For the twisted, violent path not taken. Two Kings ruling and razing all before them even as they destroy each other.

♛ MONARCHY ♛ by nature-geek.

      Black Widow —– Susanne Sundfør

      Hollow —– Cloudeater

      The Mighty Fall —– Fall Out Boy

      Death Valley —– Fall Out Boy

      Victorious —– Panic! At the Disco

      Black Black Heart —– David Usher

      Free the Animal —– Sia

      Body —– Mother Mother

      Hatefuck —– The Bravery

      The Show Must Go On Prt. 1 —– Famous Last Words

      The Horror of Our Love —– Ludo

      Playing For Keeps —– Elle King

Because as much as I love the current story, the what-ifs are still awesome to imagine.


The Gnartoban Cloud Eater. #cloudeater #gnartoba #sharpie #whiteout #animationcel #transparency #hombrefilter

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Cloudeater- Decade

i am not enough // a bpd / vent playlist 

neighbour - mother mother // breezeblocks - alt-J // pity party - melanie martinez // twelve feet deep - the front bottoms // ghosting - mother mother // cry for judas - the mountain goats // bpd - ilya // hollow - CLOUDEATER // sleep - flatsound // car radio - twenty one pilots // plain sailing weather - frank turner // help i’m alive - metric // where is my mind - the pixies // hate me - blue october // afraid - the neighbourhood // flashlight - the front bottoms // illusion - VNV nation // here comes the anxiety - the wombats // snuff - slipknot // migraine - twenty one pilots // i always thought i would be okay - hotel books // disappointed - the frames // post party depression - days n daze // haunted (x3) - teen suicide

Cloudeater You Make My Day - Sun and Sidearm LP

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Yeah I support ATL music and not ashamed to say it. If you haven’t heard of Cloudeater then you’re missing out. Just a fantastic band out of the A, with a very cool ethereal vibe to their music that you can play in pretty much any situation. Support Support –> @cloudeatermusic & Cloudeater’s official.

They just dropped their second album titled Sun And Sidearm, streaming below, and I haven’t really haven’t sat down through something and enjoyed every moment of the album since this, ok well that was recent, BUT before that one it had been a long time.

Sun and Sidearm by cloudeater

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