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I’ve seen quite a few posts going around advertising cheap items from sites like banggood, aliexpress, and other wholesale sites that have really cheap prices and come from Asian countries. I want to let you all know, please please do not buy from there or reblog those posts! I know the items are super cute, but how they were made definitely is not. The workers are mostly women and children, and they are forced to sew and assemble until their hands bleed. The women work such long harsh hours that they either have to make their children work too or send them away and not see them for years. All the while, they get paid next to nothing. There have been several cases where the buildings these people work in have shown visible signs that they are near collapsement such as cracks up the walls, and the workers are forced to contuine working anyway, and the building eventually collapses, killing everyone inside. Not only this, but workers who try to unionize and get better working conditions are killed. This is only part of it, there are huge environmental impacts as well. So please, please, do not buy from these stores!! If you’d like to learn more, watch the documentary the true cost on Netflix. warning, it can be graphic at times.

10 Ways How Plus Size Companies Could Improve

1. Less peplums 

2. Less chiffon 

3. Less bedazzling the ass of my jeans

4. Less confusing patterns

5. Less bremuda (mom) shorts

6. Less potato sacks please

7. Actually using models larger than a size 12/14

8. Give us clothes that actually fit us correctly- not everyone is a perfect hourglass

9. Stop making us pay $40-$50 for those shirts that looks like a potato sacks.


Do you ever think about how fat nonbinary people who were AFAB are consistantly shoved into a feminine box / forced into feminine roles and beauty standards by…. literally everyone??

Like?? We can’t be seen as andro / masculine because we dont fit into the ‘Classic Nonbinary Aesthetic’ (thin / heavily andro because of that thinness). A lot of the time we HAVE to wear Feminine clothing bc the accesible clothing industries dont make those NB styles in our size (and yeah no, Im not buying a $100 pair of custom pants online, bc not everyone has money to dole out on Wardrobe. The fact that id have to pay more than $20 is a huge issue too).

Society in general doesnt see People with large hips and thighs, big butts, and big chests as anything but Fat Women– and society includes other LGBTQIA people. Us having fat-female characteristics is nearly inescapable and that ideal and inital 'Theyre too fat to be andro / masculine’ thought pattern COMPLETELY needs to change.

Like…The fact that I am fat does not make me a lesser Nonbinary person. My hips, my thighs, my chest, my smaller waist do not make me a lesser Nonbinary person– and they definitely dont make me a woman. What I wear to accomodate my body does not make me less Nonbinary. Change that fucking narrative.

Another often underused aspect in post-apocalyptic fiction: clothes

In olden days, before industrial clothing manufacturing was a thing, people used to own a single set of clothes. Medieval wanted posters and missing posters often described people by what clothes they wore, because the idea of them switching clothes as unlikely. Giving somebody new clothes was a big thing, and giving them your clothes as collateral meant you put a lot of trust in them.

In a post-apocalyptic setting, where the industrial and agriculture industries that are responsible for our abundance of clothes (cotton, wool, mechanical weaving, etc) don’t exist anymore, things are ought to be similar. People would own a single set of clothes, maybe a few if they collected some old world dresses that haven’t burned up or got eaten by mutant moth.


idk if @larvesta had a specific idea/au in mind when she sketched it for me; we kinda just wanted to collab lmao 

but hey theyre criminals and they steal designer clothes together bc the industry treated them poorly and ripped them both off so theyre getting revenge i guess