cloud action

Time is money,
So you’ve made me lose a lot.
All these hours spent writing away the hurt you brought upon.

It’s never too late,
If you would still realize your mistake,
It would take me sometime but
I would definitely come around.

Beating around the bush,
Is what you always do when you call.
I want to move on but you make it so hard.
Why can’t you just accept your fault?

Actions speak louder than words, Haven’t I taught by example? Is it so hard to do what you say? Is it so hard to mean the same?

What goes around comes around,
But I don’t want to offer you pain,
I hope the universe skips your account
But if it doesn’t, know you’ve earned it.

Every cloud has a silver lining, So I guess losing you, in more ways than one Means finding myself. And this time I’ll be sure to save the right person.

also just because i havent said this in a while im gonna say it again: i will defend lando calrissian’s actions with my LIFE, i see some people criticizing his actions on cloud city or whatever and he literally made the most morally sound decisions that he could in a very, very difficult decision



I mean, Cloud isn’t my favorite character by a long shot, but I love his Advent Children design and this figure is INCREDIBLE.

I’m very impressed at how strong the arm/wrist joints are for holding the massive swords. The wire in his cloth apron/half skirt/whatever is an excellent touch as well.

Truly worth the price, easily the most high quality PAK I’ve bought.

I’m only slightly bummed that you can’t actually assemble the sword, but I imagine that would have been pretty clunky.