cloud is facepalming

Cloud started when he felt a tug on his back pocket. He looked down and saw a lot of green. 

“Uh…kid,” Cloud started, “I don’t think you should be here right now.” 

The kid just pointed across the field. Cloud followed his finger to an enormous man covered in armor. 

Well shit. 

“Look kid,” Cloud started again, “You really might wanna get out of here before it starts getting ugly.” The kid just shrugged happily. Cloud drew the Buster Sword. 

Cloud heard a sword being unsheathed right next to him. 

“Uhh…how old are you?” Cloud asked. He had to be like…12. The kid just smiled. 

“Do you even understand a word I’m saying?” Cloud asked. He got a nod and another smile. Cloud resisted facepalming. 

“Just…stay behind me okay?” Cloud said and rushed forward. 

The man in armor (did he have green skin? What was with this place and the color green?) anticipated his attack. The force of it pushed him to the edge of the arena. Cloud’s opponent caught himself before he fell. 

Then an arrow flew past Cloud and knocked him down. Cloud watched him fall before turning back. 

The kid in green was holding his bow rather proudly. 

“Nice work, kid,” Cloud said, he tried to bite back a smile, “That’s a weird hat though.” 

That got a laugh. 


This turned into a 12-panel fast… I will never get over the fact of how easily I can destroy the Bog Kings dignity just with his stupid dorky faaaaace…:D Fairy bartender"Um princesses? If you don’t mind, will you please take these two out?! They’ve been like this for 5 hours now!! And honestly were gonna need to fill our basement if the Bog King keeps coming here…“


First Part