I’m crazy for this Flaming Lips song, “Lightning Strikes the Postman.” It’s whimsical and fantastical, with a gritty, acidic edge. The hell if I know what it’s supposed to mean, beyond explaining away the loss of contact with an old love, but I love this track all the same. 


The Flaming Lips - The Abandoned Hospital Ship

Soundtrack for the nuclear bursting stars and kaleidoscopic galactic gymnastics, for the molten medly of hot magma bubbling up from the balrog, for the quivering sky as the refracted air pushes twisting tunnels of clouds to the ground, for the quaking earth opening up and dragging us back into its motherly loam.

‘Clouds Taste Metallic’ by The Flaming Lips. This is the 2012 re-release. Truth be told, I think these were just leftover copies from the Heady Nuggs box set released for Record Store Day 2011. It even says Heady Nuggs on the label. I really want the original pressing on green vinyl, but I bought this to hold me over because it’s one of my favorite records ever.