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Ooh! Ficmeme! How about... 10. Anniversary Celebration and Strifesodos!

Genesis was not good at hiding that he wanted something. Most of the residents of Seventh Heaven knew that. Only one, however, seemed to get some sort of pleasure by not acknowledging it. 

Cloud just liked being an asshole sometimes. He got it from his Ma. 

It took one long, painful hour of Genesis nervously and expectantly dancing around Cloud, while Cloud ignored him. Almost gleefully he ignored Genesis. 

Finally, Cloud had mercy. 

“What’s up, Gen?” he asked. 

“You know what today is?” Genesis asked. 

“Thursday?” Cloud guessed. Genesis deflated. 

“You really don’t…do you?” Genesis said. Cloud shrugged. 

“Not really…I mean if it’s not on my calendar I don’t really care,” Cloud said. Genesis managed not to yell at Cloud. Or strangle him. 

“It’s our one year anniversary,” Genesis said. Cloud blinked once. 

“No it’s not,” Cloud said, wandering back to his office. Genesis chased after him. 

“Yes it is!” he insisted, “One year ago I showed up here.”

“Yeah, but that’s not our anniversary,” Cloud said, flipping ahead and pointing at another date, “our anniversary is in two months.”

“What?” Genesis said. 

“You showed up a year ago,” Cloud said, “but we didn’t start dating until two months later. Remember…we went for a long walk to see Midgar?” Genesis thought more…and the fire went out of him a little. 

“Shit you’re right,” Genesis admitted. 

“Tastes like vinegar admitting you’re wrong,” Cloud said with a smirk, “but you have a point, today is kind of significant…that and we have no reason to celebrate for the entire month of June. No birthdays, holidays…” He thought for a long minute. 

“MARLENE! DENZEL!” he bellowed, two sets of feet scrambled down the steps. 

“What are you doing?” Genesis asked. Cloud was scribbling furiously on his calendar. 

“We’re celebrating Genesis’s unbirthday,” Cloud announced, “help me plan.” Both kids cheered a little and crowded into the room. 

“That’s the dumbest holiday you’ve ever come up with,” Genesis started. 

“Get out Gen,” Cloud said, “you’ll ruin the surprise.”


The universe is testing me today. My bike got a flat tire, I got rained on, my lyft couldn’t find me but still charged me, my bus was late, my feet hurt after walking a mile in shoes not meant for walk long distances in, and now my post won’t post. But 90% of my day was good and I feel okay now. Just tired.
I slept okay last night. There was a storm and that was nice to watch. Sweetp was being a jerk though and kept biting my arm so I had to punishment hug him for a while and he wasn’t pleased about it.
I got up at 7 and had a really good breakfast. I made perfect scrambled eggs and hash browns. I loved my outfit and the new pants mom ordered for me are the most comfortable and I love them.
I left on time but when I got outside I found my bike tire completely flat. Ugh. So I texted Elin and Anne and let them know I would be a few minutes late.
I walked to Mcad and was only like 5 minutes late. We got the room set up. I cut down the girls paintings and we were on a roll. We all worked so hard today.
The girls came in and got right to work. We had some donors come in today so our schedule was a bit thrown off. But we were on a roll! We put on music and we worked and worked. I was a tiny bit tired emotionally because like while most of the girls are totally self sufficient there are a handful that just can’t seem to get themselves together. Like they just wanted me to hold their hands with ever step and I’m not about that. They need to learn to do it themselves. But I still helped and tried to encourage. We do have one 8 year old and she gets overwhelmed pretty quick. But I’ve gotten good at calming her down and fixing the problems. Like today the shirt she made was a little to small and she freaked. But I figured out how to add a panel and it fit and she was happy again. Then like an hour later she couldn’t figure out how to start the skirt and got very upset but we sat down and got it almost totally done in like 10 minutes. I wish they were all that easy.
We had an early lunch instead of a late snack. And it was beautiful out. The girls played a lot of truth or dare and I read for a while. When we went inside we pretty much got ready right away to go to the Mia. We, the teachers, each had a small group of girls to watch over and I liked that. Easier to maintain 5 then 17. And I particularly liked my group.
We linked arms and walked to the museum. We looked at Asian robes. We sat in the tea room and I told them the story of when I went to a tea ceremony in college. They requested we sit on the ground and close our eyes and breathe for a minute. And that was just a really sweet moment.
We got back to the classroom and worked and worked and worked. I took a quick break and laid on the couches upstairs. And the last hour of work was good. Anne helped me lead clean up and we got the room really good again. Everyone helped eventually.
We did realize around that time we forgot to take a break. Oops. So once the room was clean we had snack and waited to get picked up.
It was pouring outside and I wasn’t excited to walk to the bike shop. We had some kids who’s parents were stuck in traffic so we waited a little longer. The sun came out though so Elin let me bounce so I could not get rained on.
But when I got outside I saw a man collapse on the sidewalk and I had to run to hit the emergency button on the pole outside of Mcad. That was really scary. He tripped on the sidewalk and smashed his face on the ground and hurt his wrists and was really shaken up. But security came out and helped him. I was pretty shaken too.

I got to the bike store and because I have special valves on my bike they won’t have it done until tomorrow. But that’s fine. I left and the rain started again. I was starving and I just wanted five guys. I ran into the gym for cover and called a lyft. But the guy went to the wrong place and couldn’t change the pickup and was over a mile and a half from where I was. And it was raining and I was just really stressed. So I called him and he said to cancel the ride. But then lyft charged me $5 for canceling. And then the rain stopped anyway. So I started walking the long mile to five guys and was just crying. I was tired and hungry and I just was so unhappy. Jess told me to email lyft and so I did to complain and try to get a refund. And it took me a half hour but I made it to the restaurant and it was the best order I’ve had in a long time. Everything was perfect.
I went and caught a bus. Eventually. And then a 2nd bus because I had the transfer and my feet hurt really bad so I didn’t care. I’ll ride the bus for 2 stops.
I went to ace and got spray paint to redo my bike. Dark blue and gold glitter. The guys working there were being goofy though. Saying I looked to young to buy the spray paint and then joking about huffing. It was all very silly. But theyre lucky I wasn’t offfended!
I popped over to the family dollar and got stuff for cupcakes. I shared my secret about replacing the water with lemon juice with the cashiers and then headed home.
It took me almost 2 hours to make 50 cupcakes because I had to do them in the toaster oven. But that’s okay. They came out really good.
I rested for a bit. Texted with Jess. Took a bath. Finished watching monster factory. And now it’s time to go to bed.
Tomorrows the last day of camp!! I’m sad but I’m also excited. Its going to be a really good day I can feel it.
Sleep well everyone