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i need someone to hold my hand reassuringly as i watch riverdale at some point before i die otherwise i cant be at peace. I know its not a good show but its like this dark indistinct cloud of unknowable absurdity that hangs over my entire understanding of television as it currently exists and i need to face the leviathan hiding within that cloud otherwise i’m a coward. i absolutely must venture into the horrible grimy labyrinth of the CW and witness, for myself, the great depraved theatre of Archie Fucking but i cant do it alone. good night


260617 비도 오고 그래서 (You, Clouds, Rain) Heize M/V


Sunset Over Magdalena Mountain, Central New Mexico by Colleen Gino

Ride over the clouds ☆゚.*・。゚




French Summer Vocabulary ☀️

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Été (m) - Summer
Juin - June
Juillet - July
Août - August
Solstice (m) d'été - Summer solstice 
Vacances ( - Holiday, vacation 

Soleil (m) - The sun 
Coup de soleil (m) - Sunburn 
Bronzage (m) - Suntan 
Crême solaire (f) - Sun cream 
Chaleur (f) - Heat 
Ombre (f) - Shade
Brise (f) - Breeze 
Ventilateur (m) - Fan
Glaçons ( - Ice cubes 
Humidité (f) - Humidity 
Climatisation (f) - Air conditioning 
Lunettes de soleil ( - Sunglasses 
Vague de chaleur (f), canicule (f) - Heatwave 
Orage (m) - Thunderstorm
Pluie (f) - Rain 
Nuages ( - Clouds

Dehors - Outside 
Océan (m) - Ocean
Mer (f) - Sea
Eau (f) - Water
Plage (f) - Beach
Sable (m) - Sand
Côte (f) - Coast, seashore 
Coquillage (m) - Seashell 
Maillot de bain (m) - Swimsuit 
Piscine (f) - Swimming pool
Lac (m) - Lake 
Pelouse (f) - Lawn 
Jardin (m) - Garden
Herbe (f) - Grass 
Campagne (f) - Countryside
Champ (m) - Field  
Parc (m) - Park 
Aventure (f) - Adventure

Ensoleillé - Sunny
Brillant - Bright
Estival - Summery
Chaud - Warm, hot 
Étouffant - Stifling, stuffy
Sec - Dry
Humide - Humid 
Moite - Clammy
Calme - Calm
Clair - Clear
Reposant, relaxant - Relaxing 

Briller - To shine
Chatoyer - To shimmer 
Se bronzer - To tan
Prendre un coup de soleil – To get sunburnt  
Suer - To sweat
Jardiner - To garden
Revigorer - To refresh 
Refroidir - To cool down 
Se détendre, se relaxer - To relax 
Explorer - To explore
Voyager - To travel
Nager - To swim
Courir - To run
Hydrater - To hydrate 
Se reposer - To rest