clouds of marble

Cool streams of white silk rush, eddy, launch foam tufts up & over there the dark ridge ascending. Even the slightest topographical change, a dip or jut or even yes the presence of a human body tho so small may nuance the flow, may twirl & ripple the fabric of a flowing cloud to let marbled gold columns shine thru, so that far below in green valley town the young adventurer looks up at the glint in the sudden wandering sunbeam & wonders - “One day when I’m Big, I’ll climb that marbling light like a ladder into them way-high clouds.”

Looking towards the Marble Mountain Wilderness from the Klamath National Forest ~ Eileen Kitayama 2016

Fun Fact:  California has 148 Wilderness Areas, adding up to 14% of its land area, and making it #2 (with #1 being Alaska) for the American state with the most wilderness.  There’s a lot to choose from here.   Check them out!

soft dawn stains the sky,
her rosy fingertips stroking the clouds,
marble pillars rising up like messiahs to meet her,
they are craving the brush of her love.

temples standing as their own gods,
their own religions,
standing as though they could have their own disciples,
instead of only the worshippers of desperately destructive gods that shatter the world
with their breath.

we are desperately destructive gods that could shatter the world
with our breath.

pale white stone,
femur bones and rib cages and pelvises bleached to ivory,
pure in their sacredness that has been
deemed such not only by society but also proprietary and age and seemingly perhaps
the very earth itself.

but soon comes time,
his inevitable hands rubbing dull splotches into the marble
of the temple
of your body.

then come the ransackers
the raiders
the petty thieves and beauty-gobblers,
smashing stones into the temples’ columns and steps and pristine sacrificial altars.

then come the rough hands
the men
the pointlessly addictive poisons;
with time comes everything that is done to you and everything that you do to yourself.

“your body is a temple.”

your body is a ruin.

—  your body is a ruin; l.m.