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“You want to hang with me, that’s cool, but my world, my rules. You do what I say.”

happy international women’s day!

It’s like the sky is blue, right? But when there are clouds, you think it’s gray. But, really, it’s still blue. It hasn’t changed. It’s just covered with gray clouds passing by. And your clouds will pass by
—  Orange Is the New Black
  • Daphne: How could you tell her?
  • Draco: I had to, okay? We’re getting married. Married couples can’t keep secrets from one another.
  • Daphne: Really? Then I guess Astoria should know about Knockturn Alley.
  • Draco: DUUUUDDEEE!!
  • Astoria: What happened in Knockturn Alley?
  • Daphne: Well me and Draco were in a bar and this girl is making eyes at Draco. So after awhile he goes to her and after a minute or two I see them kissing. Now I know what you’re thinking, Draco is not the type of guy who goes to bars and makes out with girls and you’re right, Draco is not the type of guy who goes to bars and makes out with *girls*
  • Astoria: YOU KISSED A GUY??!!
  • Draco: In my defense, it was dark and he was a very pretty guy!

Life is a series of closing doors, isn’t it?

  • The lady at the adoption centre as I'm signing the papers to adopt my first child: Isn't this the greatest day of your life?
  • Me, thinking of the day Raphael Santiago was confirmed asexual by Shadowhunters, giving me the first tv show character who shared my sexual orientation: Uh, yeah, it's definitely up there.