cloud whirls


The town is called Driftwood, though there isn’t an ocean for three hundred miles.

But they have one hell of a storm.

It’s the edge of the map, the end of the end, and also the very beginning. From far enough away, it’s just a smudge on the horizon. From the streets of Driftwood, it’s a wall of swirling cloud that reaches halfway up the sky. 

It’s not beautiful. It’s just a billowing wall of dusty, pale brown. But if you get closer—if you leave the town, if you go almost to the point of no return—you might see a gap in that wall. You might get a glimpse inside.

It’s another world.

No: it’s the boiling chaos from which all worlds are born. Sky and land both vanish: there’s only infinite wind and cloud, whirling into pillars and mountains, rivers and oceans of ceaseless movement. Light glows through the clouds, shadows dance through the winds, and the colors are vivid enough to taste: sometimes black and indigo, sometimes crimson and gold.

On the other side of that infinite chaos lie other worlds. That’s why some brave the Storm: for trade, for adventure, sometimes even for love.

And that’s why they need to have rules.


You are eight years old when you see a caravan ride through town. It’s your first, but it’s the one you remember: three slow, hulking armored trucks, with a set of identical triplets manning the shotguns and the sniper rifles. They have a seeress, a shriveled old lump of a woman, with bone-white hair that the wind blew into a halo around her head, and a red bandage tied over her eyes. She sits in a wooden rocking-chair lashed to the back bumper of the truck.

She sighs, and she turns her blindfolded eyes toward you, and says, “You. Little girl.”

You bob a curtsy and then you manage, “My name is Maia, ma'am.”

She clucks her tongue and says, “Your heart is the wrong shape.”

Your wrong-shaped heart jerks against your ribs and you can’t speak. Can’t move. The engines of the caravan rattle to life, and the trucks bring trundling toward the Storm. The seeress watches-without-seeing you, all the way out of town.

That evening, your mother taps your head with the mixing-spoon three times, you’re so distracted. She demands to know what’s gotten into you, but you know she would just call you silly if you told. It’s your older sister Lily who finds you crying that night, who teases the story out of you, who kisses you when you’re done.

“Maybe she just means your heart is the wrong shape for Driftwood,” she says. “I’m the wrong shape too, you know; I’m leaving on a caravan, soon as I’m old enough. Do you want to come with me?”

“Yes,” you whisper. “Yes." 

You’ve always loved Lily. She’s pretty and strong and smart; she glides through your world like the moon. And now she’s asked you to join her in the sky.

That’s how you swear, at eight years and six months and three days old, that you will join the caravans and cross the Storm. That you will never love anyone as much as your sister. 

And that’s when you start learning the rules.

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Descendants Jaylos Monster High!AU
  • Jay is a Djinn/Genie without the wish granting powers thanks to being born on the Isle of the Lost. He has both a human form and a spirit form, which is how he is able to perform all sorts of acrobatics and disappear through small gaps as a whirling cloud of dust before reappearing on the other side.
  • Carlos used to be a normal human being until he accidentally got scratched too deep by a werewolf he ran into. Now he’s a “weredog” as Jay affectionately calls him, and even though he’s just as powerful, fast, and durable as any werewolf, he is completely, absolutely terrified of himself and spends every waking hour in his human form and every full moon locked in a closet, too afraid to even look at his reflection and screaming every time he sees his adorable floofy tail.
  • Yeah, he’s basically a vicious, half-human, half-monster Dalmatian with spots and one outturned ear, plus super fluffy curly fur, it’s adorable
  • The two of them are both forced to go to Monster High, Jay for being a small-time criminal/vandal and as part of his not going to juvenile hall (which for monsters, is about as pleasant as you’d expect) and Carlos, for being recently Turned into a werewolf and unable to go to the regular, human high school he wanted
  • They first meet up when Carlos hears that Jay’s a genie. “I heard you grant people three wishes, right?”
  • Jay could prank him and get his hopes up but he’s already seen Carlos get triply bullied for being a) smart, b) really small, and c) a “mutt” werewolf, so he tells him honestly that he can’t grant wishes, he wasn’t born with that power
  • Carlos gets said but then Jay promises to make his wish come true some other way–”Maybe I can’t turn you back into a human, but I CAN turn you into a badass werewolf! Or weredog! Whatever, you’ll still be a total badass.”
  • So begins their friendship and “Badass Weredog Training!”
  • The relationship is pretty problematic at first with Carlos being super reluctant and constantly sabotaging all of Jay’s attempts to make him cool or better in the eyes of the others
  • But eventually, with some training, wrestling, and Jay teaching him all the techniques of how to be cool and confident (basically, don’t listen to what anyone else is saying and think that YOU’RE cool, and the coolness shall follow) and Carlos learns how to be comfortable in his werewolf form, defend himself, and be more assertive and do the things he wants to do but never quite got the courage too
  • Plus the magic of weredog belly rubs. Those are awesome.
  • Jay and Carlos eventually realize that his wish really did come true and he’s better than ever if he wished he were back to being a human. “And you said you can’t grant wishes!”
  • The two of them suddenly stop when they realize that their original agreement has them only being together until Carlos wish is granted. And they realize they don’t want to go their separate ways.
  • So they keep on being friends! Best buds! Monster Bros! Who hang out so much people mistake them for a couple, and Jay just awkwardly jokes his way out of these, while Carlos blushes and silently dies a little inside as Jay gets them out of it, and as the two walk away, they start to wonder if they really are just friends…
teapartyiing replied to your post “*soft sleeping noises*”

-Decided to scare the shit out of him and send Zeus to position a giant picture of herself that way so it will be the first thng he sees after waking up. Distand Mama laughing noises.-

That was NOT the first thing he wanted to see when he woke up!! He was still in the lab, trying to complete his impossible task for Big Mom, but even a genius like himself needed sleep at times so he as usually had fallen asleep at his desk.

*Scared shrieking noises from a gas cloud suddenly whirling just low of the ceiling* 

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Dresden Files, Famous Last Words
  • Storm Front: "Bastard," Victor cried, struggling uselessly in the demon's jaws.
  • Fool Moon: "Please," he croaked. "Oh, God. Please. Don't kill me. Don't kill me."
  • Grave Peril: "Kill him!" She shouted. "Kill him, kill him, kill him!"
  • Summer Knight: The light died out of her eyes, her breath slowing. She whispered, barely audible, "I don't understand."
  • Death Masks: "I told you, Dresden. There's only one way this can end. I would have preferred an honorable demise for you, but any death will do."
  • Blood Rites: "No!" Madge screamed, staring up at the whirling cloud of dark energy in horror.
  • Dead Beat: "Die!" Grevane screamed, wild laughter in his unsteady voice. "Die, die, die--"
  • Proven Guilty: "You cannot do that," the fetch said in a shocked tone. "You...It is not possible."
  • White Night: "Master!" Vittorio cried, his voice slurred.
  • Small Favor: Magog snarled again in that foreign tongue.
  • Turn Coat: "and he snapped, "The End is Nigh!"
  • Changes: He closed his eyes, but his voice was steady. "Yes."
  • Ghost Story: Then she snarled, "Have it your way. The little doctor was my second choice, in any case."
  • Cold Days: "Two plus two is five," she said, and rotated the gun sideways, the barrel still pointed at my eye.
  • Skin Game: Her eyes narrowed, her face reddened, and she said, words clipped, "Condescending bastard. Save your pity for yourself."
New radio map of Jupiter reveals what's beneath colorful clouds

Astronomers using the upgraded Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array in New Mexico have produced the most detailed radio map yet of the atmosphere of Jupiter, revealing the massive movement of ammonia gas that underlies the colorful bands, spots and whirling clouds visible to the naked eye.

The University of California, Berkeley researchers measured radio emissions from Jupiter’s atmosphere in wavelength bands where clouds are transparent. The observers were able to see as deep as 100 kilometers (60 miles) below the cloud tops, a largely unexplored region where clouds form.

The planet’s thermal radio emissions are partially absorbed by ammonia gas. Based on the amount of absorption, the researchers could determine how much ammonia is present and at what depth.

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