Finally a film about lesbians, that is about far more than just lesbians. A film about two women who shared a life, a home, a love. A film about loving someone for a lifetime, and doing anything it takes to stay by their side. Watch it.

And one day, she snapped. The tears began to flow, and they fell and fell and fell from her tired eyes as she turned away to run, to hide, to do anything to get away. To escape. It was cowardly, yes, but it was all she had left. Maybe she was running away from herself. Or, maybe running away had become who she was.
—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write // J.W.

Title: Cloudburst
Language: Canada (English)

Plot: The touching story of Stella and Dot, an elderly couple whose love is young at heart. The pair are separated when Dot is sent to a nursing home by her ignorant granddaughter in order to gain her inheritance. Stella’s solution is to bust her nearly-blind girl out with the plan to flee to Canada, hoping to wed and avoid being parted. Along the way they pick up a hitchhiker to whom they teach the importance of love and family.

Basic Review:

  • Truly a heart melting film! This wonderful couple are hilarious together. They are complete opposites but effortlessly help each other understand life.
  • The film’s lesbian theme is tastefully addressed, depicting the life of the partners’ relationship as happy and healthy.
  • Composition is a strong point for this film, the cinematography was beautiful and harnesses the warmth of their adventure.
  • A beautiful story that everyone should witness!

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