ever being canon. T___T

27. Is there a ship you’ve shipped for most of your life?

Heh, well, aside from Miss Piggy/Kermit?

I’ve shipped Han/Leia for as long as I can remember. (And to continue the Harrison Ford note, Indiana Jones/Marion Ravenwood was pretty formative, too.)

As a kid who grew up during the “Disney Renaissance” Belle/Beast and Jasmine/Aladdin were pretty freaking formative, too!

Relatedly, it’s interesting to note that while I adore The Little Mermaid, and it really made me into the person I am (I decided to be an animator, since I couldn’t be a mermaid), I don’t ship it. That is, Ariel and Eric are nice enough as a couple, and I wouldn’t want to pair them with anyone else… but we just don’t have enough about Eric for me to care about hunting down fic about them? Y’know?

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also, y’all, no one is driving to mexico to buy meth. come on.

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Plus, Riverside/San Bernadino/generic Southern Cal location not in LA is precisely where meth labs bloom.

No you guys are totally wrong.





And that is how all drug abuse in the USA happens.

The End

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ACTUAL KISSES, not interrupted by dopplegangers/bees: six seasons. kisses w/no dopplegangers: seven.

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i realize i mentioned dopplegangers several times in that, but it’s because they came up a lot.

dopple…gangers…???? (i know mulder makes out with like scully from the 40s in the bermuda triangle time travel episode but…is there more????????) (im still pressed about the bees tho) (and man seven seasons HOW MUCH TIME PASSED BETWEEN THESE SEASONS?!?! does chris carter even reveal information like that?)

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this is almost as bad as that time tumblr convinced you that inglorious basterds was about the tragic romance between shoshanna and a goddamn nazi officer.


Never over that one, though tbh.


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don’t walk this road. DON’T DO IT. THAT WAY LIES ONLY PAIN.

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IT’S A TRAP!!!!!!!

then she made me watch that clip of the one time they beat the shit out of each other and then banged in flashbacks and im just sitting here like omg how did you all deal

inquiring minds would like to know