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Essays in Existentialsim: Deaf


Dawn came late over the water, with the first kind of light, all rose and golden and violent, spilling through the city streets and mingling with the neon signs and street lights. From the piers, the boats began to chug along, breaking out among the still waters, beginning the slow churn of the day. The buses zoomed along, kicking up exhaust clouds and stray papers from the day before, all while the subway creaked and crawled along, warming up and shaking off the rust of slumber beneath the giant that slumbered on above the tunnels. 

With a slight chill in the air, the seasons had effectively changed once more, fall quickly on the way out and the bite of winter planting itself firmly in the air, drawing it tight, making it like tiny whips that scratched at lungs and made noses raw. 

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           Ideally, you are kissing a stranger with layers of cigarette inhales covering his teeth. He tastes like most strangers you spend your Friday nights with. You take in the flavor of his addiction for long enough to become it. 

          Being both with him and forgetting about him at the same time is a practiced skill. That flavor is a dangerous familiarity. It is a taste your mouth fights to forget but still holds on to.

This is the warning sign you ignore.

Maybe you like the taste of poison too much to make a habit of it.

          ‘Good morning’ is waking up in a bed alone and counting memories on your fingers. You search for something above the clouds but find your hair heavy with smoke. Where is your head? 

          He tastes like most strangers you spend your Friday nights with. He tastes like forgetting again.

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Hey Juju, I hate to ask this since I know you've probably got lots of commision work to do and all, but could I request a small little motivational Cloud doodle? I've been having a really terrible time with everything from work to life in general, and looking at your different motivational arts in such a "comforting to look at" style has helped me get through some pretty rough days. Sorry if it's a bother, but if you don't mind then I'd really love to see one <3

“I’ve managed to make it through, and so will you.”


HAPPY BIRTHDAY tearitar!!!!!!! i’m so sorry this is late it’s been a little hectic lately with the work function+vacation BUT ITS FINALLY FINISHED

tanya requested TEAMWORK, COMPETENCY, AND KISSIN’ ON A MISSION. here is the result

also thank u tomioneer for the proofreading u are an angel from heaven


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