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Un-Thinkable (Roman Reigns x Reader)

Context: Reader and Roman have a secret and it’s beginning to rip a hole in their hearts. Will they ever act on it?

**A/N: ** This is the trilogy to “Mercy”. The song for this is “Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready)” by Alicia Keys. This should be the final part of the entire miniseries. I hope y’all like it.

**S/B: ** I know I said Valentine’s Day but the suspense of releasing this last part was killing me.

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“Moment of honesty

Someones gotta take the lead tonight

Who’s it gonna be?

I’m gonna sit right here

And tell you all that comes to me

If you have something to say

You should say it right now….”

     8:06 a.m., 8:07 a.m., 8:08 a.m. The time kept ticking as Roman laid up on his couch in the early hours of the morning. He was ready to leave for New York over an hour earlier but Seth had told him to wait. The banging on the door startled him up from the slumber, he began to drift off to.

      “I’m comin’. Hang on.” He got up, fighting between being awake and being asleep. Seth made his way inside with Dean following slowly behind him, pulling out a chair at the dining room table.

       “What’s the delay?” Roman asked. “I had to reschedule the flight heading to New York to ten.”

       Seth stared at Dean, who quietly shifted in his seat. “Tell him, Dean.”

       “I shouldn’t. I already told you too much.”

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katiwankathelyn  asked:

Well, clouds don't really look good with outlines, so n outlines on clouds? Either that or use a light grey instead

I actually really dont know how to draw clouds, so I would love some advice on how to do so XD 
(also thank you guys so much for all the feedback its helping me a lot)

~written in purple gel pen on the bus back from my girlfriend’s~

Love is orange:
A frill of Clementine peel
Falling to the ground.
My thumb orbits a freckle.
Words become keepsakes
In the setting amber air.
The dawn rushes from her fingertips;
Her eyelashes bloom
In the light.
The room- transforming
Into a silk cocoon.
I’m panning for gold in
Her bright brown eyes.
Who calls love red?

Love is lilac:
Ashy clouds sketching outlines
For tomorrow’s early skies.
The bleeding blue
Traces a line of kisses
Along the edge of the sunset
As mist reflects on water.
Lipstick stained letters,
Violets in a vase,
Fingernails to trace in the morning
And a handmade lavender bag
Under the pillow.