It is a warm but windy day in autumn. Leaves are blowing every which way, dancing in the streets as clouds chase each other across the sky.
In the midst of the quiet moment you’d taken to admire the gorgeous weather, Cody texted you, completely out of the blue. “Wanna take a walk? I’m picking you up.”
And when you step out the door, there he is. Smiling at you, the wind caressing his hair. “Hope you’ve got a couple of hours." 

Portrait of Cody Christian - windy day mood

Big thanks to @cohdychristian for her help with the text!

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For most people a clear blue sky is a comforting sight. Of all the familiar sights in our life, the sky provides the reassurance all is right with the world. But as with all things with which we grow comfortable, we sometimes take the sky for granted. We have been used to our sky as clear, blue and limitless, or dotted with clouds.
But another sky has come into view over the past 13 years, a sky that has been strewn with an entirely new and unnatural form of vapor trails. We know about and have become accustomed to seeing trails of water vapor emitted from an airplane, an entirely natural and commonplace occurrence. But there are other trails which we may have observed that are manmade and come from planes; however this second type of trail lingers, spreads, and eventually covers the entire sky. Is there any difference between normal clouds, and the so-called clouds that are produced by the second type of trail? Perhaps you have noticed the differences in the two types of airplane trails, and the two types of clouds, but most people do not talk about these differences.
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I’m tired.” she said. “I’m tired of pretending to feel empty about everything. I’m tired of laughing at people when they assumed that I don’t feel anything at all. Because of course, I feel something. I almost feel everything that it suffocates my whole being. I feel it when someone slowly losing interest in me as if they were clouds—fading in the sky during warm summer days. As if they were colors melting their brightest shades. I feel my heart breaking when someone continuously pointing out my mistakes that it erased all the right things I’ve ever done in my whole life. As if everything went blank, and I need to start doing something again that will make them proud. I feel people’s words touching what’s deep within me. Especially when they were the people who were important to me. Especially when they were the people who I always expected to understand the real me.” she looked down at her hands catching her breath heavily. She wasn’t used on opening up her heart to someone. She wasn’t used on telling everything that’s on her mind. Yet she knew, this was the best thing she needed to do. That this can ease the burdens she’s been lifting up for too long. She sighed slowly, then she said, “I just want you to know, that even if people tried to pretend that there’s a black hole inside of them, they will always end up touching their chests and feel their heart beating.
—  ma.c.a // Can you really see me?