cloud strife costume

Happy 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII!

FFVII was the game that got me into RPGs. RPGs were the games that got me into cosplay. So in that way, my love for FFVII had a lot of influence on how I developed as a person.

It’s been about a year since Shinka Studios and I debuted these costumes at PAX South! Still one of my most memorable cosplay days. <3

Photo by @mineralblu
Wigs by @malindachan
Cloud costume, buster sword by @shinkastudios
Aerith costume, staff by @atelierheidi


Our Final Fantasy VII cosplays got featured in this cool video from IGN. Thanks dudes! 

Cloud by @shinkastudios

Aerith by @atelierheidi

Wigs by @malindachan