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I literally don’t think Pax West could have been a better experience for me LOL. It was the best weekend ever. I got to talk to everyone I support, AND SO MANY TIMES. I have so many pictures- WAY MORE THAN THIS BUT STUPID TUMBLR WONT LET ME POST MORE THAN 10. But listen I found this great game called Yonder and I’m currently playing it… ITS GOD DAMN BEAUTIFUL. YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE IS BEAUTIFUL? THE FACES OF ALL THE FRIENDLY PEOPLE I CHATTED WITH THIS WEEKEND. Also I’m gonna have the most muscular legs after all that walking. Idk what to say except this weekend was cool. I chuckled at a bunch of shit with a bunch of people, and I mean, what more could I ask for, really??

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How to survive the zombie apocalypse (walking dead style)

•never help others - it comes back to bite you in the ass apparently


•tell people u love them when u get the chance. srsly.

•forever avoid baseball bats

•don’t fuck around with a pregnant woman. that bitch will end you

•know how the safety works

•stubbornness will get you killed. literally every time, heed my warning

•don’t injure your fucking ankle jesus christ

•never ride on a bus. or leave anything on said bus when it inevitably explodes

•don’t bottle up your feelings pls it makes for a broken heart

•literally don’t fall in love it can never end well

•read up on southern slang - especially phrases such as “uggling bumplies” and “motherdick”

•if u need help in construction work find yo self a trusty red head with a killer mustache


•always tie mullets back in a ponytail for optimum safety

•scare tactic: punch severed heads and rip throats out with ur bare teeth. gets the ladies every time too ;)

•all life is NOT precious

•never get in the way of a woman on a mission. she says shes finding her hubby? You best believe it pal now move aside

•be weary of your surroundings. u never know when an arrow’s gonna sHOOT YOU IN THE FUCKING FACE

•bitch talking shit? ram a samurai sword through their heart. may be some collateral damage but u know.. an eye for an eye…

•always protect your family. unless your son is a twat and your wife is sleeping with your best friend. in which case is it really worth it?

Hold My Hand?

Okay, I had to do angst. I don’t apologize (okay slightly (okay not even a little)). Sidenote, for some reason I imagined this before the start of the show. As such… I may or may not think of this as reasoning why Spencer doesn’t like handshakes, or much physical contact. Because I’m a horrible person. Enjoy! -Ryan

47. “Hold my hand until it’s over?” With Reid.

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