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any gay movies you'd recommend?

yes!!!! okay

1. but I’m a cheerleader - classic, a comedy about a girl who goes to a weird ass conversion camp and falls in love there
2. the way he looks - based off of a short film that gained a lot of popularity it’s about a blind kid who falls in love with his classmate. beautiful cinematography
3. the incredibly true adventure of two girls in love - a movie about two girls in high school who fall in love. like that’s it. I love the ending scene so much
4. 4th man out - basically a bro comedy where a dude comes out as a gay to his fellow bros and they decide to try and set him up on dates bro style. honestly so f*cking funny and refreshing almost like please we need more gay bro comedies
5. cloudburst - a sweet movie about two elderly lesbians who break out of a nursing home to get married. I’m just gonna warn u one of them died near the end but I still love this movie so much
6. pariah - the story of a young black butch lesbian who is trying to come to terms with her identity and her family. very moving, again wonderful cinematography
7. DEBS - ok I’ll admit I haven’t seen this movie but everyone I know recommends it bc apparently it’s hilarious so
8. life partners - a movie about a straight girl and lesbian who are best friends. leighton meester is the lesbian. it’s also fucking hilarious and altogether one of the few lesbian movies I can say I enjoyed that centered around female friendship of all things
9. the girl king - gay historical drama about the girl king of Sweden. it’s such a pretty movie
10. jennifer’s body - y'all remember this one but it’s literally about a closeted gay girl who gets fucked over by some demon summoning dudebros so she kills them

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okay, so you i'll risk to say you like good movies. and you're also, well, gay. so i am writing to ask if you could recommend me some good lesbian movies, but you know, good ones. sth like bitwc or, i've recently seen fried green tomatoes and liked it. you know, decent acting and all. not some bloomingtown or debs kind of, sorry if you like it, shit. any recommendation?

Hey anon! I’ll be happy to give you some recommendations. I do like me some good lesbian films. I’ll link you to the trailers too, though they don’t always do justice to the movie. The movies vary in genre and style.

My Summer of Love 

Concussion (hot)

Kyss Mig/Kiss Me

Reaching for the Moon (about the relationship between Elizabeth Bishop and the Brazillian architect Lota de Macedo Soares)

Aimee und Jaguar

The Kids Are All Right

Die Bittere Tränen der Petra von Kant/The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant (couldn’t find a trailer do I linked to IMDB. Quite absurd film.)

Vicky Cristina Barcelona (not specifically a lesbian film, but it features a love triangle between Scarlett Johansson, Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem. Very sensual film.)

Chloe (maybe not in your definition of ‘good’ but still worth watching, about an affair between Julianne Moore and Amanda Seyfried)

High Art (kinda depressing though)

Fucking Amal/Show me Love (couldn’t find a decent trailer)

The Hours (painfully beautiful)

La Vie D’Adèle/Blue is the Warmest Color (you already mentioned it but I’m throwing it in anyway. Very very beautiful pure film. Judge the sex scenes for yourself — there’s been lots of talk about that)

Cloudburst (great GREAT road movie about an old lesbian couple. So lovely and sweet and funny)

Desert Hearts (lovely little 80’s movie set in 50’s Nevada - I liked it)

That’s about all I can think of for now! Feel free to share this list for other people who are interested.