27/5/2020 Today we got some Ominous Clouds Portending Doom.

I was hoping that the Ominous Clouds Portending Doom might portend us some storm so we wouldn’t have to water the pumpkins, but alas they were portents of only the most intangible dooms.

Not sure, but I think these might be asperitas clouds, the rough-water clouds, which are supposed to look like you’re underwater and looking up at the turbulent waves on the surface of the ocean. They were added as an official cloud type in 2017 by the World Meteorological Association. The World Meteorological Association claims this is because they were previously classified as altostratus clouds, and not because a rogue member of the World Meteorological Association built herself a weather machine and unleashed a brand new sort of Ominous Cloud Portending Doom on the world in 2017 and now we’re all just pretending the sky has always been like that. 


Good Morning from Scotland 

HMS Unicorn by adam caird
Via Flickr:
HMS Unicorn at sunrise, Victoria docks Dundee