clouds and robots


Android January

  1. Face study using Cloud, inspired by Judy from Zootopia.
  2. Kiki for Krita 3.1, inspired by Panty and Stocking / Splatoon.
  3. Robotized Mao of my old friend Cotora, for I said to draw her years ago and I met him again on twitter!

By the feedbacks I received from the first chuck of FP2 experiment, I confirmed some major problems in my art style and I studied other artist’s style to improve (which I really should have done but rarely did before). I used non-FP2 characters for practice to avoid confusion and pay some art debt.

I will return to FP2 again in February.

Vox Machina Science Bros, featuring “You wouldn’t like me when I’m terrible” Percy de Rolo, and "I am Iron Doty” Taryon Darrington. 

She’s Me Now

I invited her into my home, into my life. I brought her in close, and I stripped off all my clothes, and unzipped my skin, and I let her borrow it, wearing my physical form out across the city like a clunky pair of rubber boots. 

She’s beautiful, a spider the size of two cities, but not any cities I’ve ever visited before. Some say she’s a god of destruction, here to end the world and put a stop to all our human cultures; just stick a fork in it, in us. We’re done.

And now she’s wearing me, wearing me out on the town, making new friends and influencing powerful people in influential positions. Yeah, she’s gonna take over the world, occupying positions of social and economic power, like some sort of bad dream that just drifts into town one day and leaves everything changed.

Once this was a paradise, and soon it’ll be an overly-romanticized pile of rubble. The sort of stuff you hope somebody’ll haul away so they can build something nice where it used to be.