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There are stories like that?

((The most recent story under the Berry Punch tag on fimfiction. She’s introduced into the story totally hammered and then quickly gets killed, end of. It happens in about one paragraph; she is introduced and killed in the space of one paragraph.

The story was ok aside from that, the bit with Berry left a very sour taste.

Thankfully it doesn’t happen as much as it used to, thank god.))

chifft  asked:

I haven't seen many griffins around, do you know any other griffins?

Blacklin: I’m going to guess that you mean around Equestria. Cause otherwise I have to say “Yeah, I know a whole lot of griffons”, since I grew up in the Griffon Kingdom.

Actually, I don’t know a whole lot of pure blooded griffons in Equestria proper. I know a few who live in the border cities there, though those tend to be more populated with hippogriffs than pure bloods.