MAGI:LoMblack★star // a judal fanmix // ★ “What I truly like… is WAR!”

i. these new puritans - we want war // ii. tribe society - kings // iii. cloudeater - hollow // iv. celldweller - blackstar // v. mindless self indulgence - jack you up // vi. fall out boy - irresistible // vii. our last night - dark horse (cover) // viii. get scared - don’t you dare forget the sun // ix. i see stars - ‘till the world ends (cover)


The Gnartoban Cloud Eater. #cloudeater #gnartoba #sharpie #whiteout #animationcel #transparency #hombrefilter

Cloudeater You Make My Day - Sun and Sidearm LP

Yeah I support ATL music and not ashamed to say it. If you haven’t heard of Cloudeater then you’re missing out. Just a fantastic band out of the A, with a very cool ethereal vibe to their music that you can play in pretty much any situation. Support Support –> @cloudeatermusic & Cloudeater’s official.

They just dropped their second album titled Sun And Sidearm, streaming below, and I haven’t really haven’t sat down through something and enjoyed every moment of the album since this, ok well that was recent, BUT before that one it had been a long time.

Sun and Sidearm by cloudeater

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