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I love the fact that you're finishing all sentences with 'end babygate'. Like nothing matters until this dark cloud is cleared up from above Louis' and our heads. So very me. End babygate then.

It just needs to be over. End it.

“Love is in the Air”

love is in the air
birds fly and floating fair
clouds smile from above
kisses flew out of love

love is in the air
scents escape from her hair
twinkling angel eyes
make heartbeats jump twice

love is in her smile
i watch them from the aisle
beams heavenly grace
soul of angelic face

love is in my mind
fantasy of a kind
burning half my soul
the essence of my all

love is in our hearts
when sound of music starts
escaping through the air
and love is everywhere

oh, love is in the air!


But anyway, Heres an drawing of my Oc La Amor, and well I’m at it, here some facts about her:

  • She is able to give a person a riddle of who there love will be, whether it’s someone they know or not. She also gives love advice. 
  • She has mother issues
  • She is often surrounded by butterflies, the butterflies can also take an humanoid shape of women.
  • She Loves Games, Dance, and Love
  • She is older than Ambrosio <u< 

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The forest was a pretty dark place at night, but none the less peaceful, at least this side of the forest was. It wasn't inhabited by much, but a small faun, out on the look for anyone lost. He held up his small candle lantern, looking around into the night, sniffing for anyone else. "H-Hello?"

Jesse was a bit lost to say the least as he had wandered away to take a simple smoke of sanction, though through that it seemed that it had snowballed out of control. All around him lay the harmonious sounds of screeching cicadas and perhaps frogs from a nearby brook. His feet crashed between the leaves below him whilst he was using his lighter for somewhat guidance.

He let out a whistle whilst looking into the dark and horrid pitch of the night, though appearing to be peaceful, all he could feel was a cloud of misanthropy handing from above–Solemnly waiting, only to soon take its strike. Jesse stopped however when he saw a faint glow and almost a feeble voice coming from it…It reminded him of a mother looking for her lost child. He stepped closer to the light as his own glow of sanction and peace to ward off darkness seemed to diminish from the pitch.

“Howdy…Is one of y'all out there? Ma'am? You’s there?”