didn’t realize i never posted these here on tumblr :0

this is my kadaj cosplay at anime north! i had no camera and my snapshot happy friend is keeping the pictures to her self for now so this is all i got (these are anime north motorcycle you can find them on facebook if you feel so inclined)

the cloud was pretty cool guy and even had his own mini bike!

i look like a total derp but ah well….

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Do you remember the day when I kissed you for the first time?

I remember the day that I missed you for the first time. And the day that I first asked you if you ever thought about you being mine. 

I remember that night in the bar in the city. The way you looked and talked about your family for the first time and that I was wondering how somebody could be that pretty. You looked so damn pretty. 

The night I couldn’t fight anymore, I still remember that night in the darkness. How I cried and told you ‘i love you’ and you told me ‘and I love you too’.
The night I cried and talked to your friends. That night I cried and called you again. How you never answered the phone. How I entered my home, home alone. 

I remember that night in the rain. That night in the train. Before I could reach my bike, I cried. Mixing clouds escaped my mouth, the groan. Groan. Alone. 

Every inch of my body has a memory of you. 

- A.A. 
August Poetry 2016


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anonymous asked:

For the ask meme, could you please do something with the letter P, Cloud and Yuffie?

P. While driving or in/around a car.

Arms wrapped around Cloud’s waist for support, Yuffie shared a thought about his bike, “This is a sweet ride.”

“I know,” Cloud answered, making a sharp turn around a monster the size of three houses. Yuffie was in a hurry to reach Cosmo Canyon; they didn’t have time to fight every random monster that came in their way.

“Doesn’t trigger my motion-sickness, too.”


That was enough buttering up, right? “How much do I need to pay you to get it?”

“Your soul.”

She couldn’t believe Cloud answered that with a flat tone. “That’s expensive, Cloudy.”

That’s what I put into building it.”

“You’ve been hanging out a lot with Vincent recently, huh?”


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