cloud elemental


And when we
return to dust,
share this earth with me
ride these winds with me,
let us mix
with the rivers
that flow,
let the sun sift
through the cloud cover,
as we nestle
at the bottom of the sea.

© SoulReserve 2016

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips for painting backgrounds?? oh my god i am STUNNED by your work!


as for some tips…just…references LOL. look at pretty pictures. both photography and paintings of places u think are cool! they usually give me a good basis for starting palette and space, and then from there I kind of build my own place depending on the composition. (Because I’ve pretty much been using backgrounds as a supplement to the piece, secondary to the figures involved..)

It’s not hard though! I’ll walk u through… (the meadows) (ha)

… *puts bob ross wig on*

throw in a sky

some foreground elements

flesh out some middle ground. I specifically kept the hills under their shoulders for emphasis on their heads, yknow??

add some happy mountains.

sprinkle in some flowers

throw on some extra lighting (mine is coming in from the right)

maybe add some happy clouds

some extra foreground elements to put icing on the cake!

I’m always adjusting my colors and values with the HSV slider (CTRL/CMD+U)

For this one I wanted a really pink/red thing goin on for Valentine’s day so that was my goal~ Hope this helps a little bit!


Late Christmas presents for @effectsofgrowingup and @peach-tea-lover: a random princess and Killian from The Adventure Zone!

She leaped from cloud to cloud absorbing all of their breaths.
Consumed by the culminations of vibrant hues she tiptoed carefully, determined to not miss a single shade.
She engulfed the soft whims of air like soil after a drought

She glided so gracefully for so long, her skin became transparent, and
her eyes became crystal and
her hair was a tornado and
you could no longer see her soar but
could easily feel her delicate fingers graze upon everything the earth contained

She was breath
She was air
She was wind
She was smoke
She was breeze
She was everywhere
She was everything

She was…


—  The girl who couldn’t imagine anything better than to be swept up by the clouds arms and soar

Challenge Your Shelf || October 2016

Day  20: A Retelling 

Not all retellings are based on fairytales like Crimson Bound and Winter. Some, like Crash and Head in the Clouds subtly include elements that mirror other classical books. 

soooo it’s my 18th birthday today, and I want to share this with people and maybe inspire someone :)
the photo on the left was taken 1hr ago and the right was taken 1 year ago.
basically i’ve lost a lot of weight, through proper diet and exercise. (I mean I’m now an Australian size 8 compared to a size 16/18). But i’ll tell you what, the physical change aside, Its the emotional change that I’m most excited about. I’m happier, my personality is shining therefore more confident and of course healthier (ie my depression is no longer clouding every single element of my life) I now enjoy life whereas 8 months ago I was contemplating death, it’s amazing the change I have accomplished. (like you can even see how uncomfortable i am in that right photo).
I wanted to share this as and some wisdom that I have gathered for those who want to make a change (and also someone asked how I did it) 

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