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New toy II pt.1

Jungkook x reader

genre: smut, fluff, sub!jungkook

word count: 8.5k

Your new neighbour turns out to be the perfect toy for you.

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Declarations of Love

Characters: Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, Cassandra Cain, Damian Wayne, Duke Thomas, Bruce Wayne

Summary: Bruce could not say his love to his children. Thankfully, Cass was there to interpret.

A/N: I got the idea from @oh-mother-of-darkness headcanon. The original post is here . It’s a bit different from the original hc, so i hope you don’t mind, hehehe. 

(I should be studying biology. I wrote this instead…)

It was the case. That was what Dick said to himself to excuse Bruce’s behavior. Arkham inmates all broke out, again, so the tension was high. They were all exhausted, stressed out, and just generally ready to crash.

But in reality, Bruce has been doing that for years, now.

It was not always like that. In Dick’s first years as Robin, Bruce was not like this. Sure, he’d snap at him from time to time, but it was never unwarranted. He had almost always done something stupid enough to warrant the lecture. And Bruce always comes to him a few hours later, saying things like how much Dick meant to him and how he couldn’t handle losing Dick. Not in so many words, of course, where’s the fun in that, but Dick got the gist. Moreover, Bruce will sometimes, sometimes, if he was good enough that day, smile at him and patted him on the shoulders. That always meant ‘I’m proud of you, chum’.

The younger ones never saw that Bruce. Tim, Steph, Cass, Damian, and Duke only ever saw a Bruce that was already broken from losing Jason. And Jason? Well, Jason was special. He knew Bruce can be kind and loving, but those memories were clouded by Bruce’s actions after he returned.

In his heart, Jason will always have that part of him that was a Gotham street kid. That part will never be able to trust anyone who had hurt him, because in the streets of Gotham, trusting someone who had turned on you once will result in your death. And Bruce had hurt Jason countless of times.

Bruce kept snapping at everyone. At Dick for not watching his back, at Jason for using excessive force, at Tim for crashing in the middle of the case, at Steph for not being fast enough, at Cass for not being quick enough to work the evidence, at Damian for running off alone, and at Duke for not obeying his orders in the field. None of it was warranted.

So Dick was not surprised to see Jason and Steph grumbling under their breath. Nor was he surprised to see both Tim and Damian glaring daggers at Bruce’s cowl. Duke was relatively new, and therefore hasn’t had a trademark response to Bruce’s sudden anger lapse. He would in a few more months, though.

The moment Bruce finished his lecture and went out the room, the shouting started. Honestly, Dick was surprised they could hold it that long.

“Enough with the excessive force, Jason. Stop shooting at criminals, Jason,” Jason said in his worst Bruce imitation. Dick knew that Jason can do a more or less spot on impersonation of Bruce, so this was deliberate.

“You need to be fast enough, Stephanie! You’re not good enough, Stephanie!” Steph said while making bat ears with her fingers. “Do as I say. Why? Because I’m Batman!”

“This lunatic need to be brought back unharmed, Jason,” Jason continued. “Fuck it, they deserve what they got.”

“Yeah, maybe tone it down a bit, Jay?” Tim said. “My bike’s full of bullet holes and I just finished tuning it up. I’m going to have to do it again.”

“Fuck you, Replacement.”

“Nobody cares about your bike, Drake.”

“Hey!” Tim retorted back.

“I mean, I get that he does this whole lecturing thing out of love for us and all, but he could stand to show it,” Steph said before it can turn into an argument about Red Robin’s bike.

“It would be nice to get a positive feedback once in a while,” Duke said from the side of the room. “I mean, I’ve been here almost three months and I’ve never heard him say something positive about any of us.”

“Just three months? Try four years,” Steph replied.

“Try six,” Jason said.

“Just out of curiosity, has anyone ever heard him say 'I love you’ to any of us?” Steph said.

Duke shook his head. Tim took a moment to think but eventually shook his head. Jason simply grimaced. “Like he would ever stoop so low.”

“But he says that a lot,” Cass said. Dick turned his head to see Cass better, and he could see that Cass was confused with the whole conversation. She had this frown that meant she knew something others don’t, but can’t find the words to express it.

“What? He never says that, Cass.” Steph frowned.

“Yeah, Cass. He never actually says that to any of us,” Tim added.

“No. He says that a lot.”

Dick knew where this was going. Cass read body languages. She read Bruce’s and considered it as valid as a spoken declaration. But that was not the case with the rest of them. Dick himself could only read the hidden love in Bruce’s gestures by years of exposition to the man himself and the fact that he used to say it more clearly.

“Not verbally, Cass, he doesn’t,” Dick interjected. If he didn’t then this whole thing would go round and round, and it would be hours before the resulting argument would be finished. “As far as I can recall, he never says that verbally.”

“Ha! Goldie’s been here the longest and even he never heard Bruce said it,” Jason said.

“No. He says it a lot.”

“Cass, not verbally, okay?” Dick smiled at her. “It’s late and we’re all exhausted. So, let’s just leave this for the night and go to sleep. We can argue this again in the morning when we’re all rested.”

Cass looked at him with a disbelieving expression, but eventually relented to put the issue down for the night. Dick was sure that it would come up again.

Well, that’s a problem for another day. Right now he needed the rest.


Cass knew that Bruce said he loved them lots of times. The others just didn’t understand the language that Bruce used. So it’s up to Cass to show them all the times Bruce said it.

Just you wait. By the time Cassandra finished, all of them were going to be fluent in Bruce’s language of love.

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p’tit film de fin d’année histoire de dire ! ^^

Artificial Love

A/N: I’ve finally managed to post a smut after so long! I’m terribly so sorry to everyone who’s been waiting for their requests to be fulfilled! This smut is dedicated to the lovely anon who requested a long time ago. On a side note, thank you to everyone for the lovely feedback and support I’ve been receiving for my moodboards. Look forward to more in the future ;) As of now, enjoy some Sub! Jongdae x

Pairing(s): Chen/Jongdae x Reader

Warnings: Light bondage, Submissive Chen

Genre: Smut

Requested: Yes

Summary: Jongdae teases you with videos of his cane-grinding skills in ‘Artificial Love’ so you decide to teach him a lesson when he comes home.

Word Count: 3445

Originally posted by etherealchen

It’s been weeks since you last saw your boyfriend Jongdae due to the touring he’s been undergoing with his band members. However, despite the never-ending distance between the two of you and the time zone differences, Jongdae never failed to drop you at least one call or text message a day. Even if it is to complain about how exhausted he feels or a ‘Hey baby, miss you lots’ message, your heart swells up with unconditional love whenever you catch a glimpse of his contact name popping up on the screen of your phone.

It’s no easy feat to live your life normally when Jongdae always plays at the back of your mind, teasing you with the promise of his return. You could be washing dishes and the thought of him would invade your mind, reminding you of the playful memories of when the two of you would flick liquid detergent at each other while doing the dishes after a meal.

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pansexual--bookworm  asked:

I'm reading a new book and can't find any good music to listen to while reading. Do you have any suggestions or any recommended artists?

Okay! I am so excited about answering this! I, too, am always on the hunt for the perfect reading music! I’m not sure what genres you like/if you want music with lyrics or not so I’m going to throw a ton of stuff out there - I hope there’s something that strikes your fancy, and if you have a more specific request that I don’t cover, then feel free to ask! I personally listen to a lot of rock/punk music while I read, so if that’s interesting to you I can add some of that music, but I’ll stick with mostly ambient/peaceful/not distracting stuff.

Reading Music Masterlist

Music without lyrics

If you have a spotify account, then there’s a Spotify-created playlist called “Deep Focus” and this is my absolute go-to for academic reading or when I’m trying to do personal reading in a noisy location. It’s calm and peaceful and I basically lose all sensation and forget where I am beyond the story I’m reading.

Another Spotify playlist I really liked is called “Studying with Classical Music” created by user classifyapp1. It’s updated weekly though, so sometimes I’m in love with it and can’t get enough, and sometimes I don’t like anything on it. It’s still worth checking out if you can if you like classical music whilst reading.

If you don’t use spotify/want more specific recs, here are a few (still without lyrics):

  • Anything by Clocks & Clouds - perfect for action/intense reads because I always feel like I’m walking away from a fight scene with a building exploding behind me when I listen to them
  • Symphony No. 7 in A Major, Op. 92: Allegretto by Beethoven conducted by Leonard Bernstein - This piece is super cool because scientists have discovered that the chord sequences are perfect for releasing happy and stress-relieving chemicals in your body. Like the chords literally resonate with your body, or something like that (I switched from Bio Engineering to English for a reason). Also a great piece for getting work done on a tight deadline with a lot of stress
  • Pavane composed by Faure - peaceful with an enchanted forest feel
  • Anything composed by Philip Glass - my personal favorite is Akhenaten: Prelude
  • Gone in Bloom and Bough by Caspian - very ambient, and out-of-body
  • anything by Kyle Landry, but I particularly like the Howl’s Moving Castle Theme
  • Gaspard de la nuit: Ondine composed by Ravel (I like Martha Argerich’s recording quite a bit)
  • You Are a Memory by Message to Bears (ambient)
  • Come Away With Me by Tracey Chattaway (ambient)
  • Dancing on the Light by Richard Dillon (ambient)
  • Quiet by This Will Destroy You (ambient)
  • Rheaide does a cover of the Beauty and the Beast - Prologue music without any narration, just music, and I listen to this constantly while reading but just living my daily life. It makes me feel like a girl with her nose stuck in a book :)
  • ANYTHING by Joe Hisaishi - “Hisaishi Meets Miyazaki Films” is one of the best things to have happened to this planet
  • Vitamin String Quartet

Beyond this, other instrumental things that are great for reading are movie/video game soundtracks because they’re story-oriented which means they can set the mood really well for whatever you’re reading if you get the right thing. Some of the classic movie score composers that I would recommend are Dario Marinelli, Alexandre Dumas (his Harry Potter soundtracks give me life and I most certainly listened to them when reading the series), Hans Zimmerman, and John Williams.

One of my favorite video game soundtrack composers is Jeremy Soule who does Guild Wars and the Elder Scrolls (Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s music is f a n t a s t i c for reading). Final Fantasy music is also good for mood-setting. My absolute go-to’s when reading though are the Music from Braid soundtrack by Sieber, Kammen, Fulton and Schatz and Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts (the Dearly Beloved cover by Vitamin String Quartet for reads that are wholesome and romantic or even empowering coming-of-age type stories).

Lastly, the Avatar the Last Airbender soundtrack the Voltron soundtrack for the remake of the TV show are EPIC esp if you’re reading action/space operas.

Music with lyrics

What I do a lot of the time when I want music with lyrics to get me in the right mood for the book I’m reading, is I’ll do specific playlist searches on Google. For example, I’m reading A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab rn and love Lila’s character, so I just searched “Delilah Bard character playlist” and got great results. users are also stars are creating fantastic character/book-specific playlists and they’re free!! Which is the best part!!

Here’s some music I gravitate towards when I’m reading but don’t have the energy to get all artsy with mood playlists:

  • Bloodstream by Stateless
  • Halsey’s first album
  • Marina and the Diamonds - Numb and Robot are two of my faves
  • Bloodsport by Raleigh Ritchie - If you like Rainbow Rowell, she added this to Baz’s character playlist from Carry On and it is PERFECT so I listened to it on repeat while reading. Also fun because Raleigh Ritchie aka Jacob Anderson was Grey Worm in the GoT TV show if that’s up your alley
  • Peppermint by Lovers
  • Anything by Tess Parks
  • Cigarettes after Sex - Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby is quite peaceful and reassuring for trying to get into a safe space mindset for reading
  • Once again if you have Spotify, Afternoon Acoustics playlist is perfect for curling up in a window or garden on a sunny day with a light read
  • We Are Broken by Paramore - fits apocalyptic reads quite well I think
  • A Sunday Smile originally by Beirut covered by Kishi Bashi
  • Forest Fire by Brighton

My last suggestion: if none of this music strikes your fancy, then you could try!! There’s a ton of background noise tracks and they’re so fun and perfect for geeks, with tracks like “Gryffindor Common Room,” “D/D fantasy inn/tavern,” “Belle’s Library,” and less specific ones like “Summer Forest” and “On a Ship at Sea.” Perfect for immersing yourself into whatever story you’re reading!

Sorry this is so long, as I tried to be fairly comprehensive. Once again, feel free to ask me for more specific recs if this wasn’t helpful. And anyone else is welcome to add to this if they have suggestions! I hope you enjoy your reading :)

Title: Protected
Character: Danny Rand
A/n: Thanks to the lovely user who sent this request in, I had to rewatch a couple episodes because my mind was running a total blank when it came the Hand.

Danny watched carefully as Madame Gao continued to walk towards him, it was silent in the room, save for the sound of his breathing and the clack of her wooden cane against the stone floor. Danny eyed her carefully, not knowing what she was planning.

He had withdrawn from the challenge, but part of him wanted to hear what she had to say. Madame Gao knew about K'un-Lun and about his father.

“I am amused by the way your mind works, Danny Rand,” Her voice commanded the room,echoing off the walls. “You’re different from the others at the monastery, you’re feelings compromise your actions and cloud your thoughts.”

Danny scoffed, grabbing onto Sabina’s arm and guiding her to the exit.

“That simple fact alone will prove to be very useful.”

Danny stopped his movements, gently pushing Vanessa closer to the door before turning back to Madame Gao. “What do you mean.”

There was a flash of a smile and glint to her eyes that made an unsettling feeling grow at the pit of Danny’s stomach.

“I could be wrong,” She twirled the end of her cane around her hand. “But some of my informants tell me your close to the Meachum siblings, no?”

“Ward and Joy have 24 hour surveillance and are the owners of a multi-billion company. You’ll have a lot of trouble on your hands if you try to take either of them.”

“Oh, of course,” Madame Gao took another step, a mere foot away from Danny as she looked at him with piercing eyes. “But I dont think we say the same about the third Meachum child, can we?”

Danny’s face dropped, his fists clenched together so tight the Iron Fist might have been activated again had the sudden rise in his anger not blocked it. “How do you know about her?”

“Such a sweet girl,” Madame Gao said, evidently amused by the reaction she got out of him. “So kind and humble, it would be a real shame if she were found dead.”

“Touch her and I will end you.” Danny growled,

Madame Gao simply laughed, an unpleasant noise that had a menacing tone to it. “Your threats do very little, Danny Rand,” She turned around and began walking away. “Especially if we already got to her.”

Danny’s mind went blank and all he saw was red as he lunged at Madame Gao, who easily predicted his moments, he barely touched her before he was sent hurling back into the wall and crashing to the ground.

“Have a good evening.”

Danny looked up and she was gone, but the alarms going off in his head and every instinct in his body to get to you as fast as he possibly could.

He scrambled to his feet, latching onto Sabina’s wrist as the two of them sprinted to the exit of the warehouse. They made it to the well before she released his hold on her.

“Go find your friend,” Sabina said, giving him a concerned look. “If she’s in danger you must find her, those people are vicious.”

Danny tried to calm his breathing. “What about you?”

“I can find my way from here, my father needs me and your friend needs you,” She started to walk away from him. “Find her.”

That was all Danny needed to hear before he broke off into a run out of the warehouse.

When Danny finally reached your house he didn’t waste any time to frantically knock on the door. Letting out a frustrated cry when there wasn’t an answer after a minute or two of waiting, he pounded on the door and called out to you before he stepped back and observed the layout of your house.

He quickly looked for anyone passing by before noticing one of your windows opened on the top floor, he maneuvered himself on the wall before reaching the inside, shutting the window behind him and quickly going in search of you.

Danny looked in all the top rooms and had to strongly resist the urge to completely tear the entire place apart until he found you.

He paused in the living room, his breathing and heartrate borderline fanatic when he realized you weren’t in the house. His hands found there way to his hear as he tugged on his hair as his vision became blurry.

This was all his fault.

He should have been there to protect you and know you were in serious danger.

Danny’s eyes snapped shut at the thought of you possibly being dead somewhere in the city, he sunk to his knees and started to silently sob.

In his anguish, he didn’t hear the front door open or the footsteps that came to the living room.


His head shot up, seeing you looking at him with furrowed brows and concerned gaze as he was still on the floor, hands slowly falling from his hair as he stared at you.

“Danny, did something happen?” You took a step towards him but you didn’t make it any further as Danny ran towards you, crushing you with an impossibility tight hug.

He had even lifted you off the ground, trying to hold you as close as he humanly could, causing your keys to drop to the carpet as you had to quickly grab onto him for some kind of support as you let out an “Oof.”

“(Y/n)!” Danny cried out. “My (Y/n).” He voice broke off into a muffled mess as he nuzzled his head into the crook of your neck.

You looked down at him and couldn’t help but be confused. He was still holding onto you and it was the most distressed you ever seen him.

“You’re alive.” Danny said once he set you back on the ground, arms only leaving your waist so his hands could cradle either side of your face.

“You really have to explain what’s going on-”

Your concerns were silenced as his lips captured yours in an overwhelmingly urgent kiss, knowing you would have lost your balance had it not been dor Danny’s tight hold on you

You felt Danny sigh as he continued to give you kiss after kiss, his lips left yours so he could plant smaller ones all over your face and jaw as he whispered “I’m sorry” repeatedly.

“You really should explain.” You managed to break out in segments as Danny kissed you between each word before resting his forehead on top of yours.

“I thought you were dead,” He admitted, his warm breath hitting your skin and making it tingle pleasantly. “Madame Gao got into my head and made me think the Hand got to you. And when I came here to look for you, you weren’t here and I thought I had lost you.”

You wrapped him around in a hug, now understanding why he was panicking. “I’m so sorry, I was working late at the bookstore.”

Danny’s eyes met yours and he gave you one small kiss in the middle of your forehead. “We have to get you out of here,” He said, grabbing onto your hand. “They know about you and I can’t let you stay here anymore.”

“Danny, I don’t think-”

“(Y/n), please just this once, don’t argue with me,” His gaze desperately pleading with yours. “Please let me take you with me so I know you’re safe. You can stay at my place so I can protect you.”

You placed your hands on his jaw and leaned his head down so you could give him a small, but reassuring peck. “Alright, whatever makes you feel better.”

Danny grabbed onto your hands and gave them a lingering kiss. “Thank you.”

2x19 aka "Magnus Big Jerk Bane"



Don’t get me wrong. I love Magnus, I adore him, he’s my precious bean, but how he acted with Alec in this episode was just…well, mean.

Alec made mistakes.

They both know that and Alec is trying to do the right thing. He apologised and tried to make peace with the Seelie Queen.

He knows that he fucked up, but he wants to do better and to gain back Magnus’ trust. He also wants to help the Downworld, he is acting like the true Head of the NY Institute.

And what is Magnus doing?

He’s being petty.

Now, I know he has been hurt and no one should see his pain as not valid. He suffered through centuries of heartbreak and Alec broke his trust when he was certain he never would.

But all of this is so new to Alec! And that doesn’t forgive everything but it’s normal for a 20 years old-ish man who just got into his first relationship and first real job (with power and responsabilities) to mess up sometimes.

What is not normal is for a 400 years old warlock, who is the HIGH WARLOCK of motherfucking BROOKLYN to ignore Alec who is, I’ll say it again, THE HEAD OF THE NY INSTITUTE at a Downworld meeting.

And to look PISSED when Alec tries to talk to him, like wtf?

No, we know that the queen is just a filthy traitor and that all of this is going to back fire for Magnus and the warlocks. And I am sorry for them, I really am.

But I feel like Magnus totally let his feelings cloud his actions. He took a decision because he felt like Alec betrayed him. He decided to fight along the Seelies who he knows almost nothing about because Alec didn’t tell him about the Soul Sword.

And I know, I know, he is suffering and hurting and I understand.

But Alec is too.

This was his first relationship and in the matter of minutes he got his heart broken and he was left alone to deal with an upcoming war after his little brother just escaped death.

Talk about suffering.

But Alec was ready to work with the Seelies and the entire Downworld to protect them because he is acting like a Leader. Not like a bitter ex boyfriend.

I am honestly so mad at Magnus. And I almost hope that they don’t get back together in 2x20 because he should also apologise for his actions.

I don’t want them to go back together after Alec apologise again and Magnus is just like “You’re forgiven.”


I want Alec to apologise, yes, but I also want Alec to tell Magnus that he also broke his trust and made him feel like shit because he choose to trust the Seelie Queen and not him. You know Alec would have accepted Magnus choosing his people over him (even if he probably wouldn’t do the same) but having to come to face with the fact that Magnus is working with the Seelie Queen AGAINST the Shadowhunters, that must be a low blow.

Alec deserves apologies as well.

They are both unperfect and they make mistakes but right now the only one who is trying to fix them is Alec and it fucking kills me.

But…Malec forever. I love them and I want them back together, just… let Magnus know he fucked up too.




Sota Fukushi in Donten ni Warau Live Action’s new trailer - Donten in Warau (Laughing Under the Clouds) has released a new trailer that introduces the main cast. The Kumou brothers will be played by Sota Fukushi (Tenka), Yuma Nakayama (Soramaru), and Kirato Wakayama (Chutaro).The movie is directed by Katsuyuki Motohiro.