Party Poison - My Chemical Romance // Like People, Like Plastic - AWOLNATION // Invaders Must Die - The Prodigy // Dracula - Bea Miller // Bad Girls - M.I.A. // Money - Mystery Skulls // Cops and Robbers - The Hoosiers // Killin’ It - Krewella // Hollow - Cloudeater // My Song 5 - HAIM // Acrylics - TNGHT // Soul On Fire - Mystery Skulls // The Mind Electric - ミラクルミュージカル //

i am not enough // a bpd / vent playlist 

neighbour - mother mother // breezeblocks - alt-J // pity party - melanie martinez // twelve feet deep - the front bottoms // ghosting - mother mother // cry for judas - the mountain goats // bpd - ilya // hollow - CLOUDEATER // sleep - flatsound // car radio - twenty one pilots // plain sailing weather - frank turner // help i’m alive - metric // where is my mind - the pixies // hate me - blue october // afraid - the neighbourhood // flashlight - the front bottoms // illusion - VNV nation // here comes the anxiety - the wombats // snuff - slipknot // migraine - twenty one pilots // i always thought i would be okay - hotel books // disappointed - the frames // post party depression - days n daze // haunted (x3) - teen suicide

VESUVIUS// a bertolt hoover fanmix// 8tracks

[bright ruler, colossus, devil king, codependent god]

a perfect circle - annihilation // ibeyi - oya // soap&skin - thanatos // cloudeater - hollow // mikky ekko - who are you, really? // mischa chillak - ready or not // sexy prison - slow walk in a glad rain // rockwell ft kito & sam frank - childhood memories // son lux - pyre // chelsea wolfe - sick // sufjan stevens - vesuvius // the knife - the captain // message to bears - find our way home 

i shall not fear

for in fear, lies death

cover art by @swelldrell


bones - ms mr
hollow - cloudeater
cover my eyes - the birthday massacre
wait it out - imogen heap
borderline - tove styrke
entropy - grimes, bleachers
zebra - ttng
make light - passion pit
leave a trace - chvrches
touch - daft punk
closer - fka twigs
home ii - dotan

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autisticnicoyazawa  asked:



Invincible // Ok Go: Rikochet

you’re invincible
that crushing, crashing, atom-smashing, white hot thing
it’s invincible
so please use your powers for good

Go Screw Yourself (GSY) // Avery: The Flea

feels good just to get it all out
it’s so not overrated
you can’t keep putting me down
and getting away with it

(pls flea… pls…..)

Hollow // Cloudeater: Timmy of a Thousand Masks

i’d find an answer if i wanted to
i’d be a dancer of a different tune
i won’t get entranced, i will be changing soon

Call Me Maybe // Paradise Fears: El Rey and his… Barbie doll girlfriend or whatever she is

your stare was holdin’
ripped jeans, skin was showin’
hot night, wind was blowin’
where you think you’re goin’, baby?!

Somebody Told Me // The Killers: Timmy of a Thousand Masks & Buena Girl

but heaven ain’t close in a place like this
anything goes, but don’t blink, you might miss
‘cause heaven ain’t close in a place like this

Lez Be Friends // The Midnight Beast: El Perrito

i can’t work out why the girls are screaming
i’m the best-looking boy in the world!
oh, wait, i bet she likes kissing girls?

(i’m sorry)

Pacify Her // Melanie Martinez: Penny Plutonium

someone told me stay away from things that aren’t yours
but was he yours if he wanted me so bad?
pacify her, she’s getting on my nerves
you don’t love her, stop lying with those words

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night… // Creature Feature: El Mysterioso Grande

shadows are alive with shapes
nameless beasts of long-lost lore
the forest stirs ready to pounce
feel the darkness at your door

First Date // blink-182: Timmy of a Thousand Masks & Cindy Slam

when you smile, i melt inside
i’m not worthy for a minute of your time
i really wish it was only me and you
i’m jealous of everybody in the room

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing // This Providence: The Flea

i’ve had enough of your games
i’m gonna show them who you really are
and i can tell you right now, it won’t be pretty

(pls flEA PLS)

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