cloud climber

You never fight alone.

Hey ChallengerApproaching and all who follow them. It’s me, Ohthehypocrisy, with another character submission. Now, let’s be real for a moment. All this talk of Ice Climbers returning to Smash with a changed moveset is great and all, but how would one execute it? If you had to rebuild the Ice Climbers from the ground up (pun because mountains), how would you do it? I mean, Ice Climbers had a pretty solid gimmick in Melee and Brawl because of their dual fighter ability, and that same gimmick got them kicked out of Smash 4. So, what’s an Ice Climber to do?

It’s simple.

Give them a new gimmick, something they can still stand on and work within the limitations of the 3DS. Time for the Ice Climbers to…

Show us your (NEW) moves!

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