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Live a Little (Taehyung/Reader)

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Prompt: If You’re still taking Taehyungie requests could I get a smut for trying new things and Tae sweet talking her into anal and taking it super slow and gentle and she ends up having the best orgasm of her life?? More love makey anal. Rather than aggressive.

Genre: Fluff Smut

Words: 4.5K+

Author: Admin Kaycie

Tags: Clothed grinding, body worship, oral sex, teasing, fingering, anal sex, vaginal sex, etc.

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All Yours

Title:  All Yours

Request:  Like like…jumping on Steve’s motorcycle and going somewhere quiet and making out and other stuff… requested by @climbthatmooselikeatree

Author:  Mimi @captain-rogers-beard

Summary: You and Steve have a date.

Characters:  Steve Rogers x female reader

Word Count: 1239

Warnings:  nsfw, smut, explicit sexual content, explicit language

***My work is not to be posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

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Wandering Thoughts

Request: “may I request a Credence x reader smut where reader is Queenie’s apprentice and she starts to be able to read bits and pieces of what Credence is thinking and slowly finds that Credence’s thoughts are not nearly as soft and innocent as he leads on.”

Pairing: Credence Barebone x Reader

Word Count: 2.7

Warnings: Implied smut

“Now darling, try to seize that thought. It helps to picture a fist, grabbing onto the details of it.” Queenie coached, placing supportive hands on your shoulders.

You squinted, seeing the thought, but almost as if it were only in your mental peripherals. Tina sat patiently, continuing to focus on the one specific thought for you to capture. Then you saw it. Your hand, reaching out. You grasped the thought, and upon contact the information came flowing into your brain.

“You were thinking about…” You giggled. “How much you’d rather be doing something else.”

Queenie scoffed at her sister, to which Tina just shrugged with a sorry smile. “I’ve got a lot of things to do. It wouldn’t hurt to practice on other people.”

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Boyfriend Bambam

A/n: I’m almost done with this series omg!! Welcome to all my new followers, send me any requests guys but make sure to read my rules/FAQ post first.

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• y'all meet at his restaurant

• you go there all the time to do school work

• one day he’s visiting just to do some boss work and all that jazz

• sees you in the corner and is like “woAH she’s gorgeous”

• debates on going over to you and striking up a convo

I can take a break I’m the BOSS

• walks over to you and introduces himself

• you’re highkey caught off guard cause like what is this cute boy doing talking to YOU

• ends up getting your number before you leave

• he was honestly so surprised when you had no clue who he was

• it was lowkey refreshing bc you didn’t like him for his fame

• will def try to impress you even after y'all have been dating a while

• “babe wyd I’m in love with you I don’t need anymore convincing”

• cuTE dates at BChill Cafe

• will literally name items on the menu after you

• with that said, y'all ain’t private for long

• like as soon as y'all get kinda serious he fr won’t be able to keep it to himself

• will def talk about you happily in interviews if asked

• he would literally be THAT boyfriend

• the one that buys out WHOLE restaurants just bc he can

• the one that buys you anything

• like you’ll just be looking at a couple watches on the counter and he’d buy you all of them

• “babe???? I don’t need them, those are too expensive!!!!!!!”

• then he’d say some cheesy shit like “nothings too expensive for my girl”

• literally the cashier would roll their eyes

• would prob buy you any kinda car you want, like matching lambo’s AH


• literally gives you the best advice on clothes bc this boy knows his brands

• surprises you with date outfits, like shoes, accessories EVERYTHING

• it’s seriously so amazing how considerate he is when picking clothes out

• body worship AF

• he fr loves your body way too much for his own good

• he’d constantly tell you how gorgeous you are when you guys are intimate

• but don’t worry

• he can be a major dom sometimes

• this boy would love being called daddy

• pretty sure he would love to watch you ride him bc he wants to see your face

• the cuddling after >>>

• will order breakfast for you guys so nobody has to cook and burn the house down

• fr girl you got lucky meeting this wonderful boy who treats you like a queen and spoils you to no end congrats girly

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But please be reminded that France is still the country where Muslim women are banned from wearing the clothing that aids their worship and the country has a lot of islamophobic problems! This is a step in the right direction for them but there is still a lot of cleaning up to do!

yeah…. i’ve been hearing about that, apparently the last president sucked ass so hopefully macron will do some reformation! 

When a piece of cloth means more than murdered black bodies made in the image of God, that’s textbook idolatry and it’s exactly what the Second Commandment condemns. Christians who are offended by supposed “dishonor” to a piece of cloth that’s being worshiped as an idol in violation of the Second Commandment should never use the word “Biblical” in a sentence again.
—  Rev. Morgan Guyton
Dating Sam Winchester would involve...

-Him protecting you at all costs

-And vise-versa 

-Gentle nose kisses

-Dean loving you because you make his little brother happy

-Loud sex

-Rough sex

-Angry sex

-Just a lot of sex

-Him admiring your body

-Looking after you on your period

-Curling up together and reading a series of books

-Him always kissing you in front of Dean because it pisses him off

-You running his hands through his hair

-Him adoring it

-Being the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with

-Desperately wanting kids

-Hunting together

-Angels and Demons trying to use you to get to Sam

-Him tending to you whenever you’re hurt

-’You’re the best thing that ever happened to me’

-Forehead kisses

-Showering and taking baths together 

-Him calling you baby when you’re upset

-Both of you petrified of losing each other

-Carrying you to bed when you fall asleep

-Clinging to him when he tries to put you down

-Him being big spoon, you being little spoon

-Sometimes vise-versa

-You wearing his clothes

-Him getting turned on when you wear his clothes

-You practically worshiping him when he feels insecure

-The two of you being unconditionally in love

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Alex. In Lingerie. For Maggie.

So @agtalexdanvers​ wrote this great concept: “um so like….i rly want alex buying lingerie to wear for maggie and feeling a little insecure and awkward in it but maggie’s jaw literally dropping because her girlfriend??? is so??? sexy???”

And @rfb211, @meeshylam​ and @wastingrain​ made a persuasive argument that I should write the thing. So I wrote the thing.

Alex had some sexy ass dresses in her wardrobe. She cleaned up nice – the phrase turned her stomach to butterflies now, since Maggie had said it, that second night, the night she assured her she wasn’t all business, the night she held her hand – and enjoyed it, for the most part. But all that wasn’t terribly functional, and Alex Danvers was nothing if not functional.

So most of her wardrobe – most of her shopping – involved tossing sports bras and basic boy shorts underwear on in combinations ranging from aesthetically pleasing (matching, which she preferred just because) to I-just-got-a-call-about-an-alien-attack-at-3-am-and-threw-on-whatthefuckever.

The first time Maggie Sawyer had taken off her clothes – and the second, and the third (the fourth was an exception – the fourth was after days and days of not seeing each other, not touching each other, because of work, and neither of them could even wait to get to the couch before stripping each other naked) – she had been… the only word that could hope to describe it was reverent.

Slow, deliberate, intentional. Every new patch of skin the removal of Alex’s clothes revealed, Maggie worshipped. Kissed, licked, nipped at, sucked on, kissed again.

She treated Alex like she was the most beautiful woman in all of creation, and she told her as much.

And Alex loved it. (And gave the treatment right back to Maggie.)

But at the end of the day, she wanted to look… sexy…like, intentionally sexy… for Maggie. Not because she felt like she had to, and not because Maggie cared that her clothes were hot, sure, but mostly functional.

But because she liked the way Maggie’s eyes grew wide when she saw Alex in dresses; the way she’d licked her lips at that black bra she’d found in the back of her drawer, from her party days; the way her brain seemed to short circuit that one time Alex had worn a thong (also found in the back of her drawer; laundry day had its advantages, she supposed).

She loved the way Maggie made her feel all the time. And she wanted to feel what it would be like to watch – to feel – Maggie react to her in full-out lingerie.

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The Stand-In Part 10

A/N: Yikes yikes yikes this part is waaaaaaayyyyy overdue. It’s been done and in my notes but I just felt like it was missing something, and I kept coming back to it. I finally decided fuck it and I’m posting it now.

Thanks for all of the love I’ve received on my posts; I finally cracked 500 followers! I have a request in the works right now, and I’m thinking of doing some more A/B/O stuff because apparently y'all liked “It Has to be Perfect”… Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this part! Feel free to message me if you feel like it! I don’t bite!

Word count: 2323

Pairing: DeanXReader

Warnings: There’s some smut toward the end of this one.

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Tomorrow wasn’t better.

It was, quite possibly, one of the worst days of her life. On top of the worst week of her life.

On the way to work, her car broke down, and had to wait for a tow truck before she could make it to work.

So she wound up an hour and a half late, where HR chewed her ass out for being late, especially after being given a day and a half off already.

And then Kel called in to say that he needed to study for an Oceanography test coming up and wouldn’t make it in, leaving her to do all of her work by herself. She could’ve really used the help, especially after everything that had been going on with her axolotls, since she was still trying to figure out what exactly killed a third of their numbers.

And then she went to lunch with Jamie, since she didn’t have a car, and he insisted on Chinese food. By this point in the shittiest day in the world, she didn’t even have the heart to tell him that she hated Chinese food. Instead, she got some white rice and claimed that she wasn’t very hungry when Jamie had asked.

So then she went back to work, and she realized that she left her wallet at the restaurant. Cue another unnecessary trip in which she retrieved her wallet, and another ass chewing from HR for taking too long of a break.

She about burst into tears when she couldn’t get her microscope to function properly, until she finally realized that she simply hadn’t turned the light on.

Jamie seemed to notice her bad luck and the constant state of distress she was in, so he tried to help how he could, but he wound up contaminating a culture she’d been growing for a few hours. By that point she had laughed at how the world was fucking her over, bordering on hysterical.

Five o’ clock couldn’t have come any slower. However, the purr of a black Chevy Impala was the first good thing to happen to her all day.

She didn’t say a word as she climbed into the passenger seat, not even wanting to hazard a guess at how Dean was back from work so early.

“Hey,” he murmurs, and she looks over to him tiredly. He takes in her defeated expression, and his gaze softens. “You okay?”

“I’m fine,” she lies, but he knows better than to push it. He drives slow, moving a hand over to rest it against her knee, where he rubs gentle, soothing circles with his thumb.

“Well, Garth asked for a few more hours, so they scheduled me short today and tomorrow, thank God,” he states, trying to make some talk in the heavy silence. “That means we can leave a little earlier on Friday. Are you going with us, Sweetheart?”

“I don’t know, Dean,” she shakes her head and looks out the window. “Right now, that is the least of my worries.”

He nods slowly, sensing her sour mood and not wanting to make it worse.

“I think Sam is making some dinner now,” he says as he pulls into his driveway. “Or at least, that’s what he said he was doing when I left to go get you.”

She nods and steps out of his car and heads for the front door, not even bothering to wait on him as she marched to the kitchen.

“Hey, it’s almost done!” Sam calls over his shoulder as he hears the chair scrape across the floor.

She lays her head down for a few moments, feeling Dean’s hand come up to rub her back a few times as he pulled his own chair out.

“You need some midol or something?” he asks, and she shoots him a dark glare.

“I’m not on my fucking period. Don’t you ever fucking assume that I am because I’m having a bad day again,” she hisses, and he recoils slightly.

“Sorry, I just… Just trying to help,” he explains, and she stands up to grab a glass from the cabinet so she can pour herself a drink.

And of course, she drops the glass on the floor, listening to the loud shattering sound.

“Shit, don’t move, I’ll go get a broom,” Dean says, and Sam stoops down to carefully pick up some of the larger shards.

By the time Dean returns with a broom, she’s sobbing into her hands, leaning against the counter.

“Hey, it’s okay, it’s just a glass,” Dean tells her, sweeping around her feet and collecting the broken glass safely. “It happens. I’ve dropped too many to count, anyways.”

Sam takes the broom from him and gestures toward her, where her shoulders are shaking with sobs and her face is buried into her hands.

“Hey, come here,” he urges, grabbing her shoulders to turn her body toward his. “It’s okay. It’s okay, Sweetheart, I’m here.”

Her arms curl around him, her face burying into her neck as she released her pent up frustration with her day. He looks to Sam and mouths a ‘Really bad day’ in explanation before gently guiding her out of the kitchen and toward his room.

“Hey, it’s okay,” he repeats, sitting down gingerly on the edge of the bed. “Go ahead and get it out. Scream, cry, yell… Get it out.”

“I wish I never fucking woke up this morning,” she hisses, crawling into his lap so she can loop her arms around his neck. “Lucifer just threw everything at me today! He’s having a real good laugh at my expense!”

“I know, Sweetheart,” he says gently, continuing to rub her back. “I’m here for you.”

“I hate HR,” she mutters as she sniffles.

“Who doesn’t?” he murmurs in return, sliding his hands up the back of her arms.

“I hate Chinese food,” she continues miserably.

“Who doe… Wait, really?” he asks, the thought catching him off guard.

“I don’t like the taste of it,” she mumbles. “I don’t really like sweet and sour together. And I don’t like the taste of teriyaki or fish sauce or anything like that.”

“I never would’ve guessed,” he returns. “Well… I can show you something I like the taste of.”

“Oh?” she sniffles and looks up to him just in time for his lips to press to hers.

She doesn’t pull away, rather she lets him kiss her, the feeling providing some relief to her horrible day.

His lips guide along her jaw, slowly caressing her flesh as she tucked into his neck. Her breaths hit his skin in soft, shaking exhales as his mouth trailed down the side of her neck.

“Let me make you feel better?” he asks quietly, lifting his head from her neck to look her in the eyes, his green orbs desperate. “Please, Princess? I want to.”

“I love it when you call me Princess,” she whispers, lifting one hand to thread through his hair. “But I… I kinda…”

“Talk to me,” he murmurs, pressing a gentle kiss to her jaw.

“I’ve never… I’ve never had a guy go down on me,” she exhales sharply, turning her face away as her cheeks flooded with pink. “So… I don’t want it to be weird but…”

“Never?” he asks, a smile growing on his lips as his gaze flickered up to hers.

“No, I’ve only even had sex with a few guys, and they were all disappointing,” she explains.

“Well, now I’ve got to,” he turns with ease and lowers her back to the bed, so that he hovers over her. “I’ve got to show you what you’ve been missing. Make up for a shitty day and give you something nice to dream about.”

She bites her bottom lip in amusement at his enthusiasm, nodding slightly.

“Good, Princess,” he purrs, lifting himself for long enough to shut his bedroom door and lock it before returning to her. “Let’s get you naked.”

“Couldn’t you say it a little more romantically?” she groans as he eagerly pushes her shirt up her body.

“Sorry, let me try that again,” he clears his throat and lowers his lips to her neck, placing a kiss before letting his lips graze the shell of her ear. “I want to get you out of these clothes so I can worship your body and feel you come on my tongue, so I can taste you and see if you taste like what I’ve dreamed about.” He pulls away and gives her a subtle smirk. “Better?”

“Better,” she sighs, arching her back to help her shirt over her head. She unclasps her bra as his fingers move to her jeans, pulling them down her legs before tossing them in the growing pile of her clothes.

“God, you are such a beautiful sight, princess,” he praises, looking down on her form while tracing his bottom lip with his tongue. “I can’t wait to make you come all over me.”

“Dean!” she moans desperately, hooking her leg around his thigh to pull him closer. He grins and falls to his knees, gripping her thighs with his large hands to pull her to the edge of the bed.

He grunts and presses a kiss just above her belly, giving a soft nip to her flesh that had her writhing in his grip.

“You’re sensitive, huh?” he asks, nipping her lower belly again to watch her writhe. “This is going to be fun.”

“Is that sarcasm?” she asks with a squeak as his tongue rolled over her inner thigh.

“Not at all, Princess,” he returns. “I do love going down on women. Some might even call it a kink of mine.”

“Oh my God, shut up,” she mutters, gasping as he bit at her inner thigh.

“I’m gonna figure out all of your dirty little kinks, just wait Princess,” he rumbles, sliding his nose up her clothed core. “But first I’m gonna make you come.”

A whimpered gasp leaves her lips as his tongue follows the trail of his nose, and her hands fist in his rumpled bedsheets.

“God, I love the sounds you make,” he purrs, hands massaging her thighs before moving to pull down her underwear. “Mm, you look amazing, Princess.”

“Shut up with the commentary, please,” she exhales.

“Fine, Princess,” he agrees, and then his mouth attaches to her clit with a deadly precision that has her releasing a string of expletives.

Strong hands smooth up and down her thighs and lower stomach, feeling her flesh tremble in anticipation.

He gives a small suck and she cries out, twisting in his grip so much that one of his hands has to move to her belly and hold her down to his bed.

He looks up at her, finding her gaze watching him with short breaths leaving her lips, and he winks.

He fucking winks.

His mouth pulls away, but doesn’t give her a second before his tongue is sliding through her damp folds.

“Shit!” she gasps, reaching one hand down to his hair, so that she has a part of him to hold onto as his mouth begins to move in earnest.

His hand squeezes her thigh once before moving up to her breast, drawing a low moan from her as he tweaked a nipple with his fingertips.

“Dean, oh my God, please,” she whimpers as his movements remained slow and controlled, his tongue licking a long stripe up her aching core. “Please, Dean.”

“Tell me what you want, Princess,” he purrs, moving the hand from her belly down to tease her as he gave small, quick suckles to her clit.

“God, please, you’re just teasing me!” she cries out, tightening her grip on his hair as he slipped two fingers in to the first knuckle. “Please, you said you’d make me come.”

“Tell me what you want, Princess,” he repeats, fingers slipping to the second knuckle and moving slowly.

“Fuck! I want you to make me come, please!” she gasps as his fingers begin a scissoring motion, sliding in and out slowly.

“I love a woman who can beg,” he grins up at her. “Because you asked so nicely.”

His shoulders push her knees slightly further apart as his fingers curled and found the spot that made her toes curl and another round of expletives leave her lips.

“So perfect, Princess,” he murmurs, his pace quickening in an effort to draw her to her end.

She twists and writhes under him, her breaths coming shorter and shorter as he pushed her closer and closer to the edge.

“Dean, fuck, right there!” she cries out, her back arching as she balanced precariously before a keening cry leaves her lips and she spirals into her release.

Heavy gasps for air make her chest rise and fall rapidly as he gives a few lingering kisses to her thighs and hips while letting her come down from her high.

“That was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, Princess,” he praises, slowly rising up her body as she exhales a shaking breath.

“Thank you, Dean, that was…” she trails off and closes her eyes, feeling his warm lips press a few kisses to her neck. “Fuck, I just… I could take a nap right now.”

“Wore you out that much?” he teases, laying down beside her. She turns to her side and looks at him, her cheeks blushing pink.

“I feel so relaxed,” she admits, slinking an arm around his neck and tucking into him.

“I take it you don’t want to eat dinner, then?” he asks, and she stiffens immediately.

“Oh my God. Your brother,” she gasps, looking up at him with wide eyes. “He just heard all of that.”

“He won’t bring it up, trust me,” Dean returns with a half smile. “So, nap or food?”

“Dean, if food is ever an option for anything, my answer will always be food,” she tells him.

“Then let’s go get some food.”


Part 11

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What his fav outfit on you is

Requested by @a-girl-who-loves-disney

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***


You have this pair of really tight fit jeans that drives Sam absolutely crazy. It didn’t take you long to figure out what they were doing to him because even though Sam tries to be subtle you caught him staring a bunch of time. Hell even Dean caught him staring at your ass one time you got of your chair to get another book from the next table which earned Sam a smart remark and a very red face.

Ever since then he has tried to hide his glaring better but you feel his eyes on you every time you wear them. When no one is looking you feel his hands too. Landing on your ass or gliding up your thigh under the table.

When you get finally retreat to his room for the night after a day of you wearing those jeans Sam will show you how much he loves them by getting you out of them quickly!  


Cas loves this little sundress of yours and not just because it was what you were wearing the day the two of you first met. He loves how the colors bring out your eyes and almost makes your skin look like it is shining.

He loves it because that dress makes it easier for his grace to warm up your body. He will sit across the room and a warm feeling will rush over you starting at your ankles running all the way through your body. He will caress your skin without the Winchesters sitting next to you notice it and it feels like he is caressing your soul.

He also loves how comfortable you always seem to be when you wear it – what he doesn’t know is it is because you know he loves it. His blue eyes resting on you makes you walk a little taller and put a little more sway into your hips. It makes you proud to be his.  


Dean loves it when you wear his flannel shirts. He doesn’t really care if you wear it as a dress or tie it up and wear it with a pair of nice fitting jeans. He just loves the fact that you want to wear it.

The days you choose a shirt from his drawer you know is going to be one of those days he won’t be able to keep his hands of you. He won’t try and jump your bones but the entire day will be one nice long build up to what you both now is coming when you close the door behind you to his room at night.

He will wrap his arms around you and whisper sweet nothings in your ear while you are cooking. When Sam or Cas walks into the room he will quickly kiss your neck and back of with a wink. He will hold your hand as you go grocery shopping together. All day he will “accidently” grind against you as he passed you. His usual soft touches to you back, to your hips, to your thighs will linger a little longer than they have too.

And you will know he will spend the entire night showing you just how much you really mean to him and how much he loves when you wear his cloth. He will worship you and make you promise yourself never to buy another piece of clothing ever again!