cloud climber

Title: The Mountain Climber


Series:None (Original story)

Characters: Ariz (a near-adult  dakotaraptor), Ash (a juvenile t-rex)

Wordcount: 741


Author’s note: This took almost two hours to write. It was inspired by this post

 Once, there was a great mountain. And on the top of that mountain, a great society dwells. Where everyone is respected, loved, and their talents are endless. Land-dwellers, those who lived on the land surrounding the mountain, were tested to see if they were worthy to live in the mountaintop’s great society. They were tasked to climb to the top of the mountain, with five large rocks tied to their waist. Each rock represented something special. Courage, Confidence, Assurance, Self-Love, and Self Esteem.  If they succeeded, they would be allowed to live in this society, find an eternal partner, maybe more!

 One day, two creatures, Ariz, and Ash, decided to climb the mountain, their chief granted them five large rocks each and tied them around the youth’s waists. Now, they were standing at the mountain’s base, they were ready. “Hey, Ash?” “Yeah?” “What’s the first thing you want to do once you get up there?” The smaller feathered beast stomped her foot in thought. “I want to share my talent with everyone!” Ariz tilted it’s head slightly, “Yeah, I want to do that too!”

They agreed to climb, as long as there was a two-meter space between them both, so if one was ahead, and a rock slipped from under their foot, it wouldn’t hit the other one.

 For several meters up, there wasn’t much problem. Minus the fact that Ash’s arms are too  short, compared to her legs. She just had to lean closer to the mountainside.  Eventually, Ariz started to lose their footing, the weight of the rocks around their waist was becoming too much for them. Using their claws, it cut one of the rocks loose, causing it to crash to the ground. With that Ariz continued upwards.

 Several more meters up, Ariz cut another rock loose, and another, and another. Now, only one rock left, the climb became much easier. “I can definitely reach the top before Ash!”  

 Almost there. They could see the top. Claws cracked, feet bleeding, feathers bent, muscles sore, but they were almost there. It could feel a ring of bruises around their waist, where the rock’s weight pushed the rope into their hips. ‘I don’t need this.’ They thought, and cut the last rock loose.

 Ariz’s claws dug into the soil at the top of the mountain. They did it! They reached the top! Quickly, they pulled themself up, and stared in awe at the great society. It was beautiful! Everyone looked so peaceful, as the large group of beings watched this new creature stand on their soil. A little was back, Ash reached the top, with all five rocks still tied to her waist.

 A mystical-looking individual stepped out from the crowd towards the newcomers, examining them. He nodded to Ash, and cut the rope off of her, giving her full access to this new world. The creature padded over to Ariz, and examined them. “Where are your rocks? I see the rope around your waist, but no rocks.” His low voice shook Ariz the their bones. “Well, the climb was becoming too much for those useless stones, they were just weighing me down.” “Then how come your friend here, who is younger than you, managed to get here?” Ariz lowered themselves in submission. “W-well, her breed is stronger than mine.” “THAT IS NO EXCUSE!!” His voice shook the ground. “These stones are given to you for a reason! It insures that you can love yourself before you reach our ranks! Because of your actions, you shall never step into our ranks! You shall never feel love! You are worthless!!!” With that, he turned, and belted his tail into Ariz with full force, causing them to fly off the mountaintop.

 Ariz fell fast, crashing into the mountainside many times, before eventually hitting the ground. Back-first into the remains of the five cut, now broken rocks. Short, sharp breathes barely escaped their battered body. Scars criss-crossed their body, feathers damaged stained red. They slowly got to their feet, eyes on the mountaintop, body lowered to the ground.”If I am unworthy to be a part of their society, then i don’t want to be a part of it!”Slowly, Ariz padded away from the mountain, far away, never to return, never to be happy again.