Unretouched Sky Photography Resembles Stunning Oil Paintings

New York-based photographer Carolyn Marks Blackwood’s abstract photography titled, Cloud Series captures the stunning, soft, and ethereal sensibility of the sky. Resembling an oil painting, Blackwood’s photographs resemble the cotton candy-like streaks on a canvas, which compose the appearance of a fluffy cloud. Each entity parallels the blended  and complimentary colors on a painter’s palette.

The clouds seem to melt into each other, as a transcendent rainbow of fog. The surreal images capture the ephemeral and transient nature of our galaxy’s and planet’s organic mood.  Blackwood admits: “It sometimes takes weeks to get the shots I’m after. At home, in front of the computer, I ‘find’ my pictures—by cropping them—I never manipulate them. It is beauty that drives me and comforts me, even if it is a strange beauty.”


Shirakawago UNESCO village | Takayama | Japan by Esther Ruiterman