Music For Cloudplum 3: For Mark Linkous

Recommended Listening / DJ Mixtape

Some of you have been asking for this and I am sorry I have been a little behind schedule with it. I started my Fall Mix series for the design/lifestyle blog, Cloudplum, 3 years ago with the idea being based around music that reminds me of my favorite season.

I rarely listen to my own mixes/music , but I still can’t stop listening to last year’s Fall mix. I am glad the series has a lot of interest in it, so this year I took my time to make it right.

I dedicate this mix to Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse whom passed away in March of 2010. His music has always been an inspiration and hope he is still making music where ever he is now.

::UPDATE:: Fixed Link


Prince Klassen - Fall Music For Cloudplum 3

Prince Klassen: Fall Music For Cloudplum 3

Recommended Listening / DJ Mix

Since posting my latest Fall Music For Cloudplum mix a few weeks ago, I have been asked to post the older in the series. I am counting my way back and will slowly be posting them on my Soundcloud page.

As you know, Volume 4 is the latest and already available. Now, so is Volume 3.


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