Spirit Bear

Taking a break in my birthday celebration (really, it’s just me sitting on my sofa, eating cake) to write this thing, inspired by Wardruna’s “UruR”. (Loosely translated, the lyrics are: I travelled in my mind/back to the ice that gave birth to me/feel the warmth of the breath that thawed me.)

You have a secret, one you’ve never known how to tell Sam and Dean, but suddenly they’re faced with it – what will they do when you attract a monster they’ve never heard of before?

Sam x reader

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Word count: 2477

“We’re awesome!” Dean offered you a high-five, and you slapped his hand with enthusiasm, relishing in the electrifying high that came with every successful hunt.

“Oh yes, we are! Tonight we really deserve an extra bottle of beer.” You took a step towards the car and your leg wobbled a bit, sending a familiar frost into your toes. Fuck! Not now. Not tonight! You’d planned to take advantage of that liquid courage and buzzing success to… Well, it didn’t matter now. You would be incapacitated for the next few days.

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Christmas At The Zoo
The Flaming Lips
Christmas At The Zoo

The Flaming Lips - Christmas At The Zoo

Probably the biggest band I’ll ever post on here, but The Flaming Lips occupy a place so close to my heart that this seemed appropriate. I’m not one for the religious themes in Christmas songs, but this is a perfectly whimsical alternative about freeing the animals from their confines at the zoo. Plus, mid-90’s Flaming Lips songs ROCK. Merry Christmas to all my followers who roll that way <3