clouds are weird

What was originally gonna be a story arc comic became fanart of @caramoccii/ @ask-seokjinnie’s 1920’s au (pls click for better quality)

Drawing Jin took me hella long lemme tell you but it’s the best part of this 

Otherwise this is awful forgive me I am not worthy

Jumping on the space australian orcs bandwagon

What if Earth was the only planet where things evolved to fly?? Or even climb?? Jump?? Where airborne things were simply unthinkable?

Professor Gya'kaphesh was so excited for the arrival of the ‘hyoomams’. Xe had brushed all xir eyestalks and mouthstalks at least twice. After years of contact via radio, the unknown people were set to arrive any time now. Gya was unsure whether they would arrive from beneath the sand, inhospitable for xir species, or from beneath the deadly, acidic waves.

“Pro-professor Gya! Professor Gya!” Cried Jola'kaphesh, Gya’s assistant.

“Oh, Jola, have they arrived?” The assistant nodded. “So do tell me, for all these years were they living in the sand or the ocean?

"T-they came from the clouds!”

- Sir…. Uh… I’m falling!! Zaaaaak, help!! T_T

- Heheh, this is funny, guys! XD It’s like a group hug!

- Uhm, Seph…. Are you okay there? °_°

- Remove your stupid foot from my face THIS INSTANT, Fair… Or, I swear, I’ll kill you! =_=“

- Don’t worry, Angeal. I have all under my control. U_U*



The better way to help Sephiroth to do push ups? Human pyramid!! XD