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Lance is the guardian spirit of water!!!

he first starts out piloting the blue lion >>> the ocean

then Shiro goes missing, Keith gets bumped up to Black while Lance gets bumped up to the red lion, the red lion’s element is fire >>> the water heats up

Lance and Red’s bond doesn’t work, it’s too forced and bad for Lance >>> the heated water begins to evaporate

Keith piloting the black lion doesn’t work out either, Lance proves to be an effective leader and more compatible with Black and gets bumped up to Black while Keith returns to the Red lion >>> the steam that evaporated from the water RISES into THE SKY AND FORMS CLOUDS (the black paladin is the guardian spirit of the sky!)

Lance leads the team along side Princess Allura and they kick Lotor and the Galra’s asses! >>> the clouds roll across the sky, growing and getting heavier

the team eventually finds Shiro! he returns to the pilot seat of the black lion while Lance returns to Blue >>> the heavy clouds start to rain, the water returns to the ocean (Lance has a motif with rain! he misses the rain!)

Mixc World

Victo Ngai

I was commissioned by Mixc World, a shopping center in Shenzhen China. to create a billboard image celebrating their launch in September 2017.

 Mixc World is a community comprises of a dozen buildings, hundreds of shops and restaurants and public areas including art installations and historical sites. The main inspiration of this piece was drawn from the Chinese name of Mixc World - “萬象天地”, which has the meaning of “a place with everything and all things” but can also be literally translated to “Elephant World”

 With this image, I want to create a whimsical carnival-like world that is filled with fun and curiosity. I like to sneak in visual signs for the viewers to figure out, clues which would allow people to connect dots into line, whether consciously or subconsciously. For example, we see the Cosmic Elephant presents a flower to the little girl. The interior of the flower corresponds to the cosmic pattern on the elephant, while the external stripes related to the stripes on the elephant, the girl’s skirt, the building, the clouds in the sky, and so on. We get a sense that everything is related and all is one, the flower being gifted opens up the possibility of the entire world, similar to the experience Mixc World is offering to its shoppers.


A walk in town - Hometown series

ok ok, it was a 35 minutes warm up and I tried to record myself while painting~~

Painted on PS [2017.07]

Have an awesome day !!!!!

Murata stream update: Genos is doing amazing! :’D Look at him go!

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“I’m doing fine. Got a job as a Dj in one of the better nightclubs. Wish Prez’d stop bothering me though.

…I just met this amazing girl. Her name is Ylil and she’s the judge of freaking Inverse! She doesn’t care about my colour and me being from Stratoverse, and she’s super hot and badass too!

I wish you both were here to see her.

Ahaha… Sorry for crying. I’ll stop now.”

Day 6 of GV Week: Angst or Song Lyrics!!

What if Stratoversians don’t bury their dead, but let the bodies “fuse” into the clouds and become apart of the sky? This is the closest Indigo can get to talking with them these days.