“Cloud… Words aren’t the only thing that tell people what you’re thinking…”

“ Tifa…”


( yuuuuuuup. I totally went there.)

Have a very short animation before I tackle a last commission and then, a surprise ~

Last Order-style because why not?

anonymous asked:

I read your child!Cloud AU's and I think the holiday ones are adorable. If you were still doing them would you do one about New Years?

  1. None of the Dads could get out of the New Year fiasco that ShinRa threw each year. The old bastard expected them to be there and “entertain” his associates. They also failed to find a babysitter who wasn’t already going or wasn’t a member of their various fan clubs. Cloud had to go with them. Luckily, the Turks were surprisingly willing to help them hide their kid in the back surveillance room. 
  2. While the Dads have to dress up and look nice, Cloud just goes in his PJs. One dad is almost always hovering over Cloud, making sure he has his book and colors, making sure the Turks are having him watch a movie instead of the cameras. Cissnei actually helps Cloud make a fort with his blanket. Veld offers Cloud another chocolate bar and Reno talks Cloud into sharing. “You’re not too bad kid, not bad at all.” 
  3. Right around Cloud’s usual bed time, he is found out. Sephiroth was followed when he went to check on Cloud. After some explaining, Cloud is formally invited to the party. The SOLDIERs who already adore Cloud take turns bringing him snacks and juice. Some of the other ShinRa employees come take a look at the kid who’s causing such a ruckus over in SOLDIER. Sephiroth thanks the stars that Hojo was “feeling ill” that evening. That man is never going to meet his son, Sephiroth will ensure that.
  4. Not too long after, Cloud asks Zack if he can go home. “I’m sleepy, Daddy Zack. I wanna go to bed.” They keep telling Cloud “just a little bit longer.” They hope they can leave early, at least one of them. As the clock ticks closer to midnight, they lose hope. 
  5. Cloud falls asleep in Angeal’s arms. Whispers go through the crown and the conversation dies. The Dads feel oddly touched when they hear the countdown begin in whispered tones. Even the drunkest attendees are doing their best to be quiet. Cloud doesn’t stir as the new year begins and his family makes a quick, exhausted retreat.