When you have that ‘Oh shit, this fic isn’t gonna be a one-shot’ moment.

“How did you learn to fight like that?”

Obi-Wan shrugged one shoulder, looking toward the ceiling as if the discussion was beginning to bore him.

“When you grow up amongst slaves and bounty hunters, you tend to learn a few things.”

“How did you know that I’m a Jedi?” Qui-Gon continued.

Obi-Wan chuckled at that, dipping the cloth into the basin before bringing it to the gash on Qui-Gon’s chin. “You all always look at me the same way, like I’m some pathetic creature in dire need of rescuing,” he said, pressing against the wound just hard enough to make Qui-Gon wince. “Also, Ilar was a rat. Everyone knew it. It was a suicide run on his part, and you were simply brought along for the ride. You were karked right from the start, Qui-Gon Jinn.”

Qui-Gon shut his eyes and exhaled slowly through his nose. He wasn’t even surprised.

“That saves me the trouble of introducing myself, at least,” he said, at length.

That earned him a raised eyebrow when he opened his eyes again. “We do need to know who we’re selling back to the Republic,” Obi-Wan said, reasonably. “You’re quite popular, did you know that? There are some willing to match the Republic just for a chance to have you all to themselves.”

Qui-Gon doesn’t need to guess who that must be. A part of him knows on instinct, like breathing. Xanatos.


Just released this gem.

Yandere (ish) Song Masterlist

Well, you asked for it, and I did my best to make another one! This list will include exclusively non-Vocaloid songs, anyways my Vocaloid list can be found here

Note - I tried to include lesser known songs, but you will (of course) find ones that may have been posted on other lists, just warning so you won’t get mad. Hope you enjoy the content I brought\

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me in doing this!

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disconnect; songs that feel unreal

pure imagination - fiona apple // old mary - the dead weather //  world’s northernmost flower - tesslesstess // hollow - cloudeater //  marrow - st. vincent // winking blinking eye - ma worm // oceania - björk // i feel fantastic - unknown // saltkin - purity ring // hallo telataael - tesslesstess // cop graveyard - teen suicide // night on bald mountain - dead rose symphony // the black goat of the woods - unknown // i’ve plummed this whole neighborhood - nurse with wound

i am not enough // a bpd / vent playlist 

neighbour - mother mother // breezeblocks - alt-J // pity party - melanie martinez // twelve feet deep - the front bottoms // ghosting - mother mother // cry for judas - the mountain goats // bpd - ilya // hollow - CLOUDEATER // sleep - flatsound // car radio - twenty one pilots // plain sailing weather - frank turner // help i’m alive - metric // where is my mind - the pixies // hate me - blue october // afraid - the neighbourhood // flashlight - the front bottoms // illusion - VNV nation // here comes the anxiety - the wombats // snuff - slipknot // migraine - twenty one pilots // i always thought i would be okay - hotel books // disappointed - the frames // post party depression - days n daze // haunted (x3) - teen suicide

Tunes 2k17

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list the top 10 songs you’re listening to and then tag 10 mutuals

  1. Bitter - Palace
  2. Needle and A Knife - Tennis
  3. Splinter - Sneaker Pimps
  4. Lethal - Cloudeater
  5. Die Alone - Hyukoh
  6. Forget It - Blood Orange
  7. Backchannels - Shearwater
  8. Hanging Marionette - The Appleseed Cast
  9. The Wall - Yuck
  10. Calm Touching - Evaline

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“Well, slap my butt and give me a hero cookie.” — A Nick Gautier Playlist


  1. Immortals - Fall Out Boy
  2. Sinister Kid - The Black Keys
  3. No Sugar In My Coffee - Caught A Ghost
  4. Hollow - Cloudeater
  5. Bleeding Out - Imagine Dragons
  6. Figure it Out - Royal Blood
  7. Jungle - Jaime N Commons + X-Ambassadors
  8. Seven Devils - Florence And The Machine
  9. $ting - The Neighborhood
  10. Blood On My Name - The Wright Brothers
  11. Not Gonna Die Tonight - Skillet
  12. They Hit Without Warning - Epic Score
  13. My Demons - Starset
  14. King Of The World - Porcelain and the Tramps
  15. Seven Nation Army (Glitch Mob Remix) - The White Stripes
  16. Give Me Back My Life - Papa Roach

i shall not fear

for in fear, lies death

cover art by @swelldrell


bones - ms mr
hollow - cloudeater
cover my eyes - the birthday massacre
wait it out - imogen heap
borderline - tove styrke
entropy - grimes, bleachers
zebra - ttng
make light - passion pit
leave a trace - chvrches
touch - daft punk
closer - fka twigs
home ii - dotan

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i n v o c a t i on

“demons are like obedient dogs. they come when they are called.”

1. bela lugosi’s dead - BAUHAUS  ≡  2. monster - MEG & DIA [DOTEXE]  ≡ 3.  corrupt - DEPECHE MODE  ≡  4. bad moon rising - MOURNING RITUAL  ≡  5. girl i love you - MASSIVE ATTACK  ≡  6. mein teil - RAMMSTEIN  ≡  7. come with me now - KONGOS  ≡  8. corset theme - PSG OST  ≡  9. venari strigas - PMMM OST  ≡  10. blood - HENSON  ≡  11. wolf drawn - EMANCIPATOR  ≡  12. maneater - BLUE EYED BLONDES  ≡  13. hollow - CLOUDEATER  ≡  14. the greatest show unearthed - CREATURE FEATURE  ≡  15. hollow like my soul - EMILIE AUTUMN ≡ 16. heaven - DEPECHE MODE  

atlasin  asked:

for oc ask meme "mixtape", but 1 song for each of ur main ocs?

Leslie: Happy - C2C

Rook: Still breathing - Green Day

Ripley: Bottom of the River - Delta Rae

Eri: Thiskidisnotalright - AWOLNATION

Nyreen: Handclap - Fitz and the Tantrums

Bailey: Last American Virgin - Summer camp

Timothy: Weighted - frnkiero andthe cellabration

Sidney: Six Shooter - Coyote Kisses

Brie: Hollow - Cloudeater