cloud museum

Happy birthday to Cory Arcangel! For Super Mario Clouds (2002), Arcangel hacked into and modified a cartridge of Super Mario Bros., the blockbuster Nintendo video game released in the U.S. in 1985. By tweaking the game’s code, the artist erased all of the sound and visual elements except for the iconic fluffy white clouds that scroll endlessly across a bright blue sky.

[Installation view of America Is Hard to See (Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, May 1-September 27, 2015). Photography by Ronald Amstutz]


Out of Africa by Jeremy Beckman

the signs as cute things
  • Aries: winged eyeliner, fluffy socks, netflix marathons
  • Taurus: jumping in puddles, puppies, cookie dough
  • Gemini: denim jackets, cactuses, little doodles
  • Cancer: dyed hair, lazy mornings, kisses
  • Leo: black dresses, flowers, rain drops on the window after the rain
  • Virgo: stationary, museums, cloud watching
  • Libra: pizza, cuddles, oversized sweaters
  • Scorpio: star wars, cats, vanilla coke
  • Sagittarius: dark lipstick, thunder storms, instagram
  • Capricorn: messy buns, indie music, squishy pillows
  • Aquarius: late night drives, rings, freckles
  • Pisces: sunny days, disney movies, large sunglasses
hogwarts houses head canons/aesthetics

Gryffindor: slightly smudged mascara, converse, sunlit eyes, laughter lines, stray hairs, 2:36am, tracing patterns on warm skin, rolled skirts, fingernail marks, feeling inadequate, damp eyelashes, cold lips, connecting freckles, sunsets, comfortable silences, soft hands, the click of a camera, blood rush to the head, forests, bare feet, hidden emotion, second homes in people, the fear of succumbing.

Hufflepuff: singing under your breath, stroking cheeks, forehead touches, polaroids, tapestries, subconsciously picking at the grass, shy glances, empty fields, white bedsheets, dimpled smiles, the smalls of backs, slender fingers, letters, calligraphy, art museums, cloud gazing, stacks upon stacks of papers, lockets, collecting stones, insecurity, the crooks of necks, the fear of being used.

Ravenclaw: matte lipstick, silk navy nightdresses, hot tea, unkempt hair, cold fingers, paint streaked hands, callous covered fingers, loose ties, postcards, wrist sketches, chapped lips, bright eyes, s cynicism, barely legible handwriting, heated discussions, ring twisting, crossed legs, imposter syndrome, 11:11, crooked smiles, stray pens, headaches, sentimentality, the fear of losing your depth.

Slytherin: foggy mornings, red wine, collarbones, velvet skirts, sheer stockings, competitive streaks, resilience, single tears, shaking hands grasped by gentle ones, skin lit by the moonlight, storms, longing, nostalgia, badge covered blazers, half full, unbuttoned shirts, pinned curls, glossy eyes, family heirlooms, quick gentle smiles, protective arms, pushing stray hairs behind their ear, hesitant love, the fear of losing yourself.